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Avalon Acoustics?
What happened.....they became too over priced.One of my favorite speakers over the years and I've owned a few models but last time I looked which I admit has been a while,their cost are just stupid.Way better speakers available for way less money.... 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
I see the same Tekton fanboys still pushing, give it a break please..its getting very old. Hes asking for best value of speakers up to 15k..Tekton doesnt even fall on a long list, let alone a short one. 
Review of Legacy Focus XD
Thanks for the review, a great read,nicely done 
Tannoy gold 12" cabinets
 I have a pair of 12 Golds in Altec 614 cabinets...you can google the size but they are not large at all..they were in Allen cabinets twice the size and sounded horrible...for me the smaller cabinets keep the mid range intact.The Tannoy golds soun... 
Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition....
Yet another Tekton troll post..boring 
The Question,Tekton Pendragons or Focal 1028 BE
 The Tektons I saw,examined and heard where exactly were as stereo stated.Poorly,cheap made,horribly looking cabinets with off the shelf drivers..Focal is an actual tried and true speaker manufacture with much much better resale value.A no brainer... 
Please vote
Thats a pretty poor short list to vote on,imo...I would  suggest more listening and see if you can come up with something better than pass pass pass 
Tekton custom grills
Yea no kidding. 
Tekton custom grills
Dont bother debating the Tekton boys,its all a fake news,no collusion,witch hunt mentallity. 
Tekton custom grills
Mr M...I actually agree with you and roll my eyes when fanboys chime.I heard Tekton, ive seen them,tap on the cabinets ,examine the quality,looked at the Eminence drivers.Junk imo,the cabinets have little to no  engineering research behind them,th... 
McIntosh (MC601) amplifier overheating problem
I had issues with McIntosh a few years ago with warranty.I will never buy their products again.Their customer service reps on the phone were as rude as it gets. 
Tekton custom grills
This post was originally listed in 2013,thats 5 years later with the same poor customer service..I heard the monitor and imo it sucked to put it bluntly.Why bother with this company? 
Mcintosh 452 vs Pass Labs XA 30.5
tlong1958..No I bought a MC402 back when it was the latest offering..Pretty sure it was 4500 ,maybe 5500,I don't remember what it was but I paid retail plus about $150 to ship it UPS...the 452 I bought much later used and dirt cheap only to flip f... 
Mcintosh 452 vs Pass Labs XA 30.5
Let me address my customer service experience quickly.I had an issue with a new Pass amp.Nelson called me personally,worked on my amp personally,took it home and listened to it an entire weekend before sending it back..McIntosh refused my warranty... 
Mcintosh 452 vs Pass Labs XA 30.5
My finial thought on this Pass labs vs McIntosh debate.Pass Labs has a transferrable warranty ,McIntosh does not,none.So if you buy a 2 year old Pass amp used you have 1 year of warranty on it.You buy a 2 week old used Mac amp you have squat warra...