What speaker has the best tweeter?

I love the AMT tweeters in my speakers. They are definitely different from other tweeters I have heard. I enjoy their openness and air. But there are qualities of other tweeters that excel in other ways. Some v pricy speakers use beryllium or diamond or diamond coated beryllium. I see that the price of, Seas I think, diamond tweeter is like $6K a pair. Then ribbons offer used. Not to mention plasma, etc.
I am waiting on my Voxativ, 
My hunch it will present the best all around highs,
So tweeter choices? 
I have no idea,
Good luck with the search. 

As for just the tweeters themselves
Magnat MP-02 Plasma is the ultimate tweeter, I have a pair nothing else approaches them, the surrounding burning gas becomes the 360 degree diaphragm. (and is as light as air)
followed by horn loaded Plasmas, then ESL’s, then Ribbon/Planer then domes.

Cheers George
I’m not in the market for another speaker. Have my destination system including my speakers. Just wondering about the performance of different tweeters. 
Those plasmas look excellent. Then there is the v important issue of the crossover. And already $4500 why $600 for shipping?I guess a/the major thing is how light the moving elements are.
So, nothing compares with light as air.
I have never heard better than whatever it is that Stenheim is doing/using.

With that said, my Focals keep me very satisfied.

Those plasmas look excellent. Then there is the v important issue of the crossover. And already $4500 why $600 for shipping?

It’s has an 18 or 24db per octave xover and can be adjust up from 3khz and also the level all on the back.

And yes $600 for post is very steep, but they are a solid two hand lift.

Cheers George
3in Aluminum ribbon in Mesanovic or Adam X-Art folded ribbon are exceptional. 
For something different in regard to tweeters, read my review of the Aspen Acoustics Lagrange L5 MkII Speaker at Dagogo.com 

Just wondering if anyone has gotten nauseous from the ozone generated by the plasma discharge tweeters? I get shortness of breath from ozone. Anyone know the levels of ozone produced? 
What have you used the PT with?

They do smell a little so I use them in summer (so I can have a slightly open window, like you do with gas heating) with the ML esl Monoliths (with replacement Neolith panels), and roll off the esl panels at 5khz and bring in the Magnet MP-02’s. Which go out flat it said to over 50khz with no problems.

They really do add even more "air", delicacy, 3d transparency and speed to the sound than just the esl’s, which is unbelievable, as that’s esl’s best traits.

Cheers George
No such thing as best, each design is unique.
in a AMT tweeter the Beyma is probably the best .
Accuton has the great $2k Diamond ceramic tweeters ,
Plasma tweeters are very unique and great ,but need to be recharged every4-5 years ,MBL 101 Omni directional speaker 
great in that application , then custom dome tweeters  that have their own attributes several very good brands ,
and some very good Ribbon tweeters . That’s my opinion .
Multiple tweeters unless of very high quality, and matched to within 1db and be $1-200+ each then  they are subject to multiples of HF distortion ,that is why 
you don’t see them in any high end designs ,or very rare.
The tweeter that sounds the best to your ears is the best tweeter my favorite is the late 40's 16 ohm electrovoice tweeter.
The one that does not give you listening fatigue & the feel that "it's playing too loud".

Plasma tweeters are physically perfect (you can’t reduce the mass applied to excite air any further) but what has been referred as ‘smell a little’ is their production of ozone.
The LD50 of ozone for humans is around 50 ppm, so this is a real concern and this is why they are not made anymore.
I don’t know if one can evaluate a tweeter alone, , in isolation from other drivers in a system.  There are many fine examples, that can work well in the right system, such as Magneplanar ribbons, pleated ribbons (e.g. AMT), and one of my favorites—Western Electric 597 fieldcoil compression tweeters.  The 597 is particularly good at disappearing—you hardly know it is working.  I heard a fantastic version of the 597 made by G.I.P. Laboratories (this tweeter costs $60,000 a pair); it is in the running for best tweeter.
There are a couple of great Beryllium tweeters. D3004/6640, TW29-B, D2908-7140, etc ... You have Raal. And more. Yet for me, I will mirror what others have posted. A good AMT just sounds very real to this 40 yr musician veteran's ears. I love some Aruum Cantus. And although I'm not a fan of Heil dipole tweeters, I love the old round face monopole AMTs! If crossed over high enough in a 3 or 4 way, they are among the best available today.
The LD50 of ozone for humans is around 50 ppm, so this is a real concern and this is why they are not made anymore.
Don’t know where you get that idea, these are the newest horn loaded ones, but are little colored sounding because, of the horn and don't have a 360 degree radiating pattern

