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Bowers and Wilkins, 801 D4
Make sure you listen to the B&W loud and long before buying, they are a bright speaker.   
2 x Rel S/812 or Singel No 25
Always two minimum, always.   
Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?
have demoed the Olympica III and Nova 3 a few times. I own the Revel 228be and use subs which is important I think.    The short version is I think the Revels are a better speaker.    The long version… the Sonus Fabers have a slight dip in the u... 
Speaker polyamory -- or, stories about getting a second set to alternate with your primary
I have done this before. I stick to boxes but horns and or panels are fun to have around once in awhile.   
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
I don’t know of many mid priced ones. There are cheap ones and pricy ones from JL, Bryston, and wilson audio.    I have read some people say you can just use an inline resistor to act as a high pass. You could probably find a thread about it here... 
Subwoofers and Crossovers.
You are on the right track with the CR-1 as the crossover (highpass is the key) is the most important part of using subs. I can’t comment on the subs in question.   
What do you consider the most when choosing a pair of speakers?
Not every speaker can be equalized. There needs to be a few things in order to do it. #1 Even off axis response. #2 no dips and peaks from major resonances, cones or box. #3 low enough distortion so when the bass is EQed up it does not fall apar... 
New review of PS Audio's new speaker
Thanks,   Measurements look bad to me. I don’t read HiFi news enough to be familiar with their measurement consistency etc.    https://hifinews.com/content/ps-audio-aspen-fr30-loudspeaker  
Can a set of Ls50 metas surpass or equal a set of Kef blade metas with subwoofers
new kef ls60s just arrived
Darko’s video was good. I will hear them sometime soon. But yes for me it would be a “sound bar”. Something I could hook up to a TV/Apple TV and have a complete system that the wife and kids could use daily but I could also put music on from time... 
new kef ls60s just arrived
Yeah maybe. Price is high for the average person that is not super into hifi. For the longterm guy who has nice power/pre amp not really a good option. Probably right for the audiophile who needs a “sound bar” for the living room second system and... 
Best speakers for a small room
Anything with a rolled off bass because you will get a good bit of room gain below 60hz. Size of the speaker does not matter too much but how low it reaches will. Simple fix is just to use want ever speaker you want and EQ the bass.  
low bass response
You don’t need room for bass but you kind of do…, I mean headphones make good low bass with zero distance but you hear the direct wave.  A 20hz wave is 54’ long and will bump into walls, bounce back and cancel itself out. Like two baseballs coming... 
B&W 800D3 or ML Renaissance 15A
This review might give you some insight into how the house sounds compare. personally I would expand your demos and look at used Wilson (Yvette is real nice at used prices), used Focal Sopra 3s or save some cash and check out the Revel 328be.    ... 
B&W 800D3 or ML Renaissance 15A
I am always afraid of longterm channel balance (right to left) with aging electrostatic panels but that might not be based in reality…. Never owned any. ML has a very small sweet spot so be ready to mess around with placement. I like them ok but h...