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Who Offers a Highly Musical Preamp using a 6SN7 tube and a remote?
I run an Aric Audio Motherlode II in my main system. I rotate two First Watt amps,or a pair of Monarchy Audio amps. I find the results beyond what I could have ever expected. While the Motherlode is above the budget, Aric does make other 6sn7 prea... 
Speakers for daughter
@mjs ,what is the budget for your daughters system?  This will be most helpful.   
Auto-Tune, Snake Oil, Fuses, Cables, Room Correction, Best DAC, Measurements & Tekton
I’m sure that’s all been covered in the official light bulb forum. My handle over there is”notsobrite”.   
What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?
I would suggest two as a minimum.  It’s not about more bass,it’s about smooth bass.    
What is the best 6SN7 driver tube?
Last summer I picked up a lightly used Aric Audio Motherlode II.  The gentleman I purchased it from,sent it with a pair of Ken Rad black glass VT231’s. I also don’t have much experience with the 6snl7 tubes. However most that I have tried,( some 5... 
Describe your preference in a single sentence
Many layers,like a nice pan of lasagna.   
Honesty is the best policy...I think.
Honesty is always the right choice. Not always the easiest,but always right.   
Don’t want to freak you out…
That would be a waste if Prince Charles isn’t an audiophile.    
Subwoofers down-firing or side-firing? Why?
Small listening room,three down firing HSU subs. Sounds very good to these ears.   
Objective vs Subjective…
I’m in this hobby to get the best sound I can afford. Not necessarily to get the best measurements I can afford. If it sounds great,and also measures great,Okay,cool. If not,I dont have any tools to measure,so I’ll have to settle on my ears. (Whic... 
Recommended Pre-Amps under 1k?
 Is a new preamp what you are looking for,or are you open to used?  I have found that buying used got me into some wonderful gear that I would have never even been able to consider on the new market. Maybe something to consider.   
Bonham’s Squeaky Drum Pedal
I thought I was the only one that noticed that.    
What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?
At least two subs.   
What caused double posts of same discussion
There is also no, “I’m not a robot” box anymore.   
High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260
I’ve treated speaker cables,IC’s,and PC’s using the 1260 with great results.