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Flea Watt Amp: What Speakers Are. You Using With Yours? Recommendations
Depends on the sound you like.i use Tommy Horning speakers with my 6 watt tube mono blocks.Kenny 
Ikea Eket shelves with a large vinyl collection?
I have the black 25 cube unit and it's rock solid. I made modifications to the wall brackets and attached it to the wall with lag bolts into the studs. If I didn't need all the cubes for records, I could jazz up some cubes with art objects, for ex... 
Is a Power Wedge 116 any good?
Wow, I forgot I even started this post (2009)!Everything has changed since then...My system, my home, and the setup. The Power Wedge is now being used by my daughter for her system, but as a power strip upgrade. No problems with it so far.Kenny 
I had floorstanders in a room with about the same dimensions as your room, so 14' x 15' x 8.' My speakers go down to 30 Hz and driven with the right amplification, the bass was excellent. Then I moved my system into a large open space, and while I... 
No Pro-Ject Reviews in Stereophile
Try and Google Project Turntable Stereophile and you'll find a number of different reviews by them.  However, I do acknowledge your point that they may exclude certain brands. This does not bother me, as they have their own business model and rely... 
The best place in NYC
There are a number of great places.If you're into analog, tubes, horns and hybrids, check out High Water Sound owned by Jeff Catalano. His service, support, and sound is the best I've discovered for myself in 44 years of trying.Kenny 
single driver speakers
You're right, it cannot.However, done right, it may reproduce the heartland of the recording second to none.Kenny 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
I'm glad I found Horning Hybrid (Tommy Horning/Denmark) and GR Research (Danny/Texas). All my gear is like this, because of the incredible personal service.Some critics will say that these tiny speaker companies use cabinet kits and then pop-in ot... 
What is meant when someone says a component is lacking soul
+ 1 wlutke - The sound doesn't do much or anything for you emotionally. Keep playing your favorite recordings on different systems and you will get it.Kenny 
What's Your Take on This ?
In 1985, or thereabout, I owned a pair of Audioplan Kontra Punkt mini monitors ($500) that I heard paired with Threshold amplification. I could not afford Threshold then and from great reviews got the Adcom 535. Well, the 535 could not produce the... 
Phono stage
I have listened extensively to the TW-Acustic phono on your list, and I own the 300b Monoblocks. I'm also partial to the Tron Seven Ultimate, and both of these phonos produce strinkingly natural sound that is relaxed and alive. I have heard excell... 
It's Simple
+ almarg...And, all parts must work together for the purpose of producing "your sound."Kenny 
2 Channel audio room chair ideas
I'm not sure what the best chair would be, but for SQ I've heardto avoid high back/headrest chairs, as this can cause early reflections or affect the rear reflections from reaching your ears.I must admit, that I really like some the chairs cited a... 
B&W 801’s
I had listened to the original 801s with Mark Levinson amplification in a room no larger than yours back in the day. Albeit, the ceiling was higher. This was at the store's "hi-end" room and they sounded very good. As I recall, the room was lined ... 
Positive Feedback Review R2R tape
The article captures the reward, quirkiness, and expense of this old and wonderful fringe of the hobby.For me, it was eventually the maintenance of the three R2Rs that I've owned that caused me to finally abandon the format. Then, the rising costs...