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AtmaSphere + Ayre
I have the P-5xe and it indeed is a tremendous phono pre.  I have mine set on moderate gain, and there is only a small bit of hum with the pre-amp turned all the way up--and no music playing, obviously!  (Ayre K5xeMP & V5xe are also in the chain) 
What do you think of this minimalist recording?
Glad my impressions of the soundstage are consistent with the actual arrangement; a credit to your recording and my Vandersteens.  :) 
Pono - Ayre and Headphones
You make me feel wasteful in never using the headphone amp functionality of my Codex!  I just use it as a DAC..... 
What do you think of this minimalist recording?
I downloaded the hi res digital and think it's a very nice recording.  It has a very analog feel to it and the soundstage is indeed well defined.  My only comment (not a criticism) is that drums seem a bit further back in the soundstage than I am ... 
Benchmark DAC2 seeting into Ayre k5exMP preamp
Good outcome.  Enjoy! 
Benchmark DAC2 seeting into Ayre k5exMP preamp
Read Stereophile’s review of your preamp.  I think Atkinson’s measurements found that the input FETs can be overloaded if the source is too hot. 
Harbeth 30.1 ? The Ultimate Speaker under $5K ?
I'd be a bit concerned about Klipsch in such an acoustically "live" room. 
Mono block or bi-amp
As a general principle, my view is that you are better off bi-wiring a more powerful amp than bi-amping with two smaller amps. Can you bridge the Bryston into mono mode?  
Wilson Audio Sabrina . . . I'm smitten. Should I consider others?
Suggest you listen to a pair of Vandersteen Quatro CT.  A bit lower in price than the Wilsons, plus you get powered bass (giving you more flexibility in choosing an amp).  I'm a firm believer in subjectivism in audio so I am not saying anything is... 
What is the most important component in your system.
The quality of the recording.  But that's out of your hands.The most important stuff in your control:  Your speakers and your room. 
Work Headphones Under $200, sealed, easy to drive
Consider the Beyerdynamic DT240 Pro.  On sale for $89.  I really like mine, and Steve Guttenberg gave them a really enthusiastic review. 
Advice on the best DAC to match with an Aurender N100
Loving my Aurender with an Ayre Codex. 
Vandersteen Model 2D?
My guess is somewhere very close to $2195:http://www.audioconnect.com/product/vandersteen-vsm-signature-ct/ 
Vandersteen Model 2D?
OP, I don't recall him mentioning a time frame.  I would see if you could get John Rutan's attention (@audioconnection) -- he is super knowledgeable. @beetlemania, interesting background, thanks..... 
Vandersteen Model 2D?
I was at a recent RV seminar and he discussed his goal of bringing pistonic cones to his entire range, i.e., elevating pistonic behavior to the same importance as time/phase correct behavior.  I think that is going to require a technology differen...