Actual Lead Time on Tekton Speakers

Hi All-

I've had a pair Tekton speakers and a sub on order since the last week of February. When I placed the order they said they were running 8-10 weeks for shipment. I knew at the time that these were made to order and that there was a substantial lead time, so I'm not complaining. But I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve...

Can anyone who has recently received their speakers tell me how long it was from order to shipping? 


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No clue on Tekton, but if a manufacturer tells you 6-12 weeks, double the time.  
Ha! You're probably right. I could NEVER get away with that with my company...

Well it's 10 weeks have you asked them about the status?
First rule of sales and customer service.

under promise and over deliver. 
Facten-  Yes. Emailed 2 weeks ago to get an update, and then a few days ago. They said they are waiting for components but they were due any day. While everyone there is very nice, there's not even a hint of an estimated ship date. They said they'd let me know when they are ready to ship.

I'm not wound up about it. In fact, I think this comes with the built-to-order, semi-custom thing. I'm just excited to get them...

I was the same when I custom ordered an amp from Odyssey. I called every week as I knew they were back logged. After a few months I got a call saying they had built the exact same amp as mine, only in 220 volt for a European customer who cancelled. He put in the proper transformers and made it to US specs and I received it a week later.

When I ordered my GE Triton Refs, I ordered them in January 2017 with a 4 K deposit and received them July 17th in 2017. Looking back, I am surprised I had enough patience to wait that long.
The patience of Job, I'd say.

props on the Garfield avatar ;)

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X-men 81-85 lead sop

Double high C. You and Maynard! I actually have CADETS on my vanity plates in MA. The crazy thing is that I never marched DCI. Didn't have the talent. So I've been  hopeless romantic fan since the early 80's. 81-85! Damn those were the golden years. Too bad about George and the mess that has followed. But they are re-grouping. 

But hell, the DCI audio/video products sure have improved. I'm hoping that these Tektons will provide the scale of the "first hit." 

Wow, those are long lead times. 6 months seems excessive, especially with a $4k deposit. That must have been tough. Were the Tritons worth the wait?


Absolutely worth the wait!  The problem was I bought them before they were on the market as they were still being manufactured.  The original date was April but it streatched into July.  My speakers were made in the first production run.  I got so antsy that I contacted Sandy Gross at GE and he looked up my order and said the dealer would get it the second week of july.  He was correct.  I am esctatic with the speakers, the best I have ever owned.  I am glad I bought them when I did.  Retail was $8.5K and six months later, price went up to$10K.  That makes me even happier.  Good luck on the long wait.  My Engineering Professor in college told me that "patience is a virtue".
Moabs are totally worth the wait. You will know within minutes of firing them up. Then over the next days/weeks/months they will only grow on you more and more. If ever you are thinking they are bright, or forward, or that you know what kind of sound stage they throw, put on some different music or change a component and then you will learn it never was the speakers after all. The friend who was over most recently said the midrange was perfect, the best he ever heard. Everything can of course always be made better, and I am working on that. But for $5k? Holy cow! You will see. Er, hear.  

Meantime, enjoy a little Tekton humor. What does Tekton have in common with Patek-Phillipe? You never really own one. You just order it for the next generation. 
Even big companies like McIntosh and Revel have long lead times right now. 
MC...The joke actually goes like this...What does  Tekton and Patek have in common?...You buy a Patek and you own a fine time piece,you buy Tekton the jokes on you ,