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Are Pre-Amps necessary?
No surprise the Benchmark pre elevated your system's performance.    I have had a few DACs with volume and always thought a good preamp was the heart of a great sounding systemVery shortly I will be receiving a new amp,  it has two inputs which wi... 
VTL repair success
You mean VTL didn’t cover you under their “lifetime warranty “ ?   Of course they didn’t but at one time VTL gear had a transferable warranty.   I followed their instructions on transfer and was rudely dismissed when the time came for service.  Gl... 
Why so many tubes?
Atma Sphere amps don't have an output transformer in the path....its pure tube driving the speaker. 
How long is it taking to receive a preamp?
Finally heard bad from Decware , 8 month wait.       
In house for review: AricAudio's Super 300B SET amplifier & Western Electric 300B tubes
I like when manufacturers follow these threads and don't "push " their products...  instead they answer on topic, in layman's terms.   I've heard nothing but good things about Aric Audio.   Good to see local builders , Massachusetts was once the h... 
Pimp my speakers: Sonus Faber vs. Focal
I have always liked Sonus.  They are built to a different standard.   My Dads Concerto still sound great and they have to be over 20 years old.   I bought them on the old Want Ad weekly for $1000 with stands.  What a great deal that was.      I wo... 
Klipsch cornwall speakers
Love Em !!!    If you have the space you will not be disappointed .   Just bought the Forte IV a few months ago , they fit my space better.   If I had the room I would have bought them.  The new IV series are not bright, or shrill, or any of the t... 
Opinions on VTL preamps
VTL sounds good no doubt....its their customer service that is HORRIBLE.      Worst experience ever dealing with them regarding repair.   
Focal 948 vs. Klipsch Cornwall recommendations?
Focal 948 vs. Klipsch Cornwall recommendations?
I love my Forte IV.    I just don’t have the room for the Cornwall right now.  They are the perfect size actually and they sound pretty good.   Like many good speakers the Forte sounds better and better as you go up the ladder electronics wise.  T... 
New Klipsch Forte IV
Nice !!!   Enjoy 
Using solid state rectifiers on Cary SLI80 Amplifier
I would personally keep the tube rectification....   the amp was voiced that way.   Could be risky, IE costly.....   One thing I have always  tried to do is stick with OEM parts and values whether it’s a tube amp or a car .    Bias, torque, whatev... 
The extinction of human interaction takes yet another step forward...
I have no interest in an online summit....I have been to several trade shows both as a vendor and an end user and its not an experience you can duplicate online. 
Looking for High End Car/Truck Audio Dealer in New England
Sound in Motion....  they have been there a long time Precision Sound in Dedham has also been there a long time .  My brother in law had some work done there and they did nice work 
Tube Amplifier Sound Characteristics
I would caution anyone thinking about older VTl....yes they sound good, but if the day ever comes that you need service you will experience the worst customer service on the planet.