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Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso
So audiozen, do you have the amp? What's the latest line? 
Line Magnetic 508ia and the Elusive 805 Tube
Tubedepot lists that it has NOS 805s though they don't specify which brands  - might give them a call  
Manual for a Cayin Audio A-100T
found this via google https://www.elusivedisc.com/CAYIAA100T.pdf 
what is the best Kt88 to get
In my Ayon Spirit 2 I found the Shuguang Black Treasure KT88s to provide a fuller more pronounced sound than JJ's or even the Gold Lion's .  
which 6sn7 gives the most air??
Here's a link to Brent Jesse's 6sn7 website page - might be helpful to you. I am not affiliated with Brent other than as a customer 
Need manual Luxman L-509u Amp
I don't have a Luxman, but could it be that one side of posts is 8 ohm taps, and the other 4 ohm taps, versus what you are thinking. From an online picture there are markings under both of the 4 sets which are hard to read, but easy to check on te... 
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
+3 on Daedalus - Lou Hinckley is a craftsman - beautiful wood cabinetry and excellent sonics; also takes the time to communicate with you; and will not ship his speakers until he is completely satisfied with the quality of his workmanship 
where are all the posts/reviews about Prana, Philharmonic and others?
seanheis1Daedalus is in fact a company/brand built by Lou Hinckley with outstanding craftsmanshiphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13gJXZJfSg&feature=youtu.be 
Tidal and Spotify royalties
I honestly don't know the answer, but it would seem to me that it would be based upon playing the track versus whatever the volume setting is . 
Whats playing on your system today?
Curtis Mayfield - The Very Best OfMelissa Etheridge - Memphis Rock & Soul  
Anyone have issues with shipping Canada to USA?
Purchased an integrated amp from Finale Audio in Canada a few months back had no issues of any kind whatsoever with customs nor shipper 
Is Agon becoming the eBay of audio?
I haven't sold anything on here for awhile but never ran into issues selling, or for that matter buying on A'gon. That said, lately I've been more inclined like trelja and have given amps , speakers, cd players , cables to friends (my age group or... 
Question for tube aficionados
Opps meant no you can not  sub in 6sn7s for 12au7s or 12ax7s  
Question for tube aficionados
rvpianoTo your question to Wolf, no you can sub in 6sn7s for 12au7s or 12ax7sHere's the link to Brent Jessee' website (sells mostly NOS tubes) if you scroll down a bit to the yellow section where you see different tube types listed click on 12ax7 ... 
Buying tubes...do they vary???
Aside from the Tubedepot +1 on Brent Jesseand will add tctubes, and thetubestore