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Full feature preamp $1500
Quicksilver or Rogue RP1 
Vandersteen 5a, 15 years old vs. new Vandersteen Quatro Wood (upgrade or downgrade)
I have 3A Signatures, which have the same midrange and tweeter as your vintage 5a (if memory serves).  All I can say is that after demoing Quatros I wished I had spent the extra $9K for them, and it all had to do with high frequency clarity (not b... 
Jazzcast.CA is on Roon!
Found it!https://ice23.securenetsystems.net/JAZZGood station! 
Jazzcast.CA is on Roon!
Thanks Eric!  Anyone know the streaming URL so I can add it to my Aurender? 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Sure thing.  I would probably go for it if Aurender supports it. 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Aurender says they are in contact with Amazon and will update in the coming weeks. 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Vandy 1ci 
Vandersteen Kento Specs Released
Anyone know if the 6.5" woofer (mid-woofer?) purports to be pistonic in its passband?Too many ps in that post.  :)  Reading my kids too much Dr. Seuss I guess. 
Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT
Ayre is often paired with Vandersteen.  I have a V5xe with my Signature 3as, and it is a fantastic match.  Now that that model is discontinued, you can probably find it in your price range.JohnnyR has been pairing Belles with Vandies lately, to mu... 
Recommnedation for the BEST SOUNDING integrated amp up to $3500
Ayre AX-7e, assuming you can live with a very simple 60w/channel integrated.  
Calling all Vandersteen Fans
I have 3A Sigs, and I don’t perceive any sibilance whatsoever.  Ayre front end (details on system page).  I think the only major differences between the current 2 and 3 are the cabinet volume and the low frequency driver.  
Ayre Codex vs. Lampizator Amber II
There seems to be some inconsistencies between JA’s measurements and the Audio Science Review ones. Not sure, of course, which are correct.Disclaimer, I own (and love!) a Codex.  
Considering Vandersteen 3a Signatures
I have Vandy 3A Sigs.  Would never think to call the tweeter sibilant, but I suppose there's plenty of room for subjectivity in that call.I find the treble and especially midrange detail to be fantastic.  I drive mine with an Ayre V5xe, as part of... 
Tight bass sub recommendations
Another vote for Vandy. 
From tubes to SS amp : Ayre, Belles, Pass or else ?
Well, the Ayre V5xe is fully balanced (my understanding is that each channel is really two amplifiers working on each phase of the balanced signal, which are combined at the output), so a single ended input will be converted to balanced pretty muc...