Qobuz Special Offer

Qobuz must be feeling the impact from Amazon, (just my guess).  They are now offering their service for $14.99 per month or $149.99 for a full year.

Limited time offer.

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That's what a bit of healthy competition can achieve.
Good news IMHO!
That’s what a bit of healthy competition can achieve.
Good news IMHO!

+1  Totally agree!
Just got this email from Qobuz today so it appears they are automatically converting accounts to the lower fee.  I know many of us hoped this would occur...nice to Qobuz respond quickly.

Now only $14.99 Because your music is worth it

If you are serious about music, you deserve the best sound quality. Studio Premier gives you unlimited access to our certified Hi-Res and CD lossless quality catalog and in-depth exclusive editorial content for only $14.99/month.

The good news is that you don't have to do anything to take advantage of this offer. You will be automatically transferred to this new plan at $14.99/month when your monthly subscription is renewed on 11/14/2019.

I just renewed mine for another year for $12.49/monthly.  This is freakin’ awesome. 
Cannot say as I have received any price change email as yet.
Hopefully I will soon, maybe they wait until close to your next due payment date?
Any reason to have both Tidal and Qobuz? I have Tidal and do not want to mess up anything to switch to Qobuz. Having both is do able at $12.49 monthly but is there a good reason to do that.
I got an email I was on the Hifi sub at $19.99 now they are automatically moving me to the Studio Premier sub at $14.99.
Just got my email too.
Smart move by Qobuz I think.
Not a Qobuz subscriber but I thought I would just now check it out. Downloaded app and they wanted $21.99 per month?
Any reason to have both Tidal and Qobuz? I have Tidal and do not want to mess up anything to switch to Qobuz. Having both is do able at $12.49 monthly but is there a good reason to do that.
I have both as well as Pandora and Spotify.  For what I spend on streaming per month I could buy a couple of records, so I don't see it as a big expense.  

Qobuz has more hi-res titles and you don't have to have an MQA enabled DAC to get the full high res versions as long as your DAC will do at least 24/192.  I also find Qobuz's music selection more to my taste, more focus on rock, jazz, and electronic, and less on rap, R&B, and hip-hop.  Tidal has a larger catalog and they have more variety in their playlists.  Why not check Qobuz out and see what you think?  
I’ve been using Tidal for quite a while enjoying the military discount.  I tried Qobuz but didn’t want to pay the original fee because I found Tidal had a better selection of old school R&B and the music I like.  At this lower price, I’m going to give Qobuz another try for a while then settle on one or the other.  I see no need to have both - long term.
Is this going to lower royalties paid to artists?

Just cut Qobuz profits from 200% to 150%.

Artists used to make money by selling records and cds.  No more, the model has changed. 

Depending on the streaming service an artist will need, in most cases, to stream 100,000 songs per month just to make minimum wage. 

If you really want to support the musicians, buy the cd.
Signed up tonight. Enjoying it.
or support the musician by seeing them live and buying merch.  agreed on CDs and LPs
I have compared the catalogs of tidal and quboz and tidal has many more albums of the music I like. Another plus for tidal is MQA. Amazon might have more music than both tidal and qobuz combined, but Roon can’t access amazon and amazon doesn’t have MQA so it’s a non-starter for me
I am in Europe and I subscribe for 10 Euro / mo roughly 11 Dollars. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classic and for those music styles I found Qobuz best of all
Pretty much a brainer... 15USD a month v 10eur in Europe.

Is the world upside down?  Ahah :)
You do know Qobuz is European based......
French in fact.
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Signed up for Qobuz now and already have Tidal. My Roon went into a little shock at first but seems to have settled down and cached or indexed the Qobuz data. 

I was looking for the remaster of the Beatles White Album but not to be seen in either service.

I will give it a year to see who survives on my system, Tidal, Qobuz or both.
Been happy with TIDAL and Masters for some time.  Definitely the best sound for me.  Higher rendering is usually better--the best is usually 352 classical.  Jazz and country is usually pretty goodsounding if not MQA--but for me MQA is the real deal.  For pop, its hard for me to say, as not a fan, but the loudness wars and other recording effects take a toll.  Surprised how good some of the old things that were recorded in the 60's sound--Duke, Louis, etc.  

Now that I stream, I could not be bothered with a download.
I currently am using Tidal because of the MQA feature. I also recently purchased a Brooklyn DAC for the same reason. Come to find out two things; the Brooklyn is very good and has improved the sound in all of my music files from my server. Also, I really am starting to question the cost of Tidal in relation to the number of albums of the music I like that are available in MQA. 
Hey mofimadness, 
Thanks for the post, just signed up for a yearly plan, hope the
price does continue.

This is very timely as I just bought on Thursday a Bryston BDA-3.14
Streamer/DAC.  Lots to do to set it up but I'm really stoked for it.
I used to have Tidal (4 plus years), after comparing the services for 6 months I’ve dropped Tidal. My decision to keep Qobuz was based on the sound quality and catalog in 24bit/192kHz. Qobuz customer service is excellent, they have been expanding their library since introducing their service.
yyz, Qobuz has the White Album with the Esher demos.  Look for The Beatles (White Album) [Super Deluxe].  Tidal probably has it also.
@big_greg Thanks for the post. When I did a search for THE BEATLES or THE WHITE ALBUM I only got results for the non-super deluxe version. I also had a ripped CD version in my library.

