Any Comments RE: Soundiiz imports your playlists and favorites easily from TIDAL to Qobuz

This looks like an interesting solution to import your Tidal play lists to Qobuz.  Has anyone used this application and have any comments?   Thanks.

Yes I have used it. It is a bit hit or miss on getting songs matched. I’d say it works on ~50% of the songs in a given playlist. Then maybe 40% “don’t exist in the destination” and another 10% get matched to a weird karaoke version or cover band. YMMV. Their support is top notch though. I was emailing with the creator about the mismatched tracks going iTunes->Tidal and he would make changes to the code, I’d test and report back. 
That sounds great if Quobuz ever gets to the US.
Last I heard was "by CES"
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it works pretty good for me.  I use it to go back and forth between tidal and spotify and it works great.  Sometimes Tidal won't have some of the music that spotify has but that is not anything against this program.  It works quick and easy.  I will usually transfer my discover weekly to tidal and then it imports into Roon.  
You can use MusConv tool to transfer your playlist.
I use MusConv as well. It's a great tool so you can try it!
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Soundiiz works great between Spotify and Qobuz!
Musconvtool is the better and free option for transferring music playlist. I use it and it's my honest feedback.Thank you.

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