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Balanced Line Stage Tube Preamps
+1 Zesto Audio Leto  
Speakers for Second System
I use Fyne speakers in my second system and am very satisfied. I can't comment on your other two choices. Best of luck in your search.  
Large speaker recommendation
I second both ATC (although I prefer their active models) and Legacy Audio based on personal experience. With manufacturing in Springfield, IL, Legacy offers the best value. Pick the right model for your room or budget and please audition before ... 
Wilson Audio Haters
The Wilson house sound has simply never appealed to me. Even if it did, IMHO, this line doesn't offer good value which is important to me. I have heard many different models over the decades. Although the SQ has improved over the years, it's just... 
ATC SCM 7 V.3 and
+3 Thank you.  
Best Phono Stage
+7 Zesto for tube. For solid state, the Coda 06x is my favorite under around $10k - $15k. Finally, if you can find one, the Herron (hybrid( is excellent as is the Reference line stage.  
ATC or Audio Note (2-way)
The biggest difference for me is that AN speakers require symmetrical corners on the front wall to get the correct bass response. None of my music rooms allow that so AN speakers have never been an option for me.  
No love for Legacy Audio
@mikekollar Excellent post, spot on.  
No love for Legacy Audio
Any size speaker is easy to ship. First, take notes while unpacking. It will make packing months or years later much easier. BTW, only a complete idiot would throw away the original shipping cartons. Strap each box to a pallet or both to a large ... 
ANK L5 Mentor Preamp Kit.
Not sure why anyone would want warm or analytical in a properly designed stereo system. If you mean by musical, tonal purity, effortless dynamics and presence then this DAC is spot on.  
No love for Legacy Audio
Probably because they aren't manufactured by Tekton...  
ANK L5 Mentor Preamp Kit.
I'm planning on building one soon. Based on the sound quality off the ANK 4.1x DAC that I recently built, I expect great things. No one talks about the L5 Mentor because there aren't any reviews. Congratulations. I'd be surprised if you aren't d... 
Is Tidal messing up for you? Would you Choose Amazon over it?
Qobuz works fine with my ifi Zen Stream. Came right up during initial power up, no extra effort on my part. ifi sez Zen Stream: "Works with any DLNA certified streaming app". Qobuz has been DLNA compatible for years.  
Understanding MQA/tidal/ DA conversion
@erik_squires +1  
Understanding MQA/tidal/ DA conversion
As I mentioned in another thread, Roon just does the first of two MQA "unfolds". You need a MQA DAC for the second "unfold".