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Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700
  👍♥♥♥👍   lewl28 OP Agreed about digital being able to rival analog.   I ended up with an Esoteric N-01XD.  I find myself no longer putting albums on the turntable.      
user poll on seperates vs integrated
In my opinion, regardless of whether it's an integrated, or separates, it all starts with the power supply. Assuming it's overbuilt and done well, separates have their own discrete power supplies, with mono amps or true dual mono designs being the... 
Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?
Nope. Been there and done that a couple of times (but ultimately sold it again). Never was about making money. Strictly objects of desire.  
Streaming Dac $5000-8000
Bel Canto E1X DAC/Preamp/Streamer (includes phono too!)  
What's the best EL84 amp?
Fender Blues Jr.  
Power cord length
Qobuz dropping rights to my favorites. A pox on their house.
It's happened a few times, but with so much content I just move on to new favorites!  
What is the most important cable in your system
Well, since I have a Bel Canto E1X integrated amp/dac/streamer, it's the power cable of course - Cardas Clear :>)  
Pure Class-A Amp under $2000 (USED)
If you can find a refurbished Sumo The Nine Plus, it's a great sounding Class A amp. I wouldn't buy one though unless it's been thoroughly updated with new caps, etc. by a professional service tech. It does use a cooling fan so be aware of that.  
My first tube integrated: which one to get?
End Game - Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier (32 wpc all tube) Starting Point - Rogue Sphinx V3 (tube pre w/100 wpc Class D amp; upgrade the tubes to NOS Mullards from the 60's)    
speakers/ amps liking one another
At the end of the day, outside of the room you listen to music in, system synergy is right up there when it comes to overall sound quality, and amp/speaker synergy definitely falls into that category. The ONLY way to know how a system is going to ... 
Is it worth upgrading a CD player?
If like me, you have a large CD/SACD collection, then there may be an advantage to updating your CD/SACD player. About a year or so ago I bought the Marantz SA-KI RUBY SACD/CD Player and DAC. It meets all my needs and expectations and then some, b... 
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
Yes they do, regardless of what others may say. They really do.  
Estate sale Fuselier speakers for $370 but I know nothing about them.
 The woofers in the 3/3.3’s were Vifa. Tweeters were Audax. The midrange changed several times as the model evolved but the model 3 may have started as an Audax. The model 3.3 used a Peerless midrange.The final iteration, the model 5, used a Dynau... 
Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene Placement & Break-In?
They are two totally different presentations. Both speakers have exceptional bass for their size, but the LS6's bass is fuller and more rounded, whereas the JA is faster and tighter. Beyond that, the JA is more detailed which in my system led to l...