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Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
Yeah, lame topic but so what? Schiit gear works very well for my tastes regardless of how it looks (my Freya looks cool though), and don’t let women with no pants sit on your carpet...trust me.   
Ideas for an amplifier?
I can't think of anything nice to say so...no comment.  
klipshorn speakers
I drive my Heresy IIIs with a tube preamp into a recently acquired Pass XA-25...(my single ended tube power amp is on vacation). Note that when Klipsch designed a lot of this stuff the only choice was tube amps, so there's that...  
Question about speaker angle
Whatever you do, do not trust your own ears...this only leads you down the rabbit hole of having your own tastes and opinions which is never a good idea. Opinions of strangers and those claiming expertise on a system they can't actually hear is al... 
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
Subs are easy for me to set up (sorry mijostyn) as they're a relatively simple thing. You turn 'em on and listen...mine have phase switches that need to be heeded and some may find that daunting but really...you simply listen. Adjust the levels, a... 
Best audiophile earwax removal system?
Also, never put a $10,000 cable in your ear.  
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
A lot of silliness get passed around with topics like this one, and all bloviating aside, subs aren't that difficult to set up, more than one helps tame standing waves but one sounds much better than none, and don't be afraid to try 'em. I have a ... 
UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread
Amazingly, the Jimi Hendrix of blues was Jimi Hendrix.  
Disadvantages of buying old solid state.
I use lots of Schiit gear and it’s not budget per se, simply fairly priced...and better sounding than lots of arbitrarily expensive stuff which seems to demonstrate what things could and should actually cost.  
Butcher Block Acoustics
One of the few audio tweaks than can also be used for food prep.  
Low Output MC recommendations?
Ortofon Quintet...I own a red and a blue. Simply great sounding MCs.  
Best audiophile earwax removal system?
Do not EVER stick a Q tip or anything like it in your ear. Ever. I've been using the ear drops/water blaster bulb system for over 40 years or something and it's the only commercially available thing anybody should use, and it works...it can take a... 
UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread
My favorite quote about shredding guitar players was Zappa, "It's not a pushup contest." I met Hendrix, opened for Zep, blah blah...most moving guitar playing I've ever heard? Jesse Ed Davis was in town (Honolulu) for a while (I actually loaned hi... 
Cornwall IV – tube (amp) choice
I have a "high output" Dennis Had Firebottle that has 4 tubes and 12 to 17WPC. He does still make these sometimes and might make one for you if you email him (Ebay mail).  
Why Do You Post?
I invite anyone here to join me in the ABL, otherwise known as the Anti Bloviation League. We are here to support brevity.