Warm airy musical speakers?

I am a newbie to Hifi. Well I have been reading on forums on and off for the last 5 years, but never had any system myself.

I'm a musician myself and have an idea of what type of sound I'm looking for. It is a warm, airy, open and organic sound with good midrange for vocals. Listen to jazz, acoustic music, norah jones, Diana Krall etc..

I don't like a cold and bright type of sound.

I've read alot of sonus faber, venere 1.5/2.0. Could be that kind of speaker I'm looking for?! Also I have read about focal aria 906. Seems to get great reviews.

I live far off any hifi-stores so I thought I will collect some good candidates for listening, when I visit a bigger city.

My budget is around $2000 - $2300 for both speaker and amplifier. New or used doesn't matter. For an amplifier I'm interested in tubes..

All recommendations are welcome!
Used Spendor SP 100.
Magnepan MG1.6 or MG1.7, if you have the room.
Totem Hawks?
The latest series from Revel fits that bill.
I've got a pair of Proac Supertowers that work perfectly with quicksilver tube gear that I'm also selling. It will give you as good a soundstage as you could want and with the tubes it can be magical (everything is also room dependent. I also have Studio 1's from Proac with Onix or NAD integrateds that I'm also selling off that are really nice together. You need to put Vandersteens on your short list. They are accurate, but have to be set up properly. I know a drummer who's on this board who LOVES the Vandy's. He loves and owns Maggies too, but we were listening to Vandy 3Asigs a couple of weeks ago and it sounded beter and better with upperline electronics. Just like my Proacs I'm selling, you want a speaker that sounds better and better with upper electronics. Just my two cents. if interested, let me know.
Before spending any serious money, you need to get some listening experience. It would probably be a better idea not to put together a list of speakers to demo. "Warm airy musical speakers?", will mean different things to different people. Its just as important you hear speakers you don't like. You'll find that the way a speaker "sounds" in a review will not be how it sounds to you during a real demo. To see what I'm talking about, try to answer this question. How do you define warm? Explain to me what a warm pair of speakers sounds like.
Listen to ZD. Great post. Honestly, you're the type who should find a good dealer close to you who will walk you through things. You'd be amazed at how much money you'll save in the long run and he'll have a ton of quality gear that you can listen to most probably. Often they will have good used gear too that may do the trick. Where do you live? I promise you that you'll get tons of recommendations on who to go see, lol.
With your musical taste and budget you can't go wrong with the
Spendor 3/5's. There are a few listed here for about $700. I
had that speaker and it is outstanding. As far as
amplification you should check out Rogue Audio. BTW: His
budget is $2000 for speakers and amps!
I would also suggest going to any local dealers near you to listen to speakers. They could also help recommend associated equipment that will keep you on the path of warm and airy.
Proac , Vienna Acoustics ,(Grand Series) and Golden Ear might be a few you might want to audition locally if you can.
Ctsooner why do you keep schilling your speakers on every thread you post on? Buy an ad if you want to sell them.
You do realize when you ask a question like yours, all your going to get is what someone has or wants to have.

And none of them will be the right speaker for you. Read ZD's post carefully!
Thanks for all advice.
I think you are right ZD, thats good advice. I will definetly take some good time listening next time I have the uppertunity to visit a bigger city. I live in northern part of Sweden in a small town with no hifi-store in near.

Its good to have some candidates to listen to (speakers that are famous for that type of sound, even if its sounds different from person to person)

How about you folks, have you bought anything without listening to it first?
I have bought pre-amps, amps, and integrated amps (used) without listening but I would not recommend it for speakers.
Chrishanl, I apologize profusely. I'll stop, lol. Back to the thread. I personally have never bought anything without hearing it. I've found that I often go into a store wanting to hear something and walking out with something else. I've never purchased something that I haven't kept for a long time, so I usually don't buy and sell like so many on here do. i guess if you can't go listen anywhere, you may need to purchase, but some things you can purchase and send back within 30 days if you don't like them. I would still find a dealer who knows systems and whom you can hopefully trust and explain your room, what you like etc... and he/she can put together something special. Just keep within your budget. Used is great, but only if you really know what you want. That's why a dealer who has a lot of brands and knows how to put the system together is still your best bet if you can work something out.
Yes, I always base on the history of the company. How Long they has been around and How Much products the have Sold. Not by magazine advertising, write-up. People's equipment with their Opinion and price.

I totally agreed with Zd and Paraneer.
Philsons,Yes I have bought many including speakers without listening. It is not possible for me to find dealers that sell the gear I like. I have been lucky 90% of the time. If you don't care for something that's what Audiogon is for!
Since you're in Sweden, I suggest you check out the System Audio lineup made in Denmark. I heard several of their speakers at Wilson Audio in New Orleans and was really impressed. I heard some floorstanders that retailed for about $3500 thru the Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated tube amp that sounded excellent and then I heard the smaller monitors for under a $1000 that sounded great mated with an inexpensive NAD amp. Just my two cents, but if you might be better off starting with that sort of system and good DAC or CD player and later upgrading to a tube integrated like the Rogue.
Sounds like you need an air conditioner !!
I assume by warm airy musical speakers you mean less box coloration that provides an open sound. The Alon speakers meet that criteria you can get a pair of Alon IIs for under $800 or even less just to hear them. My overall opinion is that the preamp controls the sound of your system and should provide the musical sound open with air, clean sound with macro and micro dynamics, definition, bass, etc. It is also my opinion that very preamps can produce this that is why most try cables, speakers, different sources to achieve this but only find they can achieve this with specific recordings. That is why I am a fan of direct heated triode tube preamps which I also build. The older alons may offer what you are looking for in an affordable price range to see if they float your boat.

