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What cause tweeters hiss ?
Easy solution: don't stand so close to the speakers! Just enjoy the music!  
Top 10 vintage cassette decks
Nakamichi 1000 was the king as far as I'm concerned, if you can find one in survivor or reconditioned shape.  Much cheaper but still quality: Tandberg TD310 (controls non-solenoid and a bit clunky); TD330 (solenoid controls, much better aesthetics... 
Where do you buy your vinyl?
eil.com (eil.co.uk) especially for original uk releases  
Keeping your components Dust Free
If you feel anxious and the equipment is vented (holes or slots on the top of the case), just remove the top cover every few years and vacuum the dust out.  Make sure you unplug first!  If equipment isn't vented, don't worry about it; it'll be cle... 
What are we objectivists missing?
If we knew what the missing measurement parameters were, we'd be using them and they'd no longer be missing.  
Chris' latest cables.
Gosh, so much vitriol.  And none of it from the OP.  Sad.  
Chris' latest cables.
Not a troll post; anytime I see a description like "easily smoked everything I had lying around" I wonder either (a) are the OP's selection of existing cables really that bad, or (b) are we talking about some other kind of "smoking"?  BTW, I am no... 
How to secure a large power cord to a piece of equipment?
But has the sponge been cryogenically treated?  Inquiring minds want to know!  
Chris' latest cables.
Bybee Technologies Crystal Series Plug-in Speaker Bullets.
Gosh.  A couple of connectors flanking some potted gobbledy-gook, for only $3000? From a real physicist? From my standpoint, another don't-need-it audiophool product, but YMMV.  
Monstrous power cables
Power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables are all there to serve you and your system.  If they are so bulky or heavy as to be a pain in the ass to handle, or risk damaging your equipment, swap them out for something more manageable.  Plenty o... 
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
+1 Luxman 590AXII  
Integrated Amp Suggestions
250 wpc? With the speakers you have, that's like buying a Challenger to drive back and forth to the grocery store. 30 (class A) wpc with my Forte IVs is more than enough to drive you out of the room screaming.  
Beware poor sounding media
Oh no!  Not poor sounding media!  How will we ever survive?  I'm sure no one has ever had poor sounding media before.  Thanks, OP, for bringing this to our attention.  
Ridiculous sale
+1 @rbstehno Same thing with any of the premium Mustangs (Shelby Cobra Supersnake) in the last few years. Premiums in the 10s of 1000s added to MSRP.  Supply and demand; you may not like it, but there it is.