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Can you get proper imaging if speakers are not the same distance from center?
“if it sounds good, it sounds good”. This tends to be my inclination.But I wonder if there will be a marked improvement if I move the listening position closer. I would certainly get a bigger perceived picture on the TV! But changing the furniture... 
Can you get proper imaging if speakers are not the same distance from center?
BTW, the listening position is 110” from center line. This can’t be changed.And the speakers like to be facing straight front with no toe in. 
If you have a rebuilt Garrard or Lenco you need this!
Well, it may not be as convenient, but you can buy from Robin and send it back to him if it did not work out.Very unlikely... but he is very 
If you have a rebuilt Garrard or Lenco you need this!
Great pindac! Nice to have such a complete confirmation.Nick Gorman... I have found that Audio companies seem to reflect the integrity of the owners. A good example is Ralph Karsten of Atma-Sphere. Nick’s other products seem good and affordable. E... 
If you have a rebuilt Garrard or Lenco you need this!
Yes, you need to get the 50Hz pulley and change the jumpers on the wiring block. There are four poles with 2 jumpers on the two on the sides for 110v to one jumper to the two center poles for 220v.It is a little tricky to make sure the idler wheel... 
What phono preamp are you using?
The most beautiful phono stage I ever heard is the Zesto Andros.The are now about $5K but worth it. The glory of finely implemented tubes! 
Reel to Reel Woes
As you know, a R2R deck is the best sound and biggest upkeep.Either get your Teac rebuilt or get a fully refurbished one. Revox is, IMO, very high quality but others will give you excellent performance.  
Phono Stage, Cartridge, DeGritter...which one first?
The Library oh Congress, the BBC, many dealers and others use the Keith Monks RCM. Dealers use them as a service for clients and some charge. It is a vacuum system that uses a German medical grade vacuum pump attached to a tone arm like arm with a... 
Which amplifier should i buy
That is, a true gentleman. He will give you excellent advise and is not al all pushy. 
Which amplifier should i buy
+1 For Atma-Sphere MA-1After decades of being a dedicated SET guy, I am now a major Atma fan boy! Atmas are, literally, 1 SET per channel functioning in push pull mode. They give the sweetness and musicality of SETs with the detail of SS.The only ... 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
The answer for me having Atma-Sphere amps is an Atma MP1 preamp. Think it is one of the best at any cost. Fully equipped, it is close to $30K but it’s built in phono section is superb and eliminates the need for an outboard phono preamp and extra ... 
Class D for a Tube Lover
I have always admired the Cary 805. I would put the money into NOS or quality new stock tubes. The sound of the 805 is definitely warmish and musical. In many ways it is the opposite of a Class D amp. If you like the 805 sound, don’t loose it. Esp... 
Looking for speaker advice-$10-20k
Hi Kerry,I just checked the output of your Anthem STR. Wow, great!You absolutely have enough power for Soundlabs. If you don’t mind the physicality and size, they are, by far, the best way to go. I believe the best ESL out there. And unless you ar... 
Is louder better?
I tend to listen high 60s to high 70s. Any higher is disturbing.Have a pretty refined $130K system and cranking it up does not necessarily distort but my ears seem to not like it louder. I may have inadequate power.My speakers are 91db and minimum... 
Tube Dealers 2021
+1 for Brent Jesse. Have bought 32 nos tubes from him. All good and easy, quick transaction. Think it is