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Can't give up the old (McIntosh)
Actually, Tekton does have some monitors to choose from. 
Can't give up the old (McIntosh)
Maybe Tekton, but no mini’s. Efficient and under budget. You would need to listen of course. I have never heard the combo.Kenny 
If you had to start all over again in this day and age
The merry-go-round over the last 50+ years of multiple systems and upgrading, has gotten me to a point where I’m ‘almost’ completely satisfied with my sound. What I did not quite understand in those earlier years of changes, is that you have to fi... 
Radio Days..............and you?
My McIntosh MR71 is not original. I first sent it to Audio Classics to have it restored to original spec. It sounded very good after that. A couple of years after that, I sent it to a guy up in Montreal, who designed and built tube amplifiers back... 
high quality turntable with built in phono at $1000?
I’m sorry, because a built-in phono preamp is not included. I missed that part when I first read your post.Kenny 
high quality turntable with built in phono at $1000?
audiocanada,Check out the Rega Planar 3 (P3). It costs about $945, and a compatible Elys 2 MM cartridge is offered as an upgrade for a total cost of $1,145.Kenny 
Townshend Audio Podiums - current owners opinion on the merits of this product
garebear,I own their seismic bars that use the pods under my subs on my suspended wood floor. These completely eliminated the feedback oscillation that I was getting up through my rack to my cartridge. I’m considering the individual pods under my ... 
Radio Days..............and you?
Edcyn,I could not agree more, as that’s where it’s at today for the technology. But, I have to say, I really don’t like my car radio or use an alarm clock.Kenny 
Radio Days..............and you?
Hi whatjd,My tuner and turntable are still my main sources, and I too listen mostly to public radio jazz. So, KUVO in Denver.My tuner is a 1964 McIntosh MR 71, but tucked away is my later date Sansui TU 717. For me, these are two of the most aesth... 
Flea Watt Amp: What Speakers Are. You Using With Yours? Recommendations
Depends on the sound you like.i use Tommy Horning speakers with my 6 watt tube mono blocks.Kenny 
Ikea Eket shelves with a large vinyl collection?
I have the black 25 cube unit and it's rock solid. I made modifications to the wall brackets and attached it to the wall with lag bolts into the studs. If I didn't need all the cubes for records, I could jazz up some cubes with art objects, for ex... 
Is a Power Wedge 116 any good?
Wow, I forgot I even started this post (2009)!Everything has changed since then...My system, my home, and the setup. The Power Wedge is now being used by my daughter for her system, but as a power strip upgrade. No problems with it so far.Kenny 
I had floorstanders in a room with about the same dimensions as your room, so 14' x 15' x 8.' My speakers go down to 30 Hz and driven with the right amplification, the bass was excellent. Then I moved my system into a large open space, and while I... 
No Pro-Ject Reviews in Stereophile
Try and Google Project Turntable Stereophile and you'll find a number of different reviews by them.  However, I do acknowledge your point that they may exclude certain brands. This does not bother me, as they have their own business model and rely... 
The best place in NYC
There are a number of great places.If you're into analog, tubes, horns and hybrids, check out High Water Sound owned by Jeff Catalano. His service, support, and sound is the best I've discovered for myself in 44 years of trying.Kenny