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McIntosh C12000
@audioquest4life It's not 2 chassis vs 3. The previous version and this version offer the same functionality within two chassis. A controller and an analog preamp. With the previous version, the separate digital preamp D1100 could be made a part o... 
McIntosh C12000
Not sure what you mean. On their website they provide literature on the product, with which you can see any and all changes. After comparing the literature and then the specifications, there are virtually no substantive changes aside from the new ... 
Best Tube PreAmp - McIntosh vs. Audio Research vs. VAC vs. Atma-Sphere
FWIW, I use a C2700 for two channel and HT purposes, and am very happy with it. McIntosh also makes AV processors and the like if you want to take it a step further.  
A turntable that plays all types of music well
I was contemplating buying a record mat to start keeping the dust off. Forget that, polka it is.  
A turntable that plays all types of music well
I highly recommend the Thales TTT-Slim II (or TTT-Compact II if you’d like to go a little above budget). It is the finest made turntable I have ever come across, more finely manufactured than turntables that other builders list for significantly h... 
Rank the top reference DACs you've heard
The only one that has really captured me is the Brinkmann Nyquist.  
Point to Point vs Circuit Board
@speakermaster thank you. That answers what I was curious about. 
Point to Point vs Circuit Board
Respectfully, with this Question/thread I was hoping to find out whether P2P can be done with solid state, and if so, whether anyone out there is doing it. I am not "hyperfocused" on it, beyond being generally curious enough to pose this question.... 
Point to Point vs Circuit Board
Nice find. 
Point to Point vs Circuit Board
@three_easy_payments I see. Do you know of any companies doing point to point solid state? 
Mcintosh c2600 issue
For whatever it's worth, I've never had anything but stellar experiences with my Mc products or Mc service (only needed them once, to send me new packaging, they were quick and easy to get a hold of). 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
The new Zellaton Plural EvoAnd, the new Steinheim Reference Ultime Two 
I’m moving off PayPal seems like it’s time. 
For sonic performance, every experience I’ve had is that VTL blows ARC out of the water. One of the top 3 systems I’ve ever heard was fully powered by VTL into Stenheim Alumine 5 at the Chicago show a couple years ago. Redefined what HiFi could be... 
First tube preamp recommendations (under $5k)
McIntosh C22 if you’re into the retro looks. C2700 if you want the last tube preamp you’d ever need.