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My amp suddenly going silent when volume knob touchedi have a ordered
@noble100Wish I had a dollar for every post I initially misunderstood LOL!! 
My amp suddenly going silent when volume knob touchedi have a ordered
Tim I have never had build up in the volume pot cause the unit to shut down where you have power cycle the unit to get it to work again. But what I have had seen with build up on the volume - balance or tone controls is a static sound that will co... 
My amp suddenly going silent when volume knob touchedi have a ordered
I agree with mofimadness4. Almost sounds like the Rotel doesn't have a proper ground causing static to be discharged through the electronics and not the case. 
Best amp for Raidho Speakers
br3098 I think you're mistaken. Dantex (parent company of Raidho) bought GamuT. 
Raidho C1.1 for metal/rock?
As a D series owner I would say for the sound you're looking for the XT series would be a better choice for the music you prefer. The XT3's are incredible and can rock. The C and D series offer more layers of resolution and are somewhat laid back.... 
What to do...What to do?
I just use my ears. After looking for speakers many years ago I listened to several and one day I heard the sound I was looking for. To me it was the sound I was after although I thought they were quite ugly (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)... 
Streaming music
Aurender - I prefer the N10 because of its digital outputs. 
Trade Shows
Axpona - RMAF - Munich 
Where to put one's best power cords??
Mine is the from the wall to power distribution box.  
Audible differences between speaker cables?
andy2 I never believed in cables all the way until I tried some. 
Do you trust Audiogon?
I trust AudioGon. It's sellers and buyers I'm leary of. I've only purchased a few things over the years and have never had a problem and in fact the transactions were great. But a few years ago there was a dealer on this site that had good feedbac... 
Have you ever changed speakers to expereince a different "soundscape" or presentation??
Yes it happened to me once. I was a super die hard Dynaudio lover (had C1 sig's). I thought they couldn't be beat as far as imaging - sound stage and detail. Then my local dealer took me to a clients home to hear a speaker he had on demo. That was... 
KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?
@mountainsongAre the speakers going to be on the 12’ or 18’ wall? If on the 18’ wall I personally think either speaker speaker would be too much. On the 12’ wall either would be fine.Is there anyway you can demo the speakers? Both are really diffe... 
KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?
@pdreher were your C2/4's the originals? I ask because I had the original C1's and later upgraded to the Signatures. The Originals did really need to be very loud to sound the best. The MKII/Sig's on the other hand sounded the best at mid levels. ... 
Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?
I'm using an Aavik U300 with Raidho D3.1's. The highs IMO are spectacular.