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From tubes to SS amp : Ayre, Belles, Pass or else ?
I own an Ayre v5xe and love it.  Super musical.  No urge to “upgrade” whatsoever.  
Full Range under $5k-ish
OP, I appreciate the inconvenience of disconnecting your amps, but consider bringing just one amp and biwiring to get virtually the same performance.  A Carver TFM-35 is a powerful amplifier and doubt that the impedance characteristics of your spe... 
Full Range under $5k-ish
I think Audiotroy's questions are legitimate, his dealer status notwithstanding.  Loudspeakers really are a matter of taste; one person's neutral is another person's boring.My best advice to the OP is to demo as many speakers as you can, and bring... 
Vandersteen VLR CT
Awesome.  Thanks @gdnrbob! 
Vandersteen VLR CT
Ohala, you may be right; I have no inside information on that front.  My interest stems more from the fact that the mid/woofer driver operates up to 3500 Hz (with a 1st order crossover, of course).  I know the carbon tweeter will be pistonic, but ... 
Vandersteen VLR CT
Thanks guys.  Will keep an eye out for your updates. If Johnny has a pair I will have to find time to hear them myself.  Anyone know if there are any changes to the mid/woofer driver in the VLR CT?   
Sub recommendation to augment Klipsch La Scala's ???
Vandersteen Sub 3 
Anyone up for a group visit to Audioconnection?
Keep me in the loop; I’m just down the road from JohnnyR. 
B&W 802D tweeter replacement
$2200 is a small price to pay for a pair of 802Ds (assuming you like the sound!), so my suggestion is to grin and bear the premium of the original part. B&W makes their own drivers, so anything you try to replace the original with will be a de... 
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
Look for speakers that use drivers that are actually pistonic throughout the midrange (and treble, too).  Price no object, Vandy 5 and 7mkii, as well as most of the Vivid Audio stuff.  It is likely that the new Paradigms with the beryllium midrang... 
Ayre K-5xe or Pass XP-10?
I have the K5xemp, and can’t give you any cons.  It sounds great and measures about as well as a preamp can measure, a real feat given no global feedback.  I wish  you could demo them, as that’s the real test.  But since you can’t, I can’t imagine... 
Need Preamp and Amp to Match Vandersteen 3A Signature Speakers
I have the same speakers paired with an Ayre K5xe(mp) preamp and Ayre VX5xe amp.  Great, great combo.  I can vouch for Johnny Rutan's ability to build systems, so he's definitely worth contacting--especially if you are in the NJ area and can visit... 
Best Preamp New or Used up to $3,000 ??
Love my Ayre K5xe(mp) 
Still looking for an amplifier upgrade- but with a new twist.....
Aesthetix leaps out at me.  
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
Vandersteen Quatro CT.