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So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
Does your recording sound good with other systems?  I’ve got two completely different systems set up and there are some recordings that sound great on one system and just so so on the other and vice versa.  There are recordings that really sound e... 
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
I was always told by car enthusiasts that these souped up vintage cars can put up these performance numbers because they don’t have to meet todays emission, mileage and safety standards. It’s as simple as that right?  
Acoustic Guitar on Vinyl
Jose Neto…..Mountains and the Sea.  If you can find it, it’s worth it.  Extremely well recorded.  The John Renbourn Sir John a lot of is another good recommendation.  The Michael Hedges stuff can be fun, but I’ve found the recordings to be a littl... 
Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
The speaker is clearly designed to play near field at probably max 70-80 db.  It clearly wasn’t tested that way.  It’s like taking a Ferrari out on a off road course and pronouncing that the car is designed poorly.  
Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
I love my Horn Monos.  Quicksilver doesn’t play the “review game”, so he’s not sending out amps for free in return for good press.  Instead he relies on word of mouth.  I will say this; back in the day, Quicksilver was a darling of both TAS and St... 
Full Range comparison
I love full range drivers and have at least a half a dozen in my house at any given time.  I had some markaudio designs over the years including the Alpair 10p which are nice but my favorites by far are the Omegas.  Just remember the cabinet desig... 
Good amp pairing for Zu Dirty Weekend?
Congrats on the new Amp rjpwp001 I've got some Omen DW's and a slew of amps including the Amp Camp.  It's a pretty good pairing.  It doesn't have the magic of tubes, but it's a very competent amp and great for the price.  Let us know how you like it. 
Looking for speakers for my 4W SET amp
" Would they have enough bass without a sub?"That's a totally subjective call.  What's good for one person could be totally inadequate for another.  Also room size and placement and room treatment will play a big part in this.  If you haven't alr... 
Looking for speakers for my 4W SET amp
Another vote for Omegas.  I've spent time with Heresys and if you want to "rock out" then those should be considered as well.  The Omega's have a purity that the Heresy's lack, but the Heresys will definitely play louder and do a better job of unr... 
Louis Chochos from Omega Speaker Systems
hi treynolds155,I'm a big fan of Omegas.  I've got some RS5's, and also the Alnico monitor and even have a set of Zu Omen DW's.All are nice speakers and have strengths and weaknesses.  The RS5 excels in having a speedy electrostatic like sound.  W... 
Nuforce STA200
The Sys is so cheap that I went ahead and bought a second to have both a dual mono setup and also to be able to control the balance.  It really widened and opened the soundstage up using two instead of one.I've got a Saga too, but as hard as I try... 
TAS for sale
I've got an almost full set going back from the beginning until sometime around 1993 or 1994 I think.  If anyone wants them, they are free but you have to pick all of them up. 
Budget SS integrated with great timing and immediacy up to 2k used?
You might like the Rega Brio.  I've heard a lot of ss amps in my system and that one came to mind when reading your requirements. 
Schiit not shipping
My experience with the Saga is interesting.  I first bought the little cheap passive Sys just for fun.  I put it in my system and was really really impressed.  I thought, if this Sys is so good, then the Saga must be unreal.  I picked one up and g... 
Which material sounds better for speakers construction? Wood, Ply or MDF?
ho ho ho..ebm doesn’t think his speakers ring.  This is very important!   😉