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Is Class D Analog or Digital ?
For those who still don't know:Class A is for "Always running at maximum power"Class AB is for "Almost Better than class A"Class B is for "Better than class C"Class C is for "Constantly misunderstood"Class D is for "Lunatics who can't even hear a ... 
What does the term "Speed" mean in a speaker?
Can the impression of "speed" be adjusted with a multi-band parametric equalizer? 
The best place to listen to music??
The best place to listen to music is on a mega yacht at the marina in Monaco. 
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
+1 for GeoffI was able to compare the same recording from HD tracks. One in 24/96 and the other 24/192 and I couldn't hear any difference at all. 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
OK enough banter ... when is the big reveal? 
Something For The Fuse Guys ...
Oregon...Can you give us a date when you think you can reveal this prototype fuse? 
Auraliti PK90 replacement
OK ... repair is always better than replacement. I'm away all next week so if you still have any interest just "Private Message" me.Good Luck,John 
Auraliti PK90 replacement
Oh .. also if you're interested I will put it up for sale on Audiogon and then you could purchase it the regular way. 
Auraliti PK90 replacement
I don't mean to act like a jerk here, but I have a PK90 on a shelf since I replaced mine with an Auralic Aeries G1. It also has a linear power supply that I got from Auraliti. I would let the 2 pieces go for $500 if you're interested. Otherwise ju... 
What was your first system? When was that?
1971 - Pioneer SX-303 receiver and Rectilinear 10B speakers. Radio for a while, then Phillips turntable. The one that wiggled a lot with the cool green touch sensor. 
Bel canto Ref600 versus PS Audio M700
Well having heard the Bel Canto amps and being very impressed, along with the very positive reviews of the PS M700' I would think they sound about the same. So pick the one that suits your needs better. I do realize that to keep it at about the sa... 
Bel canto Ref600 versus PS Audio M700
Just giving this one more try. Really, these are about the two most popular Class D amps out there, no one has heard both. I have heard the Ref600 with Wilson Sasha's and thought they were excellent.   
Bel canto Ref600 versus PS Audio M700
Actually the PS Audio is Ice Power 700 ASC with a Gain Cell input circuit. I am also very interested in opinions, as I wish to get one of these two. Which will sound best with a passive preamplifier? 
Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax
What are we to do with all the physicists and electronic engineers that do hear a difference in fuses? Maybe we can take their cards away. 
Bryston 4B3 or Ps Audio M700 monoblock?
To me Class D sounds just as good as the other classes, if done correctly, as with the other classes as well. Why would someone want a Class D?1. More watts per dollar (usually)2. If you keep it powered 24/7 then it's always warmed up. Even for a ...