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Have I Found the Holy Grail of Audio Systems? My Surprising Discovery
I don’t think most here would call that setup “modest”. Congrats on making it all come together.  
Nowhere to hear speakers and amps anymore!
@hchilcoat  Thanks for posting that. I am two hours west of Richmond. I will definitely check out that place next time I’m in the area.  
Tubes, tone, and old age.
FWIW, when a speaker or piece of equipment is perceived as bright, it is not the high frequencies but the upper midrange that is troublesome.  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@cycles2  I don’t have a dog in this fight since I have no intention of buying a pair of these speakers. That said I did buy X3s from Clayton a few years ago, which are long gone now. The transaction was trouble free and I believe Clayton to be a... 
@yyzsantabarbara  I bet your wife would be glad to hear that she is not “behaved”.  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@speedthrills  Little tip. It’s best to read the entire thread before you post. He has already received communication from Clayton.  
Passive preamps - differences between technologies
Maybe I didn't convey it correctly. I'm not saying a TVC adds warmth. But it does have a signature. Yes it is transparent, but not as much as other designs. TBH, I like them all with the exception of a cheap "pot in a box". And I didn't care for t... 
Passive preamps - differences between technologies
All are very good. But there are some differences. Transformer or autoformer volume controls will be slightly warmer, but not quite as transparent as other passives. The Tortuga is a very nice unit, I have owned two of them. They can be a little... 
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound?
@mihorn None of those videos would compel me to buy your speakers. Timbre seems off and the room sounds too lively.   And what's up with all that tape hiss?  
@bob70  Welcome to the forum and please stick around. We need more of your common sense wrapped in a package of humor around here.  
Linlai KT88 experience?
@donsachs  Have you heard the Linlai 300B tubes, and if so, what is your opinion?  
Ideas for Pre/Power $9000?
@coltrane1  I beg to differ. Metal sounds quite good on my system. At least the metal that’s recorded well. And there is some like that. Check out any Tool album for reference.    
Solid-state alternative to Freya +
If you like the sound of the Freya, why are you worried? You can’t afford to retube it again in 5 years? That’s FIVE years. Maybe longer.  
Focal Sopra n1 - mids are a bit recessed compared to Lumina IIs
@deep_333    Such bull s$&t  
How long does it take your tube amp to warm up?
+1 @jacobsdad2000