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Best In-ear monitors under $350?
Oh yes! Let's just dismiss a potential great bargain because it was done by a professional reviewer who relies on measurements as well as listening (headphone and EIM especially). All I'm saying is go READ the review, then make up your mind after ... 
Gustard - Warranty Repair in the US?
APOS was a great idea, but they don't seem to sell Gustard on their web site.  
Best In-ear monitors under $350?
ASR just measured a $50 IEM that he says are fantastic. Check them out, if you can get a pair.  
Where do you want your system to go when you go?
I want my system to go to a garage in Buffalo with my soul. For those of you that remember George Carlin.  
OK...here's another tweak that really works
Who you jiving with that cosmic debris?  
Basic question about power/watts
Terry, Your dam reasoning does not equate to the lost electricity converted to heat, unless the not used water is just being spilled onto the ground and wasted.  
Hobby, Hobby, Hobby?
Yes,..erĀ  the lakes are getting low. If they get any lower, I fear the people that laughed at my "hobby" are going to start showing up.  
Basic question about power/watts
Class A is like driving your car with your foot flooring the gas pedal, and using the brakes to control the speed. It will work, but do you want to drive that way?  
Does a DAC need a large/strong power supply?
Charles, I might just try one out, but this thread is my first step in this quest, not my last.  
Does a DAC need a large/strong power supply?
Tony, It was an honest question. I am very confused by ASR loving these cheap DACs. My Yiggy has a very large PS and sounds great. My interest is curiosity as to how these $300 to $600 dacs test so well and have very low noise. I believe they hav... 
USBe Perfect
ozzy... yes, that's a cool idea! Please post your findings.  
Less Is Really More - Schiit's New Yggdrasil DAC - Less Is More
I am one of the few with the Yiggy MiL. I am very happy, as I was looking for more dynamics and openness from my DAC. Please don't crap on my choice. It is not necessary.  
Should I trust movers with my equipment?
Just mark all your boxes "Cash & Jewlery", see if you get any delivered.  
Subwoofer RCA Cable
OK, so I'm using an old Audioquest Hyperlitz cable of 1.5M. It's working fine, and I will not pursue a sub cable. Thanks for all the replys.  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
A long time ago. They were Dunlavy SC4 set up well in a store. I then experienced not "you are there", "they are here" as it sounded like the performer was in the room.