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Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!
So a big drawl power amp coupled wirh other gear probably requires a 3 grand unit,i don't see any benefit..i think ill keep my cables and power conditioner 
Review on Tekton Design Perfect Set Speaker just went live on Six Moons.com
Tekton wont be showing,what a surprise  
***What Cables For McIntosh***
Sorry ,phone cut me off...again in my opinion if staying with Harbeths id go with something that had better bass control.Im not a Harbeth fan at all so grain of salt speaking ..Not a fan of Nordist either especially with that speaker line,much bet... 
***What Cables For McIntosh***
Ive never had any of your gear in one system so this is really irrelevant but i have owned mac gear over the years mc402/452,mc60s,275,240 few others,never heard the 30.1 but owned  the 40.1 Harbeth for a very short time and several Nordost cables... 
Is it possible to have vinyl nearly noise free?
Nordost fans
IMO you have to go up the line pretty far to avoid thin..i am using Frey from a table but outside that there are much better cables especially in the entry level status. 
Analysis plus ova 9‘S vs. Kimber cable 8tc’s.
I ran AP big silvers with a mac 402 and thought it mated very well,im adding a vote to AP. 
Review on Tekton Design Perfect Set Speaker just went live on Six Moons.com
I 3rd the 213running post .No idea why this site would allow anyone promoting a company or another website like this user continues to do. 
Any insight on Tekton Double impact BE, Focus Se, Salk SS 8, or Golden Ear TRef?
If your concerned with build quality as you stated scratch off Tekton,well documented their issues..The Salks are a very nice choice but i say go with what your leaning towards,Legacy .Just a fantastic build quality,great customer support and a re... 
Tekton Design's new THE PERFECT SET equals "goosebumps time"
Guess I'm not the only one tired of you promoting this speaker line.on Audiogon...Give it break,please! 
Tannoy owners
I have 15" Golds in Altec 614 cabinets is a second system,actually prefer the 12s because of better bass control.Im running them with a tube integrated.Not my favorite sound to be honest.I prefer a quickier,faster ,more detailed presentation but I... 
Avalon Acoustics?
What happened.....they became too over priced.One of my favorite speakers over the years and I've owned a few models but last time I looked which I admit has been a while,their cost are just stupid.Way better speakers available for way less money.... 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
I see the same Tekton fanboys still pushing, give it a break please..its getting very old. Hes asking for best value of speakers up to 15k..Tekton doesnt even fall on a long list, let alone a short one. 
Review of Legacy Focus XD
Thanks for the review, a great read,nicely done 
Tannoy gold 12" cabinets
 I have a pair of 12 Golds in Altec 614 cabinets...you can google the size but they are not large at all..they were in Allen cabinets twice the size and sounded horrible...for me the smaller cabinets keep the mid range intact.The Tannoy golds soun...