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I must be old
My point was that with a well sorted system, any format from tape to 78s and digital can and should sound great when playing great music. Otherwise why bother with of any of this? 
Definitely lonely to be an audiophile
My enjoyment of great home audio and efforts make my system sound great have never been appreciated by others not particularly into this stuff. That's just how it is, and I don't mind it at this point. You can never get guests to "shut up and list... 
Sub-$1250 DAC w/ built-in Headphone Amp
The newest Cambridge Dacmagic looks pretty cool...MQA and all. I have an older one and it's great sounding. I also use a Schiit Bifrost 2 with a "Bluenode" 2i for MQA streaming although I rarely use it with headphones. Headphones in bed reading, p... 
What are Your Favorite Tweeters?
The horn loaded titaniums in my Heresy IIIs...previously the aluminum-magnesiums in my Silverline Preludes.  
Definitely lonely to be an audiophile
Stating that audio geeks are on the autistic spectrum is insulting to those who know people with autism unless the statement is broadening the "spectrum" to make a lame point. It's sadly ignorant, and simply wrong. 
I must be old
I think there should be a device to add clicks and pops to CDs, but that's just me. My vinyl, streaming, and CDs all sound excellent, especially the MQA stuff, and I manage to live with all of it as, hey, I can...amazingly. An interesting example ... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
After having rejected a couple of pairs of speakers recently (and another pair of well regarded speakers a couple of years ago) I have to emphasize how utterly important it is (to me anyway) to listen before you buy. The speakers I like (and curre... 
How much difference in Sound quality can be expected from different streamers?
My Node 2i runs into a Schiit Bifrost 2 which sounds much better than the Node's DAC. Much better. I also use an older Dacmagic with a bespoke Pangea power supply/filter device for my CD player and a Squeezebox Touch (background music...still soun... 
As promised my thoughts on my newly installed Townsend Podium isolation system.
I experience similar results from my trusty 40 bucks worth of Vibrapods. Highly recommended. 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Heresy IIIs with a well sorted tube festooned amp/preamp...no shout at all. This, however, was NOT the case with the IVs I recently owned although I'm not sure why that was. The IIIs have a completely different horn design which I seem to prefer. 
Powered Subwoofer connected to integrated amp's speaker outs?
I think the REL's "high level" inputs have something like a 100,000 ohm load on the amp providing the signal which seems like none at all...I use 2 RELs (summing the impedance means maybe a 50,000ohm load) running from a relatively low powered (12... 
Is the appeal to euphonic distortion learned?
Note that recording studios often are the worst places to listen to instruments (unless it's a large great sounding room with good acoustics...Abby Road has one) as they're designed for recording into microphones. Many charming little pro studios ... 
EQ / Dsp... Who’s using them?
Note I also think DSP is an "audio nanny" that I for one don't trust, and I don't like what I've heard in systems using it...likely a case of Knob Turner syndrome ("riding the fader"), or Old Sound Man issues which is a profile I embrace. 
EQ / Dsp... Who’s using them?
Get back to the Loki...I've been using all sorts of EQs, parametric, graphic, etc., for decades in pro and home systems, and the (original version) Loki is the most transparent and noise free gizmo I've every used. It's not used much, but in the l... 
how can low watt tube amps drive speakers with higher power requirements
A low powered tube amp is unlikely to damage a tweeter if driven to distortion, it simply sounds bad.