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Have a problem with my JOB INT - how to contact company for service...
Oh, I misunderstood. I had the 225 amp as well... Twice actually. Should have kept it... Twice. Lol.Love my Hegel though. My system has changed so many times since the last Job product I had so it would be impossible for me to make a comparison ag... 
Have a problem with my JOB INT - how to contact company for service...
I sold my INT a while ago. I currently have a Hegel Rost which I love. I'm curious though...1) Job is being resurrected?2) Job has a new integrated out? 
Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC
I sold the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers. While they did some things very well, in the end they just weren’t for me.I replaced them with a pair of Nola Contenders. Much more natural sounding. I think they’ll be lovely with the Yamamoto and Rav... 
Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC
@charles1dad Basically, yes. I was using the Hegel Rost as an all-in-one (DAC/PRE/AMP). Let me tell you... This thing is a killer piece. I’m really not comfortable with selling it.The Raven Nighthawk has not arrived yet. I received two emails from... 
Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC
@charles1dad Oops. Sorry. Meant Duelund. I have a close friend who is very handy with audio equipment/ soldering, etc. Maybe I’ll ask him to do it. Where did u purchase them, may I ask?The Yamamoto will be fed into a Raven Audio Nighthawk MKIII. P... 
Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC
Well, I’ve just acquired the Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC and... Wow. So natural sounding with beautiful tone. I’m floored. I have no patience for current DACs with their hyper detailed sound. The Yamamoto is so easy to listen to and brings incredible joy ... 
If you listen to anything other than Classic Jazz, don't read this.
I can't recommend a specific speaker but given the music you listen to, I'm surprised you haven't gone the single ended triode into a high efficiency speaker route. 
Metrum Ambre Owners !!! HELP
Cees now builds DACs called Sonnet. 
Hunt for new floor standers
Used Spatials 
Escape From New York - The audio system!
I am using a Hegel Rost as an all-in-one and I'm extremely pleased, (I even like the headphone section so much, I sold my standalone headphone amp).  Usually the DAC doesn't sound great with these all-in-one jobbers, but I think Hegel did a great ... 
@isochronism , I don't necessarily "celebrate" this holiday but I did also play the B Minor Mass this morning. I just felt it was appropriate. 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
Valvet E2 SE.Supposed to be phenomenal. 10 audio says it's fantastic.$2,990 new. 
How far away from your speakers are you?
@ozzy62 , for your sake, I hope so too. 
How far away from your speakers are you?
@wormtosser , LMFAO! 
How far away from your speakers are you?
Perks of being single:Speakers are 4 feet from front wall.Never ask to listen to music.Play whatever I want at whatever volume I want.Never ask to buy any equipment.Never have to lie or schedule deliveries of new equipment.No one ever nagging me a...