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What's It All About?
Manufacturers are genius. They've managed to convince the gullible that this is a "hobby" and therefore they should keep pouring money into it. Best. Scheme. Ever.  
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
I've never known anyone silly enough to spend 40k.  
Most economical way to ship large speakers?
I just requested a quote from Uship. I didn't realize that it's just a clearing house for shippers. I assumed that they WERE the shippers.  
70's Receiver and/or Integrated Amp recommendations
Onkyo A10. Wish I still had it.  
What became of Mahgister?
Mahgister was always a kind and gentlemanly poster I just ran into an old thread that he was on. Whew. Anything but "gentlemanly".  
Demagnetize CDs
hydroxychloroquine and some blue light inside your body.  
What amp for Goldenear Reference speakers?
Rogue tube amp. And I'm not really a tube guy, but they are great with GEs.  
Are ceramic speaker drivers a good thing?
Sorry. I meant FUGLY.  
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
There are "facts" and there are FACTS.  
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
I had an integrated that "only" specified¬† and additional 90 watts into 4 ohms (225@8) yet it never broke a sweat powering Maggies.  
Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage
Darko just did a piece on the Monitor Audio Silver 100 and loved it.  
Are ceramic speaker drivers a good thing?
Those babies are ugly!  
Listening after your entire system was powered off cold for a week+
You were being ironic, weren't you? Not at all. I pay attention (and money) to things that matter. In this case, cartridge and phono stage. But I'm funny that way. The caveat is that the TT does the basic things correctly. Speed...w&f etc.  
On the list of things that ACTUALLY affect sound, the turntable is right down there with water pressure in your shower.