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Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
Erik, these work great on my desktop. 
Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
Thanks bdp24.   I subscribe to Danny’s channel on YouTube.  I’m most intrigued by his subwoofers, actually.  
Quarantine Project--A Full Range Speaker Kit
LOL!  Thanks Kenjit!Fundsgon (great name), it really was a fun, small kit....I think it is worth looking at for your project.  
Child Damage Mitigation
Congrats!I've got two toddlers.  If there's a way to move your audio system into a different room, I suggest you do.  There's no controlling little ones when they're just starting to move around--they are just too young to understand right/wrong/d... 
Super tweeter for FullRange Driver
Those are nice full range drivers and you have a good amount invested in them. If it were me I would consider getting something like the Dayton Omnimic system to test your design.  Danny at GR Research did a video on adding a super tweeter to a fu... 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
Classy move tomic601! 
Acoustic Suspension sound in 2020?
Thanks. The impedance charts i suppose imply a hybrid. Not 100%  clear but I appreciate the info.  
Acoustic Suspension sound in 2020?
Helomech, the acoustic coupler in the 2 and 3 is an active driver. Wondering if you know any technical details re how it essentially functions as a PR.Would never, ever think that the bass in the 3 lacks snap, but of course that’s subjective and p... 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
There is a first class gastropub down the street, Ariane Kitchen and Bar.   
Acoustic Suspension sound in 2020?
I have Vandersteen 3A Sigs, and the bass enclosure is sealed, but I'm not sure to what extent the "active acoustic coupler" results in a different transfer function--I think it shares the same enclosure as the 8" woofer, but I'm not 100% certain. ... 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
Johnny is truly exceptional.  The service you get from him is second to none.  And he happens to be a really nice guy to spend time with.  Glad that you had a good experience. 
Which DAC makers let you do in home trial?
I don't think I've bought many products that my dealer hasn't let me demo in my home for at least a few days.  I'm in Northern NJ and deal with Johnny Rutan at Audio Connection.  Maybe there's a good dealer in your neck of the woods. 
Speakers Don’t Matter As Much As We Think They Do?
I have $20K+ in electronics and cables (full Ayre stack plus a very modest turntable....for now) and $5K in speakers (Vandersteen 3A Sigs).  So I'm defintely on the wrong side of commonly accepted wisdom.  I adore my system, and since I got the sp... 
NYC/NJ Turntable Setup Expert
Call Audio Connection in Verona, NJ.  That said, who the hell am I to reply in the same thread as Herb Reichert!!  Close it down; the man has spoken!  :) 
Her voice is lovely.  I wish she had something on HDTracks.  :)