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Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
As Justin Townes Earle (RIP) once said, "I liked country music before they decided to take the blues out of country music."  
Buying Pet Peeve - Pictures
One things that bugs me, and perhaps it shouldn't, is that I see many folks list used gear at prices higher than they bought it at simply because the new list price of the item has recently gone up due to inflation.  Yes, market forces etc - but i... 
Is there a 300B type amp out there with some WATTS behind it?
Thanks for the reflection on your Feliks 300B! What speakers do you have it paired with? Some 300B amps are designed as parallel SET making about 15W using 4 300B tubes to create a bit more drive.  There are other SET designs like the LM805ia whic... 
Audiphile Press: Am I jaded, experienced, or has it declined?
Bad writing is universal these days, and not only relegated to the hifi press.  Very few publications stand out with good writing anymore.  
New Pink Floyd release
Is the vinyl available alone w/o buying the entire box set?  
VAC preamps - too expensive?
@fthompson251  That's great and I'm sure you're enjoying.  I was curious whether there were upgrades available for my Ren Mk V.  I suspect not but I shot VAC an email.  
VAC preamps - too expensive?
@fthompson251  I had them upgrade my pre amp and will visit again in January to drop off my Amp for upgrade.  What type of upgrades did they do for your preamp?   
Favourite Guitarists
Very surprised Wes Montgomery has not been mentioned yet.  
About users with hidden agendas
Ironically none of the agendas are hidden.  
which valve amp for Forte III or Heresy III?
My second system includes a Leben CS-300xs driving Forte III's and the synergy is fantastic.  I have tried pairing the Forte III's with a Cary SLI-80HS, Luxman MQ-88uC, and Sugden A21SE and the Leben pairing is far and away the best.  
2 vs 8 tubes in preamp, sound difference?
While we often crave one dimensional solutions to simplify our lives, it's not possible to land at any conclusion on SQ based on the number of tubes in a preamp.  It's all about the implementation.  
Honesty is the best policy...I think.
@rokral  Perhaps you could offer to buy this transport from the OP for full asking price? It would be good karma ;-)  
China built tube amps
@inrealtime  Realistically it's impossible to avoid Chinese products.  And if even if somehow the entire world were able to boycott buying their products (tough to believe no country would continue buying the most cost effective products in the wo... 
China built tube amps
@veerossi Re: LM805ia If you go with one, I’d suggest swapping in some NOS Melz 6SN7’s, a National Union 1940’s NOS 6SL7, PSVANCE ACME 805, and PSVANE ACME 300b tubes. I estimate a 20-25% sound improvement over the original tubes. Your tube ... 
Soundstage depth how to improve? Shootout
Amp/speaker synergy, and room treatments/acoustics go a long way for sure just as other have noted.  The last piece to my puzzle was the realization that in my room the soundstage was improved when I increased the distance between my speakers by o...