Cheers George
George - looks like you need a 49 ppm quantum tunneling ozone fuse….
Yeah maybe I can reverse also it and then stick it where the sun don't shine.

Cheers George

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Frequency does not equal competency. Give him some slack as he  was for awhile anyway thinking  a FET is an Opamp.
LOL (seriously, I did)

I really have no idea of what is "best" but... The best I've heard in my system are the B&W diamond tweeters.   
i look for pistonic out to 40 k…..all that steep crossover out of phase crap and breakup is just distortion……
Donald Trump is (was) the best tweeter, by far.  Like your precious plasma, lots of pure hot air…
Aurum Cantus ANY of them. Biggest bang for the buck. Replacement ribbons on a lot of them. The SQ is just perfect.
Singles (toppers with enclosure) LS or as a conventional Top mount and driver below or MTMs.

12 or 18 db XO 2nd or 3rd order. DON’T squeeze on the XO, no first order cheep crap. Smoke comes to mind. :-)

Morel has some great soft domes. I just love too.

I’ve haven’t heard them all, BUT no hard dome anything.. Doesn’t matter, I’ve never been a fan.. Way to easy to beam and my ears just go bonkers.. I want to choke things.. I've seen Pro bullets cause fist fights.. Had to turn them OFF at concerts.. LOL

The best tweeter on the market right now is the MPD tweeter in the monitor audio platinum they go to 100,000 clean no other tweeter whether it's dome or ribbon can come close to the performance of this tweeter
I started out on Heil AMTs, but soon graduated to the harder stuff....Magnepan Ribbons.
Hello mglik.  Look for Raal tweeters. I believe Raidho uses them. Have you seen//heard the tweeters using video tape for the active element. I don't know who made them, but Radio Shack used to sell speakers using them. They are excellent, but at least 45 years old! Enjoy!
@audioman58   +1...each has it's own 'voice', and all have their 'champions'....it boils down, as typ., into what voice one wants to hear. ;)

@dwmaggie....but did you keep the Heils?  Just curious....*G*
Well then since you're not looking at buy/add to your current speakers check out Dali Epicon Series approach use Two!

Twin tweeters are something of a Dali speciality and comprise a fairly conventional dome working together with a ribbon unitbest of both worlds approach The ribbon tweeter simply takes over where the conventional dome starts to tail off, which in this case is around 15kHz. The idea is to maintain treble dispersion at the highest frequency and, obviously, take advantage of the quality of the ribbon unit.

Result - very unique detail sound

The best speaker I have heard so far is the Lansche 8.2. It uses the Corona Plasma Tweeter, that George referred to earlier. 

After Lansche's  Corona Tweeter, RAAL 70-10 ribbon and ELAC 4 Pi Omnidirectional are at the top of my list.

Corona Plasma measures up to 150kHz
RAAL 70-10 Ribbon measure up to 100kHz
ELAC  4 Pi measures up to 50kHz - I use in my system.

I have never had the opportunity to hear the Magnat. From what I have read they measure in over 50kHz. 

Accapella Audio Arts uses the Ion Plasma Tweeter, and sells stand alone units which both measure in at around 50kHz.

Plasma tweeters are still being produced. 
The best tweeter to my ears that I've heard are those made by ATC; used in their pricier speakers.

I have not heard most of the ones mentioned above, so they may very well be better.