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Classic Sub For A Reasonable Price
There is a seller on ebay who used to sell these. It one of his specialties.  corvettec62005 is the user name.  Perhaps he may help.  
Your favourite Rush albums?
Signals & Moving Pictures.  The last song on Signals "Countdown" is such an awesome inspiring song.  The launch of the space shuttle Columbia which the bad attended. 
Krell fpb 250m
Krell makes a "Krell Link" that you can use for delayed startup.  I use it on my system so the pre-amp starts first, them the amp.  These amps draw a lot of current when they first fire up.  It may be not getting enough juice at startup and shuts ... 
New Amps Arrived...
"So you're now driving $3250 speakers with $10k worth of amps?" That;s what I do.  I have thought a few times of "upgrading" speakers but I am so happy with mine I bought  a new KTM300 instead.  :')    
Beware of the cable claiming long burn in period.
prof1,714 posts02-18-2019 4:32pmaniwolfe,"It took over 300 hours to really sound great."What do you think is happening within the cable over those 300 hours that would alter the sound?>>>>Unbelievable. Believable.   
Anyone still using monster M2.2S cables (the really fat ones )
I still run them to my Infinity Renaissance 90 speakers from a Krell 300cx amp.  They sound awesome.  -John 
What internet stations are you donating to this year?
Yup Radio Paradise.  Best fidelity and entertainment for me an my Mrs.-John 
Web / Streaming Radio
I stumbled on this while poking around the Radio Paradise website.  They are the streaming server & host a lot of stations.  Click on streams and there may be some stations to your liking.  http://www.icecast.org/ezstream/I haven't had the tim... 
Listening to equipment at home before you buy
Ditto to Veridian's "not an audiophile" statement. I bought some of my equipment used.  If I didn't like it, I could hawk it like someone did to me.  I ended up keeping almost all of it. One caveat is I treat my gear like a body part for a transpl... 
My 1976 Recordings
That's awesome.  Thanks.   
Best PC to use as a Server
I asked this myself in late 2016 https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/looking-for-laptop-windows-10-for-music-only Folks recommended Eluktronics as a laptop and they seemed like a good choice as the mfg says they are loaded with basic Windows an... 
Best CD lens cleaner
I use one on my home CD player whenever it acts wonky or has playing issues.  Fixes it right up.  Why would you not want to use one?  Similar to a cleaning a camera lens.  I use the Maxell version with the small brush.-John 
What Matters and What is Nonsense
Well I'm in deep do-do, cuz my amp & preamp cost 10K and my Infinity Ren 90's $1500.  Drat the luck.-John 
Pass labs X250.5 cracking noise
From my Krell owners manual: "When powering on any system, turn on amplifiers last. Turn off amplifiers first. "I made the mistake of turning off the pre-amp first once & the sound that came out of the speakers was not pretty.  Scared the heck... 
Shadorne: I heard the live acoustic version of "Keith..." on Radio Paradise a couple weeks ago while driving and it is freakin' awesome.  Thanks for reminding me.  Off to Tidal I go to play it at home. Thanks for reminding my geriatric ass about i...