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Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
As most people with PhDs will tell you, having PhDs involved is no defense!!They are attempting to apply the speaker's transfer function to the audio sample.  Call applying that transfer function something other than a "filter" if you like.   And ... 
Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
Genuinely, I just meant to show that the point exists, and didn't intend to advance it.  I have no beef with Millercarbon. 
Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
Millercarbon,Very glad that you are happy with your Moabs.  It would have been very discouraging to find after all of your research that your ultimate opinion didn't align with your expectations.  Also, returning the speakers would have been a hug... 
Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
This sounds as useful as the speaker demos people post on YouTube! 
Looking for new speakers
I haven’t heard anything better than the Vandy Quattro CT at that price point.  But speakers are like ice cream; so many flavors, we all have our favorites. Good luck and report back on what you choose.   
Looking for a speaker cable with a relaxed sound.
Not answering your question, but I assume you've played with toe in and tilt to see if you can achieve a better balance?This is the problem with speakers that aren't custom tuned to your ears.Just kidding.  :) 
What will audiophiles do Different?
Spent more on speakers as a percentage of my overall system investment.  
Should I bypass my Shunyata Hydra power conditioner?
Sounds like you've answered your own question....if it sounds better, bypass it.See what happens with the DAC and CD player next. 
Need more heft
Doubt it.I am struggling to think of a speaker I have heard that has a signature like the OP’s speakers, and will give deep bass with 25 watts.  I know it is not what the OP wants but his / her best use of the budget is probably a Vandersteen Sub ... 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
Killer system, audionoobie.  So much so, that I think you should change your handle. 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
I think 1s are a great choice for a second system.  They are much less demanding of the partnering amp than the larger floorstanders.  And way more compact.  Have heard them with modest tube gear at Johnny’s place and was dumbfounded.  
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Wine.   Few thousand bottles, mostly Italian (Tuscany and Piedmont).   
Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
Thanks Greg M!  the Madisound kits are interesting indeed! 
Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
@millercarbon, astute observation above.   
Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
The open baffle.  Ron from New Record Day commented on them, and my own experiments with OB ( not servo corrected) suggest there’s something special about box less bass.  Sounds like you’re very happy with yours?