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How many power supply devices do I need?
Good humor MC 
Need Tubes
Upscale Audio or Viva, I have had nothing but good experiences with both. 
Desire to try tubes
There is no best tube sound. If you are able, I strongly recommend you audition some tube products to see what kind of flavor you prefer. Some of us like tube amplification that is somewhat  solid state like while others prefer the glow or burnish... 
Power Conditioners
I use the audio quest model you are considering. I bought it strictly to protect my router, small green computer server and modem. I did not hear any sonic changes 
Roon Nucleus vs Aurender N100H
Have you considered Small Green Computer Roon servers? 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
I package things myself and for items like you described I would always triple box and buttress the corners heavily 
Help! Choosing a Roon core/streamer/server! (Roon vs Innuos vs Wyred4Sound)
Pat, as an alternative to roon nucleus, have you considered small green computer products.I am a satisfied SGC I5 owner 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
It’s best to always do your own packing and double boxing your self. 
Should I upgrade my Tubes
Rodman Gave very sensible advice 
Can anyone recommend a good streamer/DAC?
Lumin T2 
Tekton Design Moab
It never ceases to amaze me how Tekton threads bring out the crazies. I hope Chuck continues to enjoy his new loudspeakers and has fun. I find it difficult to post original threads because of all the attacks that seem to occur very frequently and ... 
PrimaLuna Preamp Upgrade Question
PL owner here and agree with Tablejockey 
Sophia Electric EL34 or KT88 ??
Gold Lion KT77s are great tubes. Very detailed and dynamic top to bottom. Only shortcoming I experienced was in the mid bass department; a little lean for my taste. However they are really good tubes 
Sophia Electric EL34 or KT88 ??
Have you considered TungSol 7581A? I'm enjoying them in my PL Integrated and not crazy expensive. 
Bach - Goldberg Variations you favourite
Gould, Barenboim, Schiff