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Any experience with Tube rolling 6922 for Conrad Johnson preamp?
The Gold Lion 6922 is a nice tube...  it is the only tube to last long in my Classic 2 SE.   I went through a few EH that were from CJ and went noisy soon.  I have a EH in there now because i was trying to pinpoint a low level hiss and it sounds g... 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
When I think Active I think ATC..... of course there are others but I think they are the best of the type. 
CJ Classic Preamp
The Classics do use a mute relay that mutes the outputs for 45 seconds after you turn it on..  You can hear it within the unit, should never hear a click through the speakers.   Did you reseat the tubes (tube if its a Classic 2) or try new ones?  ... 
What’s the Right Power Amp Ratio For Bi-Amping?
The amps should be the same , and using an active crossover .   Without a crossover , you would want amps with output trim.  I agree with the one good amp rather than 2 lesser or different amps.  Personally I think bi amping is a waste. 
Carver M1.5t vs. Krell or ML
I agree, put it all together and then , tweek and listen.  Then decide where you stand.   The PV 12 is a very fine preamp.  I had a 1.5t and a 1.0t way back and both were solid amps.   Definitely retube,   if you do not listen to vinyl you can sta... 
Does a Linn kairm preamp reverse phaze
Hmmm, interesting 
Tube Question for Audiophriends
The first think I think about when buying a tube amp is how plentiful are replacements.   Those 813 s are scarce and no longer in production. 
best $1000 digital front end options for home streaming?
I have a Vault 2i and its very much like the Node but with storage ...  the Node has very good sound quality on its own.   I love my Vault 2i and will get a Node 2I down the road for another room 
Does anyone pay the same attention to their car audio?
Now premium OEM stereos are pretty good for most folks.  I would pay for the best OEM if I were to buy a new car, you're almost forced to if you want Blutooth sync or Nav. 
Does anyone pay the same attention to their car audio?
No, in fact most of time is spent in a company van.... with a very crappy AM/FM only 2 speaker radio.   It's actually a good thing, when I get home my system is much more enjoyable.25 years ago I had a nice system in my Mustang only to come out of... 
Does a Linn kairm preamp reverse phaze
Unlikely since it is micro processor controlled.  Pre amps that reverse phase are vacuum tube with only a single gain stage that I'm aware of.   I'd be interested to learn of any solid state preamps that do invert. 
New in 2019
Gary Hoey 's  Neon Highway Blues is pretty good....  
Best Headphone system under $1000???
Headphones are definitely a personal taste thing .   Hadn't used phones in years and stopped into Q Audio in Boston one day at lunch.  Tried on several Grado models from the 125s to the GS2000 and bought a pair of RS2e that day.   
Headphones? I could use your experience/thoughts.
SR80e huge value 
What do you drive and why?
2012 Toyota Sienna mini van.  Awesome for only one reason, it's a company car.  They pay for everything including gas...