Happy Listening.
Sweden = Dynaudio, keep your money in Norden.
I listen to the same music through Harbeth C7ES3's. You could find them used in your price range.
The Opera Mezza are excellent for the type of music you listen to. Also, the Dynaudio 140's used would be a excellent choice.
First off 2300 for both speakers and amp is used territory esp. When talking about tubes.

I would suggest you look into System Audio speakers esp. For your listening preferences. Slightly warm and musical. I own a pair of their Mantra 10s larger stand mount and use older exposure seperates. Really nice. They are really good with Rouge and NAD as well.You will have to really price shop to get under your budget. Due to your location SA is probably a little cheaper I bet you can get Mantras for equivalent to 1300 US.

Currently they have a thread in the speakers forum about low powered tube amps and high efficiency speakers. With your music taste and budget I would seriously look into this option. I myself am very interested in a system like this. According to the thread you could get this system under your budget.
Well, today I went to the closest Hifi-store just to get my first hifi-experience. I know I´m a newbie in the hifi-World but there is much more complex than I thought. So many different configurations, and all sound different from eachother.

I explain to the seller my budget and what Music I like. We started with Monitor audio silver 6 and silver 1. Feed by a Linn digital streamer (sneaky DS). He played Music through wimp. The sound was of course much better than my computer speakers. Cannot Believe I´ve not invested in some better gear long time ago.

The floorstander had a fuller sound that I liked better than the monitor. The midrange was pretty open and clear, the bass was full and Deep, the tweeter was a Little chilly in a sort of way, crisp but sounded separated from the midrange. I don´t know how much it would difference to use another stronger amp. He said that they´re very easy to drive. One thing struck me, even if I´m not a bass-junkie it was pretty nice to have a Little support in that range with floorstander. The monitor seemed to miss some of that full sound. From beginning I had my thoughts on monitors, but maybe floorstander will give me the whole cake.

Altough it was the best I´ve Heard so far, I felt instantly that I want more of the system I´ll buy.

After that we tried with a Linn monitor. the cheapest line. The sound was not full, felt harsch. Maybe the amp was too weak. It sounded slow as it didn´t Catch up with the Music.

I see now what ZD meant. I really have to start listening to different systems just to get the idea what I like and what sound I´m looking for. I have no rush.

I´ve read some about Harbeth, spendor, magnepan.. The last one wouldn´t fit now, but maybe later in Life.
Harbeth/spendor seems to have a very natural and open midrange from what I´ve read, got me really curious to listen to them.
Be sure to take in account how the speakers will fit into your room both physically and acoustically. Gettting the room/speaker match as good as possible should be top consideration. What sounds good or right in store may well not at home in a different room and vice versa. Get this right first as best possible and the rest can fall into place a lot easier. Room factors to consider are size/volume (larger rooms require more speaker of good quality for good extended bass in particular in general, smaller rooms are easier and most good quality monitors might fit there well.

NExt is amp needed to get the most out of the speaker. More power versus less almost always helps at this point, unless speakers are higher efficiency (low to mid nineties or higher). Smaller speakers capable of good bass in large rooms will always require as much good clean amp power as you can throw at them to sound their best. Larger higher efficiency speakers can do more especially in the bass in larger rooms with much less power in some cases.

After that, just stick to good quality (not cheap, not the most expensive necessarily) components from well regarded companies and you are in good shape, mostly tweaking to personal tastes and preferences from there, espeically with modern digital gear.

If you introduce any tubes in the system, make sure component impedance specs are suitable to work well with higher output impedance (normally) tube gear. More care is needed when tubes become part of the formula. Expect to pay a premium for total cost of ownership with tube gear. I would not start with tubes myself, rather try to get it right with good quality SS gear first and then see what might be of interest down the road if needed.
Yes, can't go wrong building around Dynaudio speakers for warm and airy.

Not that they are overtly warm, they are not , they are reasonably neutral in general, but may tend slightly in that direction depending on setup.

I'd say the Esotar tweeters used in the Dynaudios are a lot of what might make them special in your case. Air comes mostly from clean and extended treble into the highest frequencies, and the Dynaudios and Esotar tweeter they use are exceptionally good in this regard.

Just make sure your budget can cover a good quality amp of 80 watts or more with good current delivery specifications, in other words abe to double power output as much as possible from 8 to 4 ohms.
Glad you finally got out to listen. It's amazing how speakers sound to you that folks on here may love. We are all different and yes, your room plays as big a part as anything, just like some folks have posted. You seem to know WHAT you want in regards to sound. Remember that full bass extension is where the real cost is in audio. Depending on your budget you may or may not be able to afford everything. That's the whole deal of all of us chasing our tails to get audio nirvana. Sometimes you have to figure out what you can't do without and then adjust your budget accordingly. There are a few brands out there that are considered true 'deals'. It's usually because of the balance struck by the designer. Also keep in mind that components will sound differently with others. A great budget amp may not sound as good with a best buy, budget speaker. It's fun if you just go with it. Sounds like you'll be obsessing pretty soon if you aren't already. Roll with it. Personally, right now I'd get a GREAT integrated amp and a nice set of electrostatic headphones while you are looking and saving up for special speakers to go with said amp. That's just me though. Keep on enjoying.
Consider the Marantz integrated amp and some Spendors, or stretch your budget to the new Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2.