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Pigskin or jico leather mat
Anybody want to but the Tenuto? Cheap…  
Pigskin or jico leather mat
I had a Tenuto Gunmetal mat. The Oyaide mat blew it away!  
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
@havocman  IME, there was no adjustment necessary. I just placed my speakers on the podiums and that was that. I did ask Townshend if this was proper. They said yes.  
Pigskin or jico leather mat
Hey Ralph, I tried turning down my volume all the way when playing a LP. Heard no sound of the cartridge at all. Guess my new mat is doing a great job. I changed from the vinyl Oracle mat you recommended and now have the Oyaide tungsten infused ... 
Balanced versus single ended
@atmasphere  Hey Ralph, You absolutely convinced me that I did not need an expensive IC when using your amps and preamp. Has that changed now that I am using my AGD amps? Do you know if AGD supports the balanced standard. And do cables make a d... 
Large speaker recommendation
I believe that speakers do not necessarily work best with certain genres of music. And when comparing larger, $30Kish ones they, mostly, do big scale well. However, speakers definitely have a “house sound” which usually represents the designer’s... 
Best Phono Stage
Pleased to see the recommendations for the Zesto Andros. Before I went with my Atma-Sphere MP-1 full function preamp, I almost bought a Zesto. Ever since I heard one at RMAF, I was sure that it was about the best phono stage ever. Beautiful, lusc... 
Vladimir Lamm RIP
Sad news. His name was actually Shuschurin (sp?). I had spoken with him several times. His creations are truly top notch. He especially favored his tube amps.  
Why Do You Post?
My central experience on this forum has been to learn about ways fellows have advanced their systems. AC, amps, tweaks, etc. When a critical mass of posts rave positively or promote a particular issue, it clearly becomes something that should be c... 
Axpona 2022
AGD are Gan based Class D. However, their Gan “chip” is proprietary.  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
I run AGD Audion mono blocks. They are destination amps for me. For decades, I was a die hard SET guy. Was always turned away from SS because of the SS glare or edge. Not a problem with the AGDs. And the lack of distortion is a game changer. Kno... 
Has anyone heard the newest version of the Klispschhorm?
My only experience with Klipsch are Heresys. I guess the Khorns now have a different and better tweeter. Surely, Ralph, your Classic Audio Horns are a different world than Khorns? Have you heard the 75th Anniversary ones?  
Has anyone heard the newest version of the Klispschhorm?
Oh my, forgive the misspelling of Klipschhorn!  
Contact Enhancer Q45T
My wife previously thought my system was great but clearly said that the improvement with NPS Q45T took the SQ to a new level. IME, I always feel that the SQ could not possibly get better… until it does. If describing the effect of Q45T in one w... 
Just got some AudioEngine A5+ speaker and they blow my mind
I used to be a dealer for Audioengine. Certainly cool, useful stuff but WAY low fi. You get what you pay for.