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Selling locally/Value questions
BlueBook is available here at a price.For some free searching you could try the link below.make sure to click on the sold tab as well to see prior activity on each piece.https://www.hifishark.com/ 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Paragon Acoustic RegentRead about them when they first came out but no dealers in my area. Years later and very early in my days here I came across a pair in Connecticut several years after Paragon closed shop. Drove 10 hours round trip to pick th... 
best low priced bookshelf speakers
@jjjakerWhat area are you located in?anywhere near Philly / NY? 
Battle of the unknowns... (cable companies)
+1 on Audio Art CablesFull loom of SE cables on main system and some entry level Classic on the other two systems.  Rob Fritz is a great guy and extremely helpful. 
Hypocrisy within the speaker industry
Agree with @bdp24 As hard as is it is to ignore the ignorance I am blocking this fool from my feed.  Two decades here and this audiofool is up there with some real doozies we've had. 
Hypocrisy within the speaker industry
@wolf_garcia Nominated for Chief Speaker Standards OfficerIn Wolf's Ears We Trust ;-) 
Hypocrisy within the speaker industry
This post should be titled "The Hypocrisy of a speaker industry hater" 
Hypocrisy within the speaker industry
Yet another useless PSA from a poster that has an obvious axe to grind.....or post count to raise.Think I'll go binge-watch some Kardashians to elevate my IQ 
The equalizer you don't know you have
@erik_squires duly noted.  Sorry, it is your thread and having been here since 1999 I’ve seen enough of this that I should know better and bite my tongue.  Peace out 
The equalizer you don't know you have
@kenjitI’m obvious unhappy with my speakers so I need my crossovers redone???How on earth did you come to that conclusion? Still waiting for your detailed description of the custom tuning process. That last response was nondescript and vague. I ho... 
The equalizer you don't know you have
Kenjit wrote-"speakers are there to be heard and enjoyed not measured. Therefore it is crucial that they are custom tuned to your ears only. Unfortunately many speaker designers rely on measurements and the result is speakers that sound horrible."... 
What are the best speakers in the world?
I could never kill your joy…Sincerely, Captain Obvious 
What are the best speakers in the world?
OP wants the facts, just the facts. Fact, “your ears” connect sound to “your brain”.  Fact, your hearing is compromised just like everyone else’s.   Fact, no speakers ever sound the same in different environments.  Fact, every speaker is influence... 
Not streaming yet and considering Bluesound Node 2i? What you need to know.
Check your iPad and see if it is connecting to the Node 2i via bluetooth in the Qobuz app.  My Node 2i would periodically connect via BT to my iPad or iPhone while Spotify is open as the default connection.  Sounds dull and lifeless at which point... 
Observations and simple mod for Elac Debut 6.2
@ pokee1016Thanks for posting this.  I’ve had a pair of B6.2 for about a year as my TV sound with a NAD D3020v2.  This little system also gives me some BT streaming options in the family room and I must admit that I am quite impressed with the sou...