After I searched for ESHER DEMOS I found some tracks and then a search for THE WHITE ALBUM returned the SUPER DELUXE. A ROON bug for sure.

Happy to help yyz. Enjoy!
Tidal has The Beatles (White Album) Super Deluxe Edition.  Do a search for The Beatles > Albums > Show All.
I hope I have some time to do some head to head comparisons with Tidal and Qobuz. I think the first disc will be

Lux Prima by Karen O and Danger Mouse.

I heard the high-res version on Qobuz today and the sound seemed almost like a good SACD. It will be interesting to test this one out since I don’t recall it sound this nice on Tidal. Though the MQA unfolding thing and ROON is somewhat confusing when my DAC does not natively support MQA.

@tomcy6 Prior to searching for ESHER DEMOS which I am now sure cleared some ROON bug (likely a ROON software index automagically got rebuilt). I did search for the White Album and did select SHOW ALL. No luck finding all the White Album instances.

BTW - The White Album Super Deluxe is incredible. Almost like hearing it for the first time. I did not like the recent remaster of Abbey Road (too much bass) but loved Sgt Pepper Super Deluxe. Wasn’t it the meatball who said 2 of 3 ain’t bad.
yyz, I'm using the BluOs app and it's there in Tidal, all 6 cds.  Must be a Roon glitch.
A bit of a catch.....not too bad

From their website...   

Sublime+ Subscribers

You can benefit from this special offer by subscribing today for another 12-months to Sublime+ at $249.99. You will then receive either a discount or a refund based on the remaining value of your current plan:

  • You recently subscribed to your Sublime+ annual plan (within the last 2 months)  
    The remaining value of your current plan is likely over $249.99. This value is calculated on a pro rata basis (days before your plan expires * previous Sublime+ price / 365). 
    If you subscribe to Sublime+ for another 12-months at $249.99 before Nov.30, 2019, we will issue you a refund based on the value of your plan on the day you switched to the new price. Refunds will be issued starting Dec. 9, 2019. 
    Ex: Alice has 330 days left on her current Sublime+ annual plan for which she paid $299.99. She subscribes to Sublime+ for another 12-months at $249.99. Qobuz will give her a refund of $271.22 (=330*$299.99/365) on Dec. 9, 2019.  
  • You’ve had your Sublime+ annual plan for a while now (over 2 months ago)  
    The remaining value of your current plan is likely less than $249.99. This value is calculated on a pro rata basis (days before your plan expires * previous Sublime+ price / 365). 
    You can subscribe to Sublime+  now at $149.99 with a discount based on the remaining value of your current plan on the day you make the switch. 
    Ex: Alice has 90 days left on her current Sublime+ annual plan for which she paid $299.99. She subscribes to Sublime+ for another 12-months with a $73.97 discount (=90*$299.99/365).
Get Studio Premier

How do I switch/upgrade to Studio Premier  

I'd like to try Qobuz but didn't subscribe after the free trial because my Lumin and Qobuz would not allow Artist by alphabetical listing. It was a real pain in the rear. I'm hoping that changes then I'm onboard with Qobuz.
@tuberist In what view were you looking for alphabetical listing? And I assume this is on the Lumin app?
After having used Tidal for at least a few years, I find Qobuz better sounding.
I just subscribed for the first time. A stone cold bargain. Period.
I've been a TIDAL HiFi subscriber for 4 years. I recently signed up for the 30-day Qobuz trial. Seems that Qobuz has more hires albums than TIDAL has MQA albums. I also find I can listen to Qobuz hires albums in my car's stereo by bluetoothing my phone to the car stereo. The SQ in my car is fantastic. Check out Van Morrison's "3 Chords and the Truth" album.

I'm guessing that when I bluetooth TIDAL MQA tracks to my car stereo, it renders to Redbook 44.1KHz/16 bit resolution. I'm switching to Qobuz.

I have over four years of albums, tracks, artists, and playlists saved in Tidal.  Does it seem worth it to make the switch?  Is the Qobuz library comparable to Tidal?  Curious if anyone has been using both services side by side and can share their experience. 

I took advantage of the Qobuz free trial last month...  I liked Tidal but after listening to MQA through my Vault vs the 24/96k stream to my DAC I thought the DAC sounded better.  MQA through the Vaults analog out was pretty good but as I understand it, the Vault can not fully unfold MQA so why bother?   I am running Qobuz through my NAD M51 and coundn't be happier with the sound quality.  I also think Qobuz interface is a little better and not littered with artists I have no interest in.

There is also a good selection of 88.2 k through 192k content compared to Tidal which is what I'm looking for, it's the main reason I'm paying for music.    The best part was during my free trial Qobuz announced the $14.99 hi rez plan.....it was a no brainer.   They did bill $14.99 correctly and I'm happy i switched.
I had Tidal,when Qobuz dropped their price,I dropped Tidal. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tidal drop their price to buy back the market they lost.
I really enjoy Qobuz but I really wish they'd offer a family plan like Tidal does.  Seems like low-hanging fruit they're missing out on.