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non-high end collectables, radios..etc.
I own four tabletop radios from the late thirties. It’s amazing that these 80+ year old radios still work fine. And they all have the original tubes! If you take a gander at my system you will see my favorite which is