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Dedicated 20a lines, 125 feet distance, which gauge wire to run?
For me, no Niagara at the subpanel. That's just a bad idea if you have a problem, you'll need an electrician again unless you're handy. Good ideas on the wire, your electrician sounds competent. Silver plated outlets, not gold.   
Your last concert was to see who and when?
The Beach Boys, last night at Vina Robles. Fun show, enjoyable, but still poor sound system. Thought they would have improved it since The Moody Blues back in 2015, but NO... Not going back to VR. 
Dedicated 20a lines, 125 feet distance, which gauge wire to run?
Use a subpanel absolutely. Use largest gauge wire to minimize wire resistance and voltage drop for the best results. +1 gs5556. Your weakest link will be the connectors, silver plated high grade outlets. 
Can LM224 be used to process an AC signal?
Yes it can be. Use the highest supply voltage that you can for best performance. What output level are you wanting to obtain? 
Mirage BPS-150 Driver Replacement
You can sometimes find 8" Sunfire sub drivers on ebay for a good price. I have no idea what the amplifier in the Mirage is capable of driving, but looks like the amp is fairly low powered. You will need to match the DCR of the replacement drivers ... 
Speaker brands known to use first class internal components
+1 mozartfan - The drivers are the most important as they do the work. Caps are only a small part, but cabinets are also important. 
Need more power, Bi-amping does it work or does it just sound wrong
Multi-amping is the best, whether bi, tri or more. I prefer active crossovers, but even using a passive crossover, it's a big improvement. I've tried it on many different pairs of speakers with the same positive results. Active crossovers make it ... 
thought on eBay?
+1 for steakster summary. I have spent up to about $2k for an item on ebay and usually have no problems, they favor buyers. Their money back guarantee has worked 99% over the last 20 years. You cannot guarantee that the seller will be good at pack... 
SET on JBL Everests - Mouse breeding an elephant?
I totally agree with jasonbourne52 on the active crossover method. Jasonbourne52 - The second woofer in the 67000 operates up to 850 Hz., so crossover for bi-amping should be around there. I was under the impression that OP didn't want to hassle ... 
« U » Shape kind of diffuser
Big sound improvement with Vicoustic VicTotem. I would highly recommend, even good for moderate size rooms. 
Comparing Two Pairs of Mono's
Yes both the 7B and 8B are true mono block amps. They have a very high slew rate, one of the highest in the industry. 
SET on JBL Everests - Mouse breeding an elephant?
The DD67000's are bi-AMP capable using the internal crossovers! You could use the SET's on the high end and bridged Mac's on the low end. Or you could un-bridge the Mac's and use one amp to power the right and the other for the left speaker. Belie... 
No not normal. Change filter caps in power supply as soon as possible unless that has already been done recently. 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Once you get into co/triaxial speakers, hard to get out unless you are looking for a different sound. I love my Altec's, so coherent. Subwoofers? 
Budget System Advice still partying like it's 1999
Do you have a subwoofer?