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Jazz for aficionados
Do any of you jazz fans have the Resonance Records (2017) pressing of Wynton Kelly/Wes Montgomery "Smokin' in Seatlle"?  Just trying to decide if it's worth the hefty cost of trying to obtain it on vinyl.  I know only 4 tracks (about 19 minutes) i... 
Ordered my new amp today... been a long road!
@captbeaver I saw a prior thread of yours indicating you're using a 30A circuit for this setup??? 
Ordered my new amp today... been a long road!
30 gauge looks like this.  Ummm, slightly less than ideal ;-)  
3 great tube preamps. Which would you purchase?
@bdp24 really impressive and exactly the kind of guy I want to support.  Thanks for such a good feedback your experience! 
3 great tube preamps. Which would you purchase?
I just pulled the trigger on Keith's phono - VTPH-2A.  Impressed that he inquired into the cart and line stage I'm using so he can provide the best range of loading plugs and also to be sure input/output impedances match.  I suspect by the end of ... 
Speaker cable help
Sometimes I feel foolish because I keep dabbling in various interconnect and speaker cables and yet I keep coming back to Kimber 8TC and Kimber Heros. I keep thinking I can pay twice as much and really improve my sound but it hasn’t worked yet. Pa... 
Black Ash.....
why do you think Kevin Deal can't sell these fantastic speakers at 56% off????  
Favorite Miles Davis release
Miles Smiles - Davis, Shorter, Hancock, Carter, and Williams just killed it in post-bop brilliance. 
Experience with Zesto Andros Allasso SUT?
Nice to hear some feedback from someone!  I was starting to think no one actually owned one.  Thanks. 
Aries G1 with original Auralic Vega
I don't believe he was using a Vega DAC 
Aries G1 with original Auralic Vega
I saw this same question posted at one point on the Auralic community message board.  Some reported quieter operation and more transparency although the DAC will have the bigger effect on SQ.  One of the posters wrote the following which you may f... 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
+1 on Wes Montgomery, especially his albums with the Wynton Kelly Trio... like Smokin' at the Half Note  and Full House recorded live in Berkeley. 
Who are the Kings of Audiogon?
@tuberistI strongly disagree with your preposterous assertion that so many threads become contentious!;-) 
How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years?
There's another aspect that comes into play which I think is perhaps the biggest advance - price for performance on an inflation-adjusted basis you get way more today. 
Need a new cartridge recommendation for clearudio concept black.
for a MM-only phono preamp I prefer the Hana EH over the Ortofon 2M Bronze.  Both are at the same price point.