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The Horror
I think my Dennis Had SEP amp sounds better than any tube amp I've heard anywhere...cost about 1100 bucks (slightly used) back in 2017. My Pass XA-25 is the best sounding SS amp I've ever heard. About $5K or so...my rig, even after visiting Goodwi... 
So, a reviewer just said something I need to talk about.
It would be ridiculous to judge any music by sound instead of musicianship. Do people actually do that? When looking at a great painting are some simply noticing a bunch of paint colors secondary to the art quality? Hmmm...Jeff Beck kills me playi... 
How Long Should a First Watt SIT3 Last ?
I should have compared the damped and un-damped Heresy IIIs (I mean really...they were right there) but listened to them both post damping and yeah...they didn’t change much but damping’s an easy tweak though and kind of fun. I now have no memory ... 
How Long Should a First Watt SIT3 Last ?
I think H 3s sound MUCH better than the 4s. Also I think they sound better on the floor as designed.  
Need some treble
I use a Schiit Loki Max and can't recommend it enough...tweak recordings from your listening chair with its remote, and it works with any system as it's analog adding no detectable noise of its own.   
Sound stage of studio recordings
The simple answer is that mixing boards have pan pots. You mic something and the panning allows you to place it wherever you want in the stereo image. Live mixing keeps everything mostly in mono so the audience all hears the same thing. When doing... 
Leaving tube amps on.
Mollycoddling tube amps is silly to me. Although I maybe shouldn’t make a guitar amp analogy in this hallowed audiophile ground (I use tubes for hifi also, but firmly believe nothing is sacred), I’ve owned tube guitar amps that were turned on and ... 
Solid state amp vs tube amps
Growing unreliability? Balderdash!    
REL S510 or S812
I own 3 older RELs (Q series) bought used for  around 200 bucks each...one is in my video system. They all work perfectly, and although they're not under warranty (and REL won't repair them) they're so inexpensive that they've more than paid their... 
5 steps in developing hearing
PRAT: Pretentious, rhetorical, and theatrical.  
must you play music to break in tubes
I've owned tube amps since the mid 60s, and I will never stand for even a moment of any crackling sound. Others may tolerate that sort of thing, or think up silly explanations based on nonsense to explain it (flakes falling on the cathode? really?... 
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
No, but space lasers can strip your gears.  
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
That's a very personal and inappropriate question. For shame!  
Solid state amp vs tube amps
Raul...Nonsensical response penalty...minus 3 points.  
Can you tell the difference between a $200 and a $200,000 guitar?
Note also that acoustic guitars really respond to being played frequently. Richard Hoover (Santa Cruz guitars) tells a story about a Stradavarius in Cremona that gets played a little every day to keep its tone "alive." Hoover also likes mahogany a...