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If someone handed you this system, what would you change?
I agree with @stereo5 . Ditch the Emotiva and get a good two channel preamp and amp. I’m also not a fan of DSP except for subs. Not familiar with Deezer, but if it’s compressed audio, go with Qobuz or Tidal.   Those are my thoughts.  
Loud Snap at High Volume
I wouldn’t expect speakers in that price range to have trouble handling 95 db peaks. Most mid fi gear can coast through that.  
I want more bass…
I vote for the room. Either you are sitting in an area with a suck out or your expectations are not realistic. I would start with taking some measurements to see exactly what you are getting.  
Spotify premium on pc; high res selection help
Why even bother with Spotify if you are serious?  
Birthday DAC
Do DAC’s make that much of a difference.  I wonder what you hear that is different?   There’s at least one in every crowd.  
How do you feel about Eggleston Speakers?
It’s going to be a chore to replace those Jubilees.  
Interesting situation! Do we need this....
The better question is what was the result after you connected the kefs again?  
Anyone heard of these speakers. Rio's or trio's
Could you be a little more vague please?  
Ultimate stereo nightmare
Surely you have an audio buddy nearby who would be willing to help you out. If I were near you, I’d certainly be willing to assist.  
All New Monitor Audio Concept-50 Time-Aligned Loudspeakers : Major-Breakthrough ?!
How many breakthroughs can you have per week?   Fixed it for ya.  
All New Monitor Audio Concept-50 Time-Aligned Loudspeakers : Major-Breakthrough ?!
Another “breakthrough “ speaker. Ho hum……..🙄  
Please tell me the wait will be work it......my rack
For those interested in the VTI racks, I owned one briefly. It rang like a bell and contributed a bright sheen to the overall sound. I tried filling the frame and legs with sand and that didn’t help. And the design doesn’t allow for this easily. T... 
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
@asctim    I think before I would go with a band aid solution, I would just replace the speakers.  
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
Well those speakers aren’t selling at that price. I’d be asking how much he wants for those ten thousand dollar speakers.   
Totally Ridiculous....Auditions on YouTube!
A difference is a difference no matter how bad the room or acoustics are. You might not hear a component or speaker perform at its potential, but if you can hear an improvement (or the other way) when something is swapped out, then it exists.