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Can't afford it 
Do you trust Audiogon?
I trust AudioGon. It's sellers and buyers I'm leary of. I've only purchased a few things over the years and have never had a problem and in fact the transactions were great. But a few years ago there was a dealer on this site that had good feedbac... 
Have you ever changed speakers to expereince a different "soundscape" or presentation??
Yes it happened to me once. I was a super die hard Dynaudio lover (had C1 sig's). I thought they couldn't be beat as far as imaging - sound stage and detail. Then my local dealer took me to a clients home to hear a speaker he had on demo. That was... 
KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?
@mountainsongAre the speakers going to be on the 12’ or 18’ wall? If on the 18’ wall I personally think either speaker speaker would be too much. On the 12’ wall either would be fine.Is there anyway you can demo the speakers? Both are really diffe... 
KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?
@pdreher were your C2/4's the originals? I ask because I had the original C1's and later upgraded to the Signatures. The Originals did really need to be very loud to sound the best. The MKII/Sig's on the other hand sounded the best at mid levels. ... 
Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?
I'm using an Aavik U300 with Raidho D3.1's. The highs IMO are spectacular. 
Leaving Solid State Equipment on all the Time
I leave my Aavik U300 on all the time.. I don't even bother with standby. I was told this by the designer and never questioned it. BTW it is class D 
Help me upgrade my speakers?
Dyn Contour 20. It's not quite as laid back as the 1.3 MKII. Bass is pretty impressive too. Mids are also a hair more forward. My personal opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. 
Narrowed to 3: 802D3, Sopra 3, Reference 3
I agree with jimmydd. When you hear the right speaker you will know it. You know what you're accustomed to. It's happened to me only 3 times. Don't be in a hurry with that type of investment. The last time I wasn't even considering new speaker. Bu... 
Tube vendor recommendations?
Haven't dealt with tubes for a few years but when I did I met Jim McShane. He doesn't take calls nor did Brent Jessee. Both are #1 as far as service. I think the reason Jim doesn't take calls is when I met him we could have talked for hours about ... 
Black backgrounds and such
Another example that really shocked me was when Lars K from Ansuz came to my home with a prototype power cable. Up until then power cables mattered but not to what I heard next. Before putting in the cable he pushed the volume to where the speaker... 
What is the most important component in your system.
I have to say the speakers because to me they have the sound starts your journey toward the sound you like. But Liz has a great point not to be overlooked. Total system synergy from cables to source to pre/amp/integrated.  
Black backgrounds and such
I have to say I always had the same question. It's hard to describe. Once you hear it you'll know. The first time I heard a blacker background is when I added a black box to my Octave V70se integrated. It was like clearer vocals and instruments. T... 
Am I hearing things?
Actually you should swap out the 30A breaker for a 20A breaker and leave the outlet alone. 
Please vote
Everyone has the own taste and expectations when it comes to anything audio. Never heard the Mac's but my vote would go to the Sopra's. Not bright IMO compared to the older series. That said I would only listen to others folks opinion but make a p...