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My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
Everything I think I don't like sucks (even if I've never heard it).  The End. 
A strange business model for audio
You think huge conglomerates like Technics/Panasonic give a s**t about what any of us think, or care whether we can reach their corporate offices (to do what?)?  Think again! 
Has anyone had a laser replaced in a Audio Research CD-3 MKII
I just purchased a replacement laser assembly for my CD-1 from Audio Research for $75.00 plus shipping.  Plan on doing the work myself; not an expensive way to give my old player a few years more life! 
Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?
Wow, dude.  200 whole records.  You've really gone all in.  I think I passed that by 1975.  Go ahead and sell.   
Should I sell my Oppo 205?
Other than its performance, the primary reason for the high prices is that at the time Oppo discontinued production, the demand for this unit was just ramping up; it was nowhere near its market saturation point, and there were a lot of people who ... 
Straight out of the box doesn't work.
Experts?  HAHAHAHAHA! 
Vibrating speaker cables
Don't forget the squid ink; that's the key.  But the real key to perfect, undistorted silence is to just unplug everything.  Of course if you've got tinnitus, that's a larger form of distortion and noise than anything fixable with gadgets or magic... 
Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
If you've only got 200 to do, I'd strongly recommend BORROWING a cleaner (either vacuum or ultrasonic), paying the lender a few bucks for its use, and call it a day after you do the cleaning.  Since these are inherited and not a collection you've ... 
Schumann Resonator
Trust me; they sound much better after the recommended 10,000 hour burn-in. 
CD player reliability.... good and bad.
My Pioneer Elite BDP-05 has been in service for many years; I leave it on 24/7, as the boot time was always maddeningly slow, but rarely (if ever) with a disc loaded if I'm not playing it.  I have an Audio Research CD-1 in storage that no longer r... 
Salk Sound vs Legacy Audio
I've had a pair of Veracity monitors for a number of years, paired with a Dehavilland tube pre and Edge G8 amp.  Having never used these with a SS pre I can't comment on this combination, but these have always floated my boat and not been fatiguin... 
Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh
Leak Stereo 30 
I nominate this company as building best speakers!
The problem with a lot of speakers that are "exciting" in a dealer's showroom is that they eventually grind on your ears in a long-term home setting, and you gravitate toward something that may not be exciting, but listenable long-term. 
Looking for a black brushed mental bookshelf speaker
Looks like you're either goth or into "heavy mental".  But perhaps that's just being sentimental. 
The indisputable benefit of fiber for music
Fiber is especially important when listening to tunes like "All Things Must Pass".