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Full range stand mounted speakers
Just get a good scratching post and show them how to scratch. Use your nails while they watch and rub so cat nip into it. I have never had issue with my cats and speakers.    Active speakers are the only ones I can think of.  Dutch & Dutch 8C... 
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
60hz with a highpass is a good starting point. Basses on the stereophile measurements of the Sabrina X, the woofer is taking a dive at 70hz. There is zero chance an 8” driver will outperform subs at 60hz-70hz.   
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
I would pass on the 10” JL. Too small, honestly I would pass on JL they are over priced and break a lot (I own two and have had 4 replacements subs…).  
Does the Audio press ever excite you anymore?
I am use YouTube almost 100% for audio reviews and press releases. I just listen while I am out and about. But for me it is just entertainment.   I am pretty much done with my system or least know my next few upgrades as money allows. Where I am... 
Five feet from the front wall
Genelec explains it better than I ever could.     https://www.genelec.com/monitor-placement  
Five feet from the front wall
desper, for box speakers. For bipolars I have no idea as the back wave is out of phase. I will have to think about the math on it.    Macg19,   good to hear it worked out. those distances are based on wave lengths and the speed of sound. What... 
Five feet from the front wall
I always measure from the driver face/cabinet face. 5’ is no man’s land though. You will want to be no more than 39” or more than 7’ for smooth bass due to 1/4th wave rear wall cancelation. It is of course more complicated than that as all boundar... 
Best set-up under $20K
Have you guys A/B-ed air play? I have with tidal connect through a streamer both hardwired and Wi-Fi, air play through the same streamer (both tidal and Apple Music over air play). Also A/B-ed to an optimized Mac and honestly they are all real har... 
Best set-up under $20K
Grover30, Did you play with the treble switches before chasing amps? But I can see class D being a no go on these (I use a MC462).   I run subs with my 4367 (but I do with all my speakers) and I have the UHF at -0.5db  I also listen to hard roc... 
Best set-up under $20K
The 803d3 is not worth the upgrade from the d2 imo. I heard them in the same room system. It is just a little more transparent and a little flatter but really the same speaker. The 802 is noticeably better in the bass but honestly I would just add... 
Upgrade from BS Node 2i?
Ifi zen stream maybe. According to these guys it is cheaper and better.    https://youtu.be/r7RMblioXuY?si=W5mQzp3IJitx2-Uo  
Tower Speakers Close to Back Wall
24” measured from the driver face is actually good for the bass, as bass is omni directional and the close boundary minimizes the 1/4 wave cancelation your get between 3.5’ and 6’ into the room. This is why you often see subs close to the front wa... 
Klipsch speaker placement
They can all be placed in a room. I do fine some of them have a bass shelve (downward shelve) and are more full with some wall boundary enforcement.   
Full range speakers under $5k used. Any suggestions ?
Honestly buy a subwoofer system and add it. all these “full” range speaker really lack dynamics in the bass. It takes both surface area and power for good deep bass.  
Focal Aria 948
Honestly in this price range/speaker size you really need subs. An active crossover that allows for a highpass is really the key to good bass with domestic size/cost speakers.    I have owned some of the products recommend in this thread and they...