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What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?
fstein"The sound of money burning. And that high end cd player will depreciate 50-70% in 2 years"It is most probably and likely that those purchasing such components do not care at all about depreciation that is not why they acquire the equipment ... 
beryllium vs diamond
kosst_amojan"Well, let's start again, foggythink.."Let's do this, Mr. Brilliance: Leave me alone. Always. Stay out of my face and just ignore me stop at once your threats, insults, and mockery. You're arrogance and pomposity speak for themselves... 
beryllium vs diamond
The esteemed moderators have wisely deleted the insulting, mocking, and arrogant post directed at me above by kosst so I have accordingly deleted my thoughtful repsonse to this person. 
Audio research VSi75 -why so many for sale?
Why when it is raining do so many people carry umbrellas? 
Used Pre under $8K with lowest nosie floor(?)
russellrcncom Does that rule out all tube pre's? Absolutely not! 
beryllium vs diamond
kosst_amojan"Big panels are some of the most unnatural speakers I've ever heard. They sound interesting, no doubt, but almost no natural sound source is a gigantic flat membrane."This reflects, indicates, and displays a profound, substantial, an... 
mapman"We all have a reset button."Speak for your self I am not a robot or computer and I do not have a "reset" button and if you do I feel very sorry for you. 
Blind fold hearing test
jssmith"I've been in blind amp tests and I can emphatically say "No", I can't tell the difference in amps."If you can not tell the difference between high end amplifiers for use in Music Reproduction Systems then you must have one very bad sound... 
which car is sitting in your listening room?
Audio has nothing to do with cars this is so silly there used to a be an audio web site that called itself "sports cars for you're living room" and that didn't make any sense either! 
The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste
wynpalmer4"the stochastic and deterministic components of the jitter other than the combination of both in any given timing window does not cause the data to fall outside the recovery region."English is not my native language and this makes no s... 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
Most of those who criticize this fabled, storied, and respected brand lack first hand experience with these products there is no question that McIntosh produces some of the finest Music Reproduction System components and many of those who don't th... 
Question about how to use Feickert Protractor
chakster", i don’t care what Michael Fremer posted about overhang"This reflects you're own ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of tonearm alignment Mr. Fremer is a widely acknowledged and respected expert... 
Arcam FMJ UDP411 control issues
dprincipato "I’ve had such bad luck with British CD players.  Two NAD players crapped out, now the Arcam."A lot of British audio equipment is very poorly designed, specified, and built especially the cheap stuff like Arcam and NAD they are not h... 
How much does volume matter when breaking in amps and cables?
kosst_amojan"Transistors simply don't burn in. Nobody who designs solid state amps says they do"You should check with Heinrich Stolzfausten, who knows a thing or two about transistors and the proper design of circuits used in their applications. 
Should I keep the Turntable or sell it?
chakster"...a person with 23 posts on audiogon who has nothing to contribute is not happy about comments and willing to teach us what to post and how to post in "his thread"the whole thread was made to justify your purchase and this is what you’...