Feedback on Scansonic MB 2.5 versus Any Tekton Speaker

I own the Scansonic MB 2.5 and have very high regard for them. It took me a while to position them in my rather smallish room, but once done they are quite the performers. Has anyone compared them with any Tekton speaker? 

I am interested in potentially auditioning the Tekton Brilliance given a couple of recent reviews. I do scratch my head as to why I would want to replace the Scansonics as they are really impressive. Part of me wants a more efficient speaker to go along with my Bakoon AMP 12R. But the Scansonic seems to be well fed with the 15 watts per side that the Bakoon produces. 

Has anyone compared a Scansonic product with a Tekton? 

Any thoughts on your experiences will be appreciated.