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About users with hidden agendas
Ironically none of the agendas are hidden.  
which valve amp for Forte III or Heresy III?
My second system includes a Leben CS-300xs driving Forte III's and the synergy is fantastic.  I have tried pairing the Forte III's with a Cary SLI-80HS, Luxman MQ-88uC, and Sugden A21SE and the Leben pairing is far and away the best.  
2 vs 8 tubes in preamp, sound difference?
While we often crave one dimensional solutions to simplify our lives, it's not possible to land at any conclusion on SQ based on the number of tubes in a preamp.  It's all about the implementation.  
Honesty is the best policy...I think.
@rokral  Perhaps you could offer to buy this transport from the OP for full asking price? It would be good karma ;-)  
China built tube amps
@inrealtime  Realistically it's impossible to avoid Chinese products.  And if even if somehow the entire world were able to boycott buying their products (tough to believe no country would continue buying the most cost effective products in the wo... 
China built tube amps
@veerossi Re: LM805ia If you go with one, I’d suggest swapping in some NOS Melz 6SN7’s, a National Union 1940’s NOS 6SL7, PSVANCE ACME 805, and PSVANE ACME 300b tubes. I estimate a 20-25% sound improvement over the original tubes. Your tube ... 
Soundstage depth how to improve? Shootout
Amp/speaker synergy, and room treatments/acoustics go a long way for sure just as other have noted.  The last piece to my puzzle was the realization that in my room the soundstage was improved when I increased the distance between my speakers by o... 
China built tube amps
@falconquest Yep, that's the same dealer I communicated with as well.  I knew it.  He carries both Ayon and Atma-Sphere (among others) so the recommendations make sense - both are great brands but there is no place in this market to disparage enti... 
Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0
@modwright  Thanks Dan for the great contribution to thread! Sounds like a nice cost-effective upgrade you have there in the 9.0X.  Tough to believe that anyone could claim to do a lot of due diligence in this cost range for a phono and completely... 
China built tube amps
A couple of years ago I inquired with a dealer who had a used Line Magnetic amp listed on his website (he otherwise did not carry the LM brand). He tried to discourage me from buying his listed amp and stated the following in an email back to me: ... 
China built tube amps
I'm a happy owner of several amps manufactured in China and Japan.  I purchased through US dealers with warranty and have no question that they can easily be serviced if the need ever arises.  The only amp I've ever owned that was plagued with ser... 
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
@lewm  3easy, isn’t it a bit premature to bemoan a lack of attention to Mulveling’s nice post? Perhaps.  And maybe I'm channeling my overall frustration with this place lately.  Let's see if this thread gets more traction over the next week.  
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
@mulveling I have to say, I’m really disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm and engagement on this thread following all the efforts and truly useful listening comparisons you’ve conducted and decided to share. This should be the essence of what t... 
It’s all a matter of degree
Am I reading this correctly - Build a system around 4 or 5 fuses as your system's core? This takes precedence over matching speakers with amplification?  Maybe that's not what you meant.  
Want to make sure I have the correct settings for my phono pre-amp
It seems you've been wrestling with this since March 2021? https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/settings-for-the-jolida-phono-preamp-jd9-ii These specs seem a bit odd to me.  60dB gain is usually for a MC cart with output around 0.5mV.  36-42d...