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This didn't occur too often for me until the recent 1.8 upgrade. Now I'm seeing it much more often. I'm thinking that the 1.8 release was premature. 
Which DAC as a preamp?
I've not heard the DACs listed by the OP. I've found the Sonnet Morpheus to be excellent driving my ATC SCM100ASLT active speakers. 
Review: Manley Laboratories Neo-Classic 300B preamp Tube preamp
My experience with Manley is similar; excellent service and support. 
Upgrade in streamer changed my mind on the Tidal vs Qobuz option
I agree, Qobuz is better. High resolution PCM works on all modern DACx. With Tidal, DAC choice is limited to those that can unfold MQA. 
Choosing new speakers after 20 years
Legacy Audio Classic HD. 
Neotech solid vs Dueland tinned vintage - spades? bananas? nothing?
No termination is the best termination.I agree completely with jaymark. 
CODA vs Hegel
Coda has been well respected outside the US for decades. Interest in the US has increased only recently. Coda is currently backordered on all amps for at least a month, maybe more. 
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
Legacy Audio. Relatively efficient, sound great with tubes.Do not buy GoldenEar without an audition. Some folks like them, others not so much. 
AFFORDABLE (under $1K) Best SS and Tube Amps for HD600
Kingko KA101 Pro. 
Are your current amps and other gear the best you've ever had?
Yes, both systems.Coda 06x > Coda 07x > ATC SCM100ASLT.Herron VTPH-2A > Herron VTSP-360 > Herron M2 monos > Larsen 8.2.The only upgrade I'm planning is to replace the Larsen 8.2 speakers with Larsen 9. 
New speaker suggestion
Of all the above suggestions, Legacy Focus HD speakers offer the best value as well as being a great match with your Pass amps (even better with Coda). Made in the US with outstanding cabinet/veneer construction. 
When A Lightening Strike Blows Your Power Company’s Transformer Off Its Utility Pole ………
The Environmental Potentials EP-2050 does more than a standard whole house surge protector. In addition to surge protection it provides waveform correction and conditioning. My unit has been operating perfectly for over fifteen years.I brought it ... 
Question for those with Tannoy experience
Try and audition a Fyne Audio model in your price range. The company was founded by ex-Tannoy folks. A friend of mine replaced Tannoy Canterbury speakers with  the much less costly Fyne F703 speakers. 
Looking for a ‘’No braine’r Integrated amplifier under 7500 or so
Coda CSi Balanced. Try and compare to the Pass integrated amps. You may be pleasantly surprised. 
Economical full-range floor-standing speaker options?
+2 on the ATC SCM40v2 (a used pair would fall into the OPs price range). They clearly beat Spatials (can't remember which model) and Salk Soundbeat 3s in a direct comparison.