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Excellent Review of Room Treatments
They do work. 
Nobsound spring hack
If one wanted to seal the springs like the Townsend Pod you could use heat shrink tubing or amalgamating tape.  
Nobsound spring hack
Interesting I only have them under my turntable and they are dead they look better black though. 
Keeping backup equipment?
Keep it I have 4 systems in the house 1 in my workshop and an old Yamaha for the back deck. 
PS Audio Stellar Phono
I had one and was great until it started smoking. Boxed it up sent it back. Bought a Lejonklou and never looked back. 
Snake oil??
Stabilator 2. $75.00 effects of accumulations of dirt and film in connectors carrying low-level signal not only degrades the signal to noise level of the system, but should introduce significant... 
Lack of Female Representation
My Mother loves music for sure and has a nice Mid Fi system. Moon by Simaudio ACE, Rega P3, Audiolab CD transport and Sf Sonetto 1. She listens to mostly Pop and Jazz.My daughter has a nice Mid Fi system also. Project Carbon TT and Pathos Classic ... 
Classical music listening... what is a better source High Rez or Vinyl?
They are all wonderful but I prefer Vinyl for sure. 
New ebay payments require SS#?
@stero5 Nope they are all in Buffalo Grove and BarringtonThere are Republicans in Chicago 
New ebay payments require SS#?
@stereo5 I am in Denver now, when I am actually on a surveillance in Rogers Park. Such a tech wiz you are.Next I will be in Russia.   
New ebay payments require SS#?
Actually I am here in Chicago and I use a vpn dude.  
Where are the young audiophiles?
@mapman  you got that right! 
Where are the young audiophiles?
@stereo5 Good for you! You are only old if you think you are old. 
Quicksilver Audio Integrated Amp
Just un boxed the Quicksilver and I will say that Mike knows how to package and ship his product.Tis integrated weighs about 40 pounds and it built like an old Buick (solid) All top shelf components. Now the run in begins. More to follow. 
New ebay payments require SS#?
I know I have received several emails on eBay’s change in “how you get paid” Have not bothered to read these notices because I have not sold anything on their platform in some time.Next we will have a VAT Tax.....oops before you get your panties i...