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ARC tube biasing
I I agree with atmosphere and slightly under bias the tubes. Andreas Hoffman from Octave recommended a slight under bias. He said it help extend the tube life. That's what I did when I had one and didn't notice any difference in sound.enjoy the music 
Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?
I should get my 03's sometime this weekend.  
New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.
I believe only the cabinets are made in China. 
How many brands use own drivers?
APOXNA 2019–Who’s going?
I have my 3 day pass.  
Another help me spend money thread or maybe not.... going to AXPONA
Dynaudio is another room to hear. I think the new Confidence will be there.  
Dynaudio Contour 30 vs Confidence C2 comparisons
Not side by side but I will say the C4 is my favorite Dyn speaker. More layers of resolution compared to the Contour 60's. 
Impressing friends with your rig
ebm I agree. But my system is for me and that's all that counts. 
Hegel H590 List $13,500. Reasonable?
Everyone bashes the Chinese. Those folks can make some great products. My speaker (Raidho D3.1's in walnut burl) cabinets are made in china and they are fantastic looking and when you rap them with your knuckles they are very 'dead' sounding. It's... 
Tube Sound Question
I would say the tubes used in either accounts for that whether it's the pre or the amp. Personally when I had the Octave V110 the output tubes made more of the difference.  
Who is next??
Mike Borresen - He now can do what he wants in design instead of being told what to do by corporations. 
Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?
Hi Ralph its GeorgeThe speakers Steve59 heard were the 03’s. I was there too. IMO the tweeter is smoother and more airy. That day they started with the 03 then the 02 and then the 01. Not sure how many hrs were on them at the time. I have to say t... 
one short and one long speaker cable work?
You could always go to a local hardware store and pick up 8M of wire and cut it into a 2M and 6M lengths and try to hear a difference between your AQ's at equal length. Listen for imaging and soundstage not the differences in tonality.  
Raidho D2.1
Well we did not demo a Raidho and Borresen side by side. BUMMER IMO. Anyhow the Borresens are fantastic. The highs are even more airy - smooth and detailed than the Raidho's. We demoed the 01's - 02's and the 03's. Believe it or not but they are f... 
Raidho D2.1
Tomorrow I'm going to a 'soft' Borresen speaker demo at my dealer. What I mean by a soft demo is with several other folks try to determine the best positioning. They are not broken in yet either. I'm not sure if he is willing to compare them to th...