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Low volume listening dynamics
Completely agree about the quality of the first watt and high sensitivity of the speakers for quality low-volume listening...but also consider high efficiency speakers with a flat impedance to really coax some magic out of a low volume. 
You want it?
Shipping co. recommendations (CHI -> SF)
What size are the speakers? If these are bookshelf then you can probably pack them well enough yourself to withstand the torture that UPS and FedEx will inflict via normal dropping and conveyors.  For floorstanders I highly recommend shipping via ... 
Sound, neutrality and the pursuit of everything
For me it’s a pursuit in self exploration. Being exposed to different music reproduction systems and components allows me to explore my musical priorities and embark on the journey of building something based on what I’ve learned about myself and ... 
Synergistic UEF Blue v. Cerious Graphene Matrix Power v. Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano
@angelus09  Seeking a PC that can best the Powerchord-e under 1k, preferably less. I picked up my Purist for just under $1K used. 
Lampizator to which dedicated music streamer?
@lalitk    May we know, which Lampizator DAC you own? A source (streamer) is just as critical as your downstream components. Good point.  Recommendations for using a Node 2i to feed a $25K Pacific DAC could seem a bit of a mismatch. 
Lampizator to which dedicated music streamer?
I would look into the Innuous Zen series.  I'm actually doing that right now with the thought of acquiring a Lampi sometime down the road. USB. 
Synergistic UEF Blue v. Cerious Graphene Matrix Power v. Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano
While I haven't tried any of the PC's you're contemplating, I do run a Pass XA30.8 and recently changed the stock cord for a Purist Audio Corvus Luminist.  Within 48 hrs I was noting substantial improvements in smoothness, clarity, detail, and liq... 
Node 2i use with external DAC
You will note a significant SQ upgrade moving from the Node 2i DAC to something in the $1500+ range for sure (e.g. Schiit Yggy, Benchmark DAC3, Chord Qutest).  In one of my systems I'm using the Node 2 to stream into a Benchmark DAC3 and it's a bi... 
Recommendations for floor standers that sound good at low levels too
Look for paper cone, high sensitivity 96dB+, high load impedance 10ohms+.  Adds up to great sound at low volumes. 
Tweaks that work? (yes very subjective topic)
you need lots of SR dots/HFTs/fuses, SR master couplers, BDR cones, PPT mats and goo for contacts...and if that doesn't send you into sonic nirvana then you really need to sell everything you have and buy any Raven integrated that you can afford p... 
What is up with Audio Research during the pandemic?
I’ve been noting unusually long delays on various orders myself - but everything eventually gets to me. This is simply how things are right now so be patient. Political views aside I have been buying some gear myself the past 3 months particularly... 
Are tubes really “warm”?
@noble100    and the quality of the reproduction system as a whole rather than the inclusion or exclusion of tubes in the audio chain. +1....you said it so I didn't have to. As if all you're listening to is a tube...ha. 
Best debut album
There are so many....but one that sticks is the fresh sound The Police delivered with  ‘Outlandos d’Amour’  
Sub 1k integrated?
so @millercarbon - what is your sub-$1K tube integrated recommendation?  If we skip the price then sure we can open up all sorts of possibilities but the OP framed the question.