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Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend
Really nice job!  Looks awesome & functional.  I did the same as uberwaltz, using threaded rod.  Got 6 foot lengths of 3/4" threaded rod with black oxide on the rods, nuts & washers.  Wife likes it, so everybody's happy.  
Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?
Where's TESTPILOT when you need him?-Answer to OP question- "Because they didn't have a tape measure". 
Legacy Cardas Quadlink
Sorry I haven't heard the two to compare, but I use the 5-C and have stuck with them for many years.  I had swapped them out for Golden Reference and went back to the 5-C.  These are balanced only, I do not have any speaker or single ended.  I'm t... 
What do/did you do for a living?
Own a aerospace fastener distribution company for over 35 years.  
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Paula Cole "Tiger"Her vocals & the base will test a few extremes. 
You saw ELP at the Civic!  Evidently that puts me in the cool factor as well.  With Kieth crawling all over his Moog assy.  And I also agree about Genesis & their recorded sound quality.  It was like having a towel over the front of the speake... 
Sam here again.Is new remastered vinyl fake vinyl?
Hey Sam, I kind of agree to an extent.  Some LP's were so good originally having that 16 track tape sitting around for 40 years crystallizing can't be good for it.  On the other hand some of the 40 year old music was so poorly mastered by some bon... 
What was your most disappointing album purchase?
"Ummagumma" by Pink Floyd.  Only LP I used for skeet. 
Youngsters these days.
I'm kind of like the OP.  I have all this old(er) type equipment as well.  I'm in my 60's and like it all.  It makes me happy and that's what matters.My wife & I joke about when we kick the bucket our daughter will break out the snow shovel an... 
Ksa 300s
sfstereo:  That is an extremely good point that I had completely forgot about.  FWIW - I was using balanced. 
Ksa 300s
I had a KSA200s & it was dead quiet.  I could turn the volume quite high with nothing playing & it was like it was not even on.  I was using a Krell pre amp as well if that matters.  On a sad note the KSA did fry itself after a while and I... 
Another sad tale, hopefully Ian can make plans and peace with the world
Number one Tull fan here. Ian has always been a bit different in more ways than one. When I read about him dumping Martin Barre like a hot rock a while back and what Martin had said about it, I thought he’s really flipped his lid. Ian stated that ... 
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
Reminds me of what (I believe) James Michener once said, "I takes me 100 pages just to say hello." 
Monster Cable m2.4s bi-wire
I have had  the same wires for years.  If you have room try connecting both hi & low wires to the same spade stud.  On my Infinity speakers there is room, but they offer bi-wire studs so that is what I use.  On the amp side the are crimped tog... 
How to remove ground pin on power cable
If your going to remove the end might as well replace it.  They make male plugs with removable ground pins.  They just unscrew.  If it doesn't fix what ails ya, screw it back in.