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Tekton Brisance
Yea prof,im with you..this tekton fanboy trys constantly to shove it down our throats...makes me wonder if he's a paid Tekton  employee which others have questioned  
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
Your post is pure bs...crawl back under your rock with the rest of the divisive make America great clowns 
New speaker day - Tekton Enzo 2.7 review
Do we really need another Tekton review or even a post.Sorry I didn't read the above review  and have no interest as I've seen and heard the product,yea I know call me a troll or as Trump would say to anything non flattering "fake news"......but j... 
Would you donate a dollar to have these Members Review a Product?
Im all for having a review section only and keep them there.Im tired of seeing reviews by guys that think they have it going when most the time they have no clue...yep, a review section would be great 
MORE Esoteric problems
The service was in southern California .Like stated I got no where with them,my unit was passed warranty.The guy on east coast I have no idea where or who he was with, I assume he got my info from customer service in Cali when he called..I did tak... 
MORE Esoteric problems
I understand this post is old but for those who have interest in buying Esoteric used...think long and hard.I called the service center and I finally got a counter receptionist on the phone.She would not pass me along to a tech so that I could ask... 
Devore Nines and amp match
I suggest speaking to a Devore dealer,the two I had phone conversations with suggested Line Magnetic over Primaluna( which I had at the time)..Now owning a LM I agree especially with Devore  
Vimberg has a bookshelf coming out
The cabinet looks very similar to the Avalon monitor they had back in the 1990s..Pricing is ridiculous 
The best looking speakers
Tekton of course! 
Tekton for HT usage
Try it..they have to be good for something 
Integrated amp for Dynaudio Special 40s
I've owned many Dynaudio models over the years and always thought the line was better with SS...I was never a fan of hybrid anything so I would suggest listening to the combo together before laying down the cash 
Nordost Red Dawn Interconnects
Its been a few years but I ran those cables with a MC402..good idea in theory as the 402 was extremely slow and tubby..was a trainwreck and sold both rather quickly.As non involving as I find McIntosh gear those cables just blew,IMO. 
Researching value of two pairs of hi-end speakers
I would venture to say you have anything but high end speakers there...dont quit you day thinking your on the beach sippin  drinks doing nadda. 
Let's roll: what pre-amp tubes should I consider next?
Brent Jessie tubes are priced about 3 times what the market really is...only a fool would pay his prices,IMO 
Your Side by Side Experience With Best Vintage vs Newer Expensive Hi Tech Speakers
I've had a lot of speakers on your list and still do,along with many higher end modern speakers..and still do..For me I prefer the presentation of newer speakers but will say the resale value seems to be greater with the classic icons.