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Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose
Where on the AudioMirror site does it speak to what the upgrades are and how to order them?  
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
nonoise,I think he was looking for teajay's review, your link is the review by Sarjan Ebaen in 2018I'm guessing that teajay won't have a review on it as he is no longer reviewing for hometheaterreview  and Sarjan already reviewed it on 6Moons 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
contemporary/smooth jazz Byron Miller - Psychobass 2Jacob Webb - I'm Coming Home Four 80 East - Four On The FloorDarren Rahn - SonicBoom 
dvinklsorry I am just catching up to your question. I have not experienced any of what you have with the Morpheous with RCA terminations. The Poseidon Signature offers more detail , I don't have the Poseidon Reference RCA , I do have Poseidon digi... 
In my main system I use Silnote - Orion RCA (Dac to preamp) , Poseidon 2 Digital, Poseidon RCA (preamp to power amp)In my 2nd system I use Silnote Poseidon Digital, Morpheous Reference 2 Series 2 RCA , GL power cordsIn my headphone system - Silnot... 
Tube rolling Question
2nd the Sylvania route. Also new production Sophia Electric 6sn7s are very good to my ears 
Daedolous Muse V2
mdrone,If you browse through the audiocircle Daedalus  threads , or don't want to, posting a new question on the Daedalus circle will get attention. 
Daedolous Muse V2
mdrone,I don't have the Muse so I can't speak directly to them; I do have the Daedalus Argos V2s and thoroughly enjoy them . Below is the link the the Daedalus circle over at AudioCircle , it has any number of threads on Daedalus products and migh... 
MarqmikeDid I say that Belles doesn't make good equipment? No I didn't. What I don't get is making absurd proclamations about a piece of gear relative to everything else out there when the piece in question  isn't even in production yet let alone ... 
Irregardless is not a word - "there is no such word as irregardless because regardless already means “without regard.”  
Reagrdless of what his reputation may be, what's "silly" is your prior proclamation without hearing the amp  
Are you still making this proclamation about and amp you never heard? " I predict the Vrtuoso integrated will become the new bar standard globally and will blow out the window the SS integrated's from Gamut, Gato Audio, Cary and Levinson. "  
Does any one know a cable that is able to compete with clear day double shotgun?
Sad news, best wishes to his family. Thoroughly satisfied with his double shotguns in both of my 2 channel systems  
The Six Moons.com review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up
txss ozzy