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Where does music come from that streams?
Sure it's a great conspiracy.    
Close…But No Cigar
I don't have the Audiolab transport but had a similar in class/performance Cambridge CXC transport. I'd suggest if you want better listening from CD get a better transport for your Bricasti. I went from the CXC to a SimAudio 260DT feeding either a... 
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
Tony, nice write-up , looking forward to your further listening impressions. Heck of a system!  
Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
@roxy54  " It's funny that they chose to name it Audio Aero as that name was previously the name of a French company that many audiophiles will still remember. I wonder if it's even legal."   Since the name of the company is Linear Tube Audi... 
buying (NOS) tubes online
+ whatever for Brent Jessee - good tubes, fair prices and easy to deal with. He's my main go to. Have also purchased NOS Russian 7189A's from Viva Tubes Also, reliable, though their prices have risen the last few years is Tube Depot  
Any recommendation for a CD changer?
Don't know offhand of any companies still making cd changers versus one disc players which are available  
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
The only under $500 power cables that I found a noticeable improvement from are Audio Art Cable power1 Classic, and power1 e Croy. Had tried Signal Cable, PS Audio, and a few others that were no better than the stock equipment cords.  
Best configuration for Puron Plug-in Filters?
There are other Puron threads where members have discussed this so you might get quicker insights checking there. The 2 I have are in the wall outlets of each of my systems.  Found the impact better there than in the respective power conditioners  
TOP TEN replies you don't want from your spouse ..
Whatever her complaints just tell her you left your mother at home a long time ago  
Wintec R-1060 Receiver questions
Supposedly if you create an account on hifiengine you can get access to the manual  - see link below https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/wintec/r1060.shtml      
New pre-amplifier?
+2 soix +1 hilde45  
NPS-Q45T on internal amplifier fuses
Did the person opining on the thermal energy creation provide some factual study performed to arrive at the conclusion and the firsthand resulting potential impact in your  application ?  
New pre-amplifier?
How is anyone going to answer this concern for you? If you don’t trust the dealer and manufacturer in question to honestly disclose that it is in fact new and not B stock cancel your order and find those you are comfortable with.  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Gabriella Anders - Wanting ; also, Last Tango in Rio  
10 gauge power cord. Too much power for tube amp?
Not a tech expert but I’ve had a signal tube go bad in an integrated amp as well as in a DAC and in neither case did the component shutdown. Also, I have 11 gauge power cords on my 3 tube integrated amps, zero issues.