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Tung Sol NOS Black Plate 6550 – Temperature
I always ever so slightly under biased my tubes. Andreas Hoffman from Octave always recommended that for longer tube life. 
Tung Sol NOS Black Plate 6550 – Temperature
I used TS 6550 black plates in my Octave V70se. They ran a bit hotter than the SED 6550 or KT88. Honestly not enough to really notice. Solid grey plates were the same. Is it possible they be biased a little high?? 
Best of the best Integrated amps in 2018
The Aavik U150 sounded great at Axpona this year. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon did they put the U300 in. I would say the U150 is about 90% of the U300. The Dac and Phono stages are options which really keep the price down. 
Yanni or Laurel?
My son and I just listened to that on my computer. I only heard Yanny and my son only heard Laurel. Weird  
Yanni or Laurel?
At and watching it on TV I could only hear Yanny. But at work with $25 computer speakers I only hear Laurel.  
Hard Audio - Ceramic Speakers
I think the Raidho's are great. I have the D3.1's. Raidho uses a particle accelerator to fuse a diamond coating on the ceramic driver.   
New Speakers up to $15k - The more I read the less I know!
Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove IllinoisHolm Audio in Woodridge IllinoisNextLevel in Wayne IllinoisAll good stores that I've been to.  
Can a power cord increase the resolution of an Class D (SMPS) amp by more than 5% ?
An Ansuz D-TC power cord did just what lak mentioned above with my Aavik U300. Because of that I can play almost twice as loud. I never would have believed it if I didn't hear it in my home. Not sure what percentage of improvement I got but would ... 
Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons
I’ve recently auditioned the C20’s and was left underwhelmed in the lows. To me the lows sounded flubby. I didn’t audition the C30 or C60 but have heard the C60 at Axpona last year. Personally I like the S40’s a lot better (I know that’s not what ... 
Axpona 2018 Will you be there?
I'll be there Fri and Sat. Maybe Sunday too 
High Quality Fuses in Amps
First and foremost replace the bad fuse with a cheap on just to make sure something is not failing and causing the fuse to blow.  That said I paid 130 for a SR Black and was impressed with the SQ improvement for the money. BTW the SR's have a 30 d... 
Question About Raidho Models C, D, XT
Raidho's are very particular with their set-up/placement. Ideally they should be be 9' (or more) apart and pointed toward your shoulders. I had my D1's then D2's about 7 1/2' apart and although they sounded very good once I got D2.1's I was able t... 
Question About Raidho Models C, D, XT
All are very good but a bit different from each other. The XT series is more 'lively' in its presentation. But they lack the layers of resolution of the C and D series. They play a bit louder (when pushed) too. Going to the C series adds a couple ... 
Best tubes for my mc 275 Gordon gow
+1 for the original TS 6550. Solid black plates sound slightly better than the solid grey plates. 
Anybody have first hand experience with Octave v110 integrated?
Had one for about 3 years. I had Dyn C1 sig and Raidho D1 and D2's for speakers. I think I'm the oddball that never cared for the KT120 sound. Very forward and didn't sound balanced from top to bottom. One nice feature of the V110 is a switch on t...