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Amazon just killed Tidal
Don, how are you making the streaming connection? What's your hardware setup? Would you please comment on the catalogue when you get a chance? 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
David, thanks for posting. I'm hoping Amazon has a deep catalogue and the GUI is easy to use. I have a Lumin T2 streamer dac and expect Lumin will update their software so I can access. 
Ric Ocasek found dead.
when I lived in Somerville, Ma. (near Boston) I rented an apartment from Ocasek's aunt that he and his band had just his mail for months thereafter 
Replacement amp for outlaw rr2160
Peachtree has these kind of devices and perhaps they would be more aesthetically acceptable in your home. They sound pretty good too. I owned a Nova 125se for years 
Ric Ocasek found dead.
there's gonna be a lot of "checkouts" in the next ten years including many of  us 
Separate DAC and Streamer or go with a Streamer DAC?
Nice post! I used to be a separates guy and now look for minimal box solutions. Currently using a LUMIN T2 and very satisfied. The T2 would allow me to connect a DAC but I'm not feeling a need to go that way.  
Ethernet Cable or Not?
Uncle D, if you are going to try a quality ethernet cable I suggest an Audioquest Cinammon. It's not real expensive and it made a noticeable difference to me (over generic) that I liked. 
Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
M, not trying to hijack, just curious. How is the PL integrated working out with the Triton 1R speakers??? A good match? I have a PL integrated also. 
Howard, thanks for the update. I'll most likely go back to Qobuz when my two issues are resolved. Then I'll have to find an app that will let me transfer my "library"Larry 
McIntosh Tube amps or Solid State?? Advices needed!!
generally speaking, if you are not running NOS or exotics, new production tubes sound amazingly good and aren't very costly. 
Prima Luna Prologue Preamp
I'm not surprised Ray. I have used tube amplification for many decades and my purchase of the PL Dialogue integrated echoes your experience. This is the best tube amp I've ever owned and I didn't have to take out a second mortgage. 
Joseph, streaming is my sole source for music and I'm very please with the Lumin T2 I utilize. I really like the Lumin app, which is stable and very well thought out. I don't see how you can go  wrong with any Lumin product. 
I agree with the sound presentation Mofo. I did a one month trial and stayed with Tidal because Qobuz downloads would dropout or not link in my car audio and you could not organize your album downloads by artist in my Lumin streamer, using the Lum... 
Audioquest SKY Interconnects
+1 Ziggy 
Integrated Amp Advice - Rogue Sphinx or Peachtree nova150?
Matt, sounds like a good plan you have. I used to own a Peachtree Nova's a remarkable value....does everything pretty well, just not great but given the price point a formidable product.