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Voltage conversion of Accuphase E-650
Just a hobbyist? One of the most knowledgeable “hobbyist” on this forum!  
Would Benchmark Amp AHB2 Pair Well with Salk Speaker (Beats, BePure, or Encore)?
I like Benchmark a lot. I’d be interested in what you think!  
Whizzer cone drivers
Single driver for the widest frequency range.  
Ideal power cord lengths?
Absolutely no ideal power cord length! You want a cord long enough to connect everything easily, that’s it. Typically the shortest is best for high current devices like conditioners and amplifiers.  
New amp listening fatigue: Distortion or ??????
It’s not the amount of distortion, it’s the lack of higher order distortion.  
B.S. Node 2i brick (yet another one)
I have not had good luck with Bluesound.   
Amp Internal Wire
Time is so precious, I would rather spend it on something else. I can solder well, just don’t really enjoy it. To each his own, enjoy the time you’re given.  
10db buzzing sound MC12000 after it warms up
Try removing and reseating tubes.  
HiFi audio Fuse on a CD Transport
Pricing of Vintage Equipment
+1 Hifi shark.  
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
Altec 800, JBL Hartsfield.  
Sad! I’ve heard horror stories about the big 3 and witnessed a few before learning the hard way. If you have UPS package it by one of their stores, they cover damage if insured. If THEY don’t pack it, all bets are off! I now use FedEx for items le... 
Speaker Crossover Capacitor Values,and%20divide%20by%208%20to%20get%20the%202nd.  
Speaker Crossover Capacitor Values
If you use a smaller cap the crossover frequency will be higher. Larger, the frequency will be lower. Film caps are better if you have space .  
stereo light
I asked to see if maybe the led had been replaced. LED over voltage sometimes cause it to be bright then dim. Good luck!