Yanni or Laurel?

Is this why some reviewers/audiophiles hear differences others can't?


I only hear Laurel and my wife only hears Yanni.  
You're only hearing laurel because laurel is more expensive and therefore you have the expectation bias that laurel is better. Pretty obvious...
I get more of a Yanmi.  For the life of me, I can't pick out Laurel though.  
At and watching it on TV I could only hear Yanny. But at work with $25 computer speakers I only hear Laurel.
Yes, our ability to hear correctly can be misleading at times.

A man in the hospital had just come back from a procedure and was still under the effects of medication. Somewhat slurring his speech he asked the nurse, "Are my test results back?" She pulled back the top sheet and started moving his private parts in all different directions and said, "No, Mr. Jones, your testicles are not black."

Yes, our ability to hear correctly can be misleading at times.
That’s not the issue here at all with the Laurel vs. Yanni question. In this instance, different people listening to the same thing hear consistently different results. Some hear "Laurel," others "Yanni." That there could be such discrepancy isn’t a question of our hearing being misled, but rather proves that two people exposed to the same sound can hear two very different things. I think that raises significant questions about our hobby, how valid listening tests should be conducted and even whether a scientifically valid listening test is even possible.

Listen for yourself.
I hear Laurel, btw.
Yes, cleeds, my initial statement was not correct. How about,

Our ability to hear differently can be misleading at times.

BTW, it was just a lead in for the joke.

I hear Yanni on the original clip, but can hear both on this clip with varing pitch shift. I would really worry if I couldn't hear both on it.


I have asked three folks at work today, and surprisingly two (one male and one female) hear a combination of each, while a third (male) only hears yanny.

Cleeds - "I think that raises significant questions about our hobby, how valid listening tests should be conducted and even whether a scientifically valid listening test is even possible."

Totally agree.  Really supports the advice I see all the time on this and other forums of "trust your own ears - if it sounds good to you and you like it, that's what counts."
With the above link, I only hear Laurel.  But on NBC news this morning, it sounded like it alternated back and forth, regularly, between the two.  Need more info. on recording chain and provenance.
I hear only laurel. It never comes close to sounding like yanni

Just like with the dress that appeared to be two different color combinations, this it yet another stab at internet fame over nothing.
I don't hear either.  All I hear is "kill them, kill them all." But then again, I hear that all the time.
I don’t hear either. If I assume the speaker is saying one of those two supposed words then it is just a really terrible pronounciation of either. If anything it is closer to Yanny with pitch going up slightly at the end which is how I would say it.

I think this just proves how social media like twitter is mostly a complete waste of time.

Breakfast radio set - Laurel

Home theatre TV system - Yanni

Wife - Washing

Me - Yesdear

Need to have an inquest as to whether POTUS is involved....

My son and I just listened to that on my computer. I only heard Yanny and my son only heard Laurel. Weird
Yes, thanks for the back story.  It is still interesting that while what one hears may vary among speaker source (tv, computer speakers, etc), different people listening to the same source hear something different.
My 10 year old grandaughter can hear both at the same time.  I’m going to start asking her to evaluation my A-B tweaks and upgrades to my system.
For the life of me,  I don't understand How Yanni could come from this.... 
I hear Laurel,   Not even a hint of sounding like Yanni.  

Laurel...…………… Laurel...…………….Laurel...………… 
Never changes
I just saw a news clip on TV that showed an audio analysis on a scope of the sound waves.  They suggested there is a high pitch Yanni and a lower pitch Laurel being pronounced at exactly the same time.  The audio analysis suggested that some people have their ears tuned to high pitch and some to low pitch, and that determines which name/voice they hear.
Who cares really?  I sang along to the Def Leopard Hysteria album for 20 years before finally using Google to figure out what the real lyrics were.
A wild light.. oh the story clowned. Such a lust for lice. The circus comes through town. We had a hungry word. On a lightning ray. Just like a river runs like a frog meets flame.... That's what I heard.. And I heard Laurel.
Haha, your right gavinja70.  Bruce Springsteen Blinded by the Light:  for years I thought it was “revved up like a dousch”, (sorry) when its “revved up like a deuce”
I don't hear either. All I hear is "kill them, kill them all." But then again, I hear that all the time.
I watched two different talk shows today that played the clip for the audience, then polled them.

The majority of the females heard "Yanni" and the majority of the males heard "Laurel".
Whoa  whooo, audio finally makes the headlines!!!!  Celebration time!   Good times ahead!
It's funny how, on that NYTs link, that you have to move the slider 3/4 of the way towards "yannii", before it starts to sound like yanni.
It's funny how, on that NYTs link, that you have to move the slider 3/4 of the way towards "yannii", before it starts to sound like "yanni."
The real story here is if you can accept the fact that you hear one and someone else hears the other.  COOL!!
If you can't accept that you have issues.
I can concentrate and move the slider about 95% in other other direction (starting at the one given end) and still hear only the one starting word.

Ie, good discernment an separation skills.

It’s that thing that allows us to hear someone speaking in a crowd of 400 people. To hear the singular voice we are trying to hear, or to expand that to the 4 or 5 people in your group. Even when the ambient noise is only 3-4 db less, or even as high in overall level as the people you are speaking with.

Basically, we can slide our ’world’s finest’ (the human ear/brain) FFT analysis system controls and setting around, on the fly...and then the discernment is almost ’locked in’ and we do not hear the rest.

We, or more specifically.... our hearing is built for this.

So no small wonder some can’t hear something and the rest of the folks are throwing rocks about the given point about what is heard. Or vice versa.

It’s literally in your head, in any given direction. Once heard, it cannot be unheard, a thing we all tend to experience here.


(are you reading this, fuse and cable detractors? You’ve just been handed the truth that the fuse fans -------are as real as it gets)

Just remember, 97% of the population is wrong.


so, if we gave people chance to clearly and silently collate and sort themselves.... and I came back and somehow  looked..100% of the people to read this and see the video...100% of you would be crowded into a spot that in reality, only holds 3% of the general population. We would all give ourselves the condition of being in the 3%.

That's the irony of the human condition.
Oh futz. People are different and what one hears does not mean that what the other hears is wrong. Haven't you ever looked at a sky with clouds on a nice day out of your left eye and then out of your right? The two eyes are different. Is one right and the other wrong?

There's a lot of judgemental snobbery in this hobby. There always was.Live and let live I always say.
Except for those fuse nuts. Man, go figure...
I hear Lsurel but can barely hear Yanni riding on top of it

if that makes sense
I've always heard "Yanni". When I moved the NYT slider to the third tick from the left I started hearing "Laurel". Then as I moved it towards the right I kept hearing "Laurel" all the way to the farthest right tick. It was only after I paused it that I started hearing "Yanni" again. And when I moved it back to the left I started hearing "Laurel" by the middle tick. 
OK, so Laurel seems to be tracking around 60%, and Yanny the other 40%. Here's the thing though. These two words are entirely different!. I am amazed by this, as I have only ever heard Laurel. I have tried different sources, moved to different rooms, but it's always Laruel. The people who hear Yanny, I truly believe can hear OK as it's about 40% of us. If we were comparing 2 words like "witch" and "stich" I would expect such diversity, but Yanny & Laurel? I wonder if there are other things that people hear differently.
I have also heard both. Yanni on the very small speakers of my MacBook and Laurel on my car radio. Yanni was higher and thinner sounding so it may be more the acoustical presentation than the differences in how we hear things which is what is creating the fervor over this.