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Yamaha A-S801 for Dynaudio Evoke 20
Thank you! Love the info about Ohno cables. I was thinking about Nordost flat cables, which are hifi and all but expensive. Question about  subwoofer — why 80hz? Is there some science behind why it’s set that high? I’d expect the woofer to take ov... 
Yamaha A-S801 for Dynaudio Evoke 20
Thank you Fred. Very informative!  
Whats playing on your system today?
Billy Idol - The Stranger (Spotify premium) Interesting mix of rock and jazzy sounds. Including the hit “The way you are” but the album has even better songs imho.  
Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1
I'm no expert on audiophile issues, but I'll share a completely subjective opinion. To my ears, in the same room, these sounded very similar for the range of music I listen to, across classic rock, jazz, some pop, lots of lounge-ish downtempo like... 
Recommend speakers for Hegel H190
It’s a strange question because you pick speakers first and then pick the amp. What’s up? Anyway Evoke 20 and Hegel 190 do well together. I find that to my ears Special 40 sounded very much like Evoke 20, but the latter is a steal.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Marti Fischer - Album Eins (German artist, not well know. Interesting funky music)  
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
This is pretty much the reason I had to remove Klipsch, Tannoy and KEF from my short list some time ago. Too much sparkle. I’m sure with loads of EQ etc one could tame any speaker. But I love the sound of Dynaudio and Monitor Audio (Gold onwards) ... 
Best route to go for new dac?
My experience with Topping D90 was the same as another person here. It’s very nice “for the price”. I’m in love with Schitt Modius. For 200 bucks it’s a complete steal, livens up the music. My source is a simple Mac Mini. Love it and can’t recomme... 
Yamaha A-S801 for Dynaudio Evoke 20
Thanks mesch. Yes it’s now in my very shortlist :)  
What are you streaming tonight?
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.My Mac Mini has Tidal and Spotify Premium. Connected to my speakers via Schiit Modius, which makes the difference between those two quite marginal to my ears. Really brings the Spotify ... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Roots and Echoes - The CoralThey're an underrated band, it seems. Great musicality across the years.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
"Kitchen Sink" - Nadine Shah(Thank you @uberwaltz ) 
What are you streaming tonight?
The Man in the Station by John Martyn (spotify premium)  
You know you are an Audiophile when:
Hahaha... @highfi - "You do it in the dark./ You do it by yourself." -- this cracked me up. Absolutely.  
What are you streaming tonight?
Free as a Bird - Supertramp (I’ve been a lurker for a while because this is one heckuva thread and it’s a bookmark I’ve visited almost daily!)