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Replacement Tubes for ARC Reference 6
Order a new set of 6H30P's directly from a Russian vendor. Same for a 6550. No need for any special "selection" as ARC claims! 
Tube amp - tube socket problem
Order a replacement socket from PrimaLuna. Install. 
What could cause this amp to fail?
Don't put any amp on a carpet because it will block airflow and cooling! So I assume overheating damaged some of the output transistors. Those will need to be replaced with a matched set. The selector switch is more easily replaced. There are plen... 
Too good a post to waste
I tried to read and collect all the "underground" mags! Thumbs down to Stereo Review and High Fidelity, who I knew were in the advertisers' pockets! All those full-page glossy ads! 
Too good a post to waste
Mea Culpa! I forgot J.Gordon Holt's Stereophile in the above list. John Atkinson (from HiFi News) and now Jim Austin at the helm! 
Too good a post to waste
TAS started in 1972! The Audio Critic in 1977 along with IAR (International Audio Review). Both were run by Peters (Aczel and Moncrieff, respectively). StereOpus and Bound For Sound (Martin DeWolf) appeared around that time. A bit later was Sensib... 
Tube rolling on Leven CS 600
Your digital sources might be a tad "bright" depending upon the recording. Changing tubes is often a futile pursuit! 
Low volume listening dynamics
Nothing better for low level listening than a pair of either Quad 57's or 63's! I have two pairs of 57's. The newer Ch*nese-made Quads are also a possible choice. 
Cleaning tube pins
If the tubes are brand-new in-the-box leave 'em alone! No need to be so neurotic! 
Cleaning tube pins
Vodka on a cotton ball/swab! Also recommended by A.J. Van den Hul for cleaning styli. 
Who thinks $5K speaker cable really better than generic 14AWG cable?
Home Depot RCA-brand 14ga zip cord is all you really need! I have that in use with my KLH Nine electrostats and the Ohm Sound Cylinders.  
Who thinks $5K speaker cable really better than generic 14AWG cable?
+1 dynaquest14! At last a voice of sanity among the inmates of the asylum! Wire is probably the biggest scam dreamed up by the unscrupulous!  
Thoughts about buying a Bedini 100
Both John and Gary Bedini have passed away! As far as I know the company is gone! Will Vincent (autospec) in Idaho might know more. These are great amps and shouldn't be forgotten! 
Thoughts about buying a Bedini 100
You are missing a chance to buy two amps that can still compete with any of today's 4 figure amps! I have a 25/25 and a 150/150. Depending upon their past usage the power supply caps may not need immediate replacement. 
Best debut album
Kate Bush - The Kick Inside! Great start to a wonderful career!