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Crazy crazy crazy
Took a week off from Agon to see if a fresh set of eyes would restore some joy to visiting the site.  Nope, MC is as triggered as always and steals any semblance of joy I could ever get from participating here.  I will try back in a few months per... 
Perfect Speaker Placement - Put next to the back wall as much as possible.
It's the new year we've all been waiting for...sadly MC continues his arrogance and mean-spirited contributions just like 2020 and all years prior.  Sigh..   
Tweaking Cary SLP-98P F1 Preamp
You put them under the chassis.  I have not used EVP blocks but I have compared the Rollerblock Jr's to BDR cones/pads, Isoacoustics Orea's, and Golden Sound ceramic cones.  Rollerblocks were clear winner in every case.  Plus they aren't terribly ... 
Tweaking Cary SLP-98P F1 Preamp
I’ve been amazed by the improvements I have gained through using Symposium Rollerblock Jr’s under my VAC tube preamp. I think the Cary preamp will benefit as well speaking as a former SLP-98P owner (not F1). My Cary came across a bit lush and lack... 
A deeper more holographic soundstage.
Assuming your room acoustics and speaker positioning are dialed in, I have found that 3D imaging can be improved with tube rolling and using Rollerblock Jr's.  Similar to tvad I'm referring of course to tube gear. 
Mistakes I’ve made
@zavato   Mind if I borrow some gear?  I have excellent references. 
Does benchmark dac sound good if don't like oppo dac sound?
Qutest is considered by many to be warmer thank Mytek and Benchmark.  So I doubt you will like either the Mytek or Benchmark better if you found the Qutest too bright. It sounds like your listening priorities are more dialed into the way you have ... 
Not in love with my system yet. Help!
@havocman  Sorry to break it to you but MC has the corner on the market around here for calling people dumb.  Back off. 
Not in love with my system yet. Help!
What would we do without MC trying to make everyone look and feel stupid? It's his form of payment for dolling out advice.   
Room Treatment, Panel Sound Diffusers
For $100 per 4 x 2 ft panel I’d easily go with GIK as it will include a wooden frame and diffusor which is really advantageous compared to straight Owens Corning absorption. You could never make this for $20 per panel, they will be perfect in pres... 
Record for vinyl.
vinyl sales have for the first time ever outpaced CD. That’s the real story. So wrong...the real story is that almost everyone streams their music these days. Record sales have outpaced CD sales for the last couple of years but that’s not the REA... 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
@8th-note Ok, gotcha....just thought I’d ask. My vinyl experience has been different than yours from the same types of pressings you listen to. As long as you have a format you’re happy with that’s all that matters. 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
@8th-note   Overall I want to make the point that in my system the CD version and the vinyl version usually sound pretty close. This could be because most of your vinyl was made from digital? I don't even bother to buy vinyl unless it was cut us... 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
And so I made an ass of myself lecturing people on what can and cannot matter. So this has been a lifetime endeavor apparently.Wake up. Smell the coffee. And every other metaphor for abject cluelessness. In other words, get a clue. And the ple... 
Better speakers
and who is the wizard of oz?