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SOTA Customer service
Thanks !   It's a great sounding amp.  I am having  Matt from Toolshed build me a preamp also, should be done in a few months.      I have just returned to vinyl after a ten plus year hiatus.   The Sota came with an Origin Live and I paired it wi... 
Black Pumas On Tour Now
They have some great music , no doubt...   but $300 a seat ?   I'll pass    
Close…But No Cigar
I am getting great sound out of my Aurender N200 and LAB 12 DAC....  much better than any CD player I've ever owned.    Qobuz and Tidal sound great as do locally stored files.    Haven't played a CD in a while.     
Has buying and/or selling audio gear changed?
Agree, if he’s a "well known individual " he makes money at this. No reason he should insist F&F .... I would pass  
Help with tube choice
So many so called NOS 6922 are "pulls" , tubes that are used but test "new"    This is one tube I would like to see WE make .      
Help with tube choice
Gold Lion 6922 gold pin.   Sound good and are reliable   
Tracking down a hum.
I had a hum that was caused by a plug in air freshener in another room.  When it cycled on I would get a hum or sometimes a weird buzz.   Thought it was my Amp, it was a tricky one to trace down.    
???Modern Speakers???Life Expectancy???
I just gave my brother a 23 year old pair of Sonus Faber Concertos that still lookand sound great.   Time can take it's toll on certain things like surround material and glues but it seems those speakers have stood the test of time.    Fortunate... 
Schiit Eitr/Intona Isolator and Aurender N200
I see no need for that with a N200.   That machine already goes to great lengths to give you a pure USB output and Coax out.    I use a DH Labs Mirage USB on my N200  as it isolates the data from the power in the cable.   
Accuphase vs. McIntosh MCA 7200
The MAC 7200 is very good, it's only available as  a Receiver in North America.  Elsewhere it is the MA7200 integrated.   My Dad owns the MA8950 and it is quite good.  Great sounding and plenty of power for most .....  
Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there?
I'm with Stereo5 .....  
Dealers with excellent listening rooms?
Fidelis in Nashua is excellent.    Audio Video Therapy has a few rooms of great gear too.     
help me identify this amplifier
I don't think it's a Quicksilver either.   Most of their amps that are that form factor  have power input , switch , and fuse on one end and speaker terminals on the other   
What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay
If you are talking about Accuphase there are dealers who convert 100v Japan units but I would be weary of that.   
Does Qobuz work
MOJO, does your Vault have the new 4.0 firmware?    I had problems with the Vault 2i on the first version of that firmware.     No local library and Qobuz was glitchy.   It does sound like your credentials weren't in right , but the Vault definit...