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What's your best 'Score'?
A one-owner pair of KLH Nine full-range electrostats for $500. Bought from HiFi Classics, Far Rockaway, NY. February 1992. Still working fine! 
McIntosh fuse changeout to make better sound
All a fuse does is protect against excess current draw. It is NOT part of the music signal. NO affect upon sound quality! Millercarbon - stop shilling for Synergistic Research and their questionable products! 
Power tube operating temperature a good proxy for power output???
Another inane and useless post from millercarbon. 
Snell Type E iii vs Audio Note or Orangutan
I bought my pair of E's from Goodwill for $18! Because of foam rot I replaced the 8" woofers with the same SEAS woofers. I agree that the E is quite an excellent speaker! In fact so good that Peter Quovtrup of Audio Note UK pirated the design - an... 
Name a few albums which helped determine your musical tastes
Too many to list! However here's my entry into the world of Jazz: June 1970 I bought Bitches Brew at Woolworths! At the age of 18 I perceived it to be on a higher artistic plane than the average rock alblum! And tried to get some of my peers to li... 
Why do some think "music" (not gear, trading, etc.) is the ultimate end?
Without music equipment is worthless! I can add an observer with a functioning ear or two to complete the equation!  
NAD C275BEE break in period?
I do own several older NAD components: an integrated amp, a preamp and a preamp/tuner. Excellent affordable products.  
NAD C275BEE break in period?
Once any electronic device reaches its operating temperature it is good to go! That may take 20 minutes or several hours! The idea that an electronic device sounds "better" over extended time (days, weeks, months) is totally erroneous - contrary t... 
Minimum HDMI cable length to avoid refection
1.5 meters!  
Who am I supporting?
Your dollars are in many cases going to the corporate owners of the copyrights for the music. Look at what Universal did Monday - bought Dylan's 600 song catalog! There's gold in dem dar hills! 
Bob Dylan sells his complete songwriting catalog!
Not to mention that 2016 Nobel Prize for literature! 
Bob Dylan sells his complete songwriting catalog!
The Bard of Hibbing is now officially the richest folk singer (don't call it rock-n-roll) in the world!  
Is Modern Jazz an Oxymoron?
Check out singer Gregory Porter's release All Rise! In the same class as Nat King and Freddie Cole! A superb vocalist! 
Sound Dynamics THS-3000 subwoofer. Never heard of them - til now.
Sound Dynamics made a three-way speaker, the 300ti, that Harry Pearson (TAS) praised and really liked back in the early 90's. It cost about $600/pair. SD was part of a larger Canadian speaker company (whose name escapes me at this moment). You hav... 
Death Of A Tube Amp (A Short Story)
The moral here is: BUY AMERICAN!