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Signal Jumping??
MC:  The signal is not what we think it is. The signal is not the signal. The signal is the cosmos. Doing its thing. The signal is us. The signal is all. Really, you don't consider this quote from you as some form of Metaphysics BS? While partic... 
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
A few come to mind:Digital ReadyQuantum (anything)Photo Sample (if it's open it's used) 
Signal Jumping??
I normally don't browse the sections on Metaphysics. 
Pass X260.8 vs Bryston 7B3
Sorry, I got it confused with the 250 which I think is a stereo amp. 
Why don't more recordings have soundstage outside of speakers
Sorry I didn't read all these replies, but was the BSG QOL Completion Device mentioned? That thing will do just what the OP is talking about. 
Pass X260.8 vs Bryston 7B3
First you should choose if you want one stereo amp, or 2 mono amps, then move on from there. 
BSG Technologies SOQ Signal Completion Stage problem - looking for help to find service
Contact Walter at Underwood hifi  he sold them and said he can get them fixed if they break. 
Power cable education needed
dchang05:  This is so true. Each of us can hear slight changes in our very familiar systems that others can not. It is not because we have 24K golden ears and others have 18K, but rather we're more used to the system. Also it has to be apiece of m... 
Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?
OK, so I forgot about Google. Magnet wire has, as an average, a dielectric constant of about 3.75 - 4.00So that is nowhere near Teflon, and not so good. 
Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?
Sort of like the Terminator. That liquid metal was transformative. 
Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?
Also, anyone know the Dielectric Constant (Dk) of the enamel coating on magnet wire? 
Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?
Does anybody have a guess as to what percentage of the signal strength is captured and released back to the conductor at a different phase? 
Best way to wipe off the dust cleaning the gear
Try cheese cloth as a dusting rag. It won’t push the dust around. 
Can anyone answer this? What is a blue skinned cable??
I remember one time he went on and on about him designing some interstellar spaceship engine. I asked him if that was how he planned to go home. 
How good is Krell Phantom III?
10 Audio reviewed one of their preamps. Jerry was brutally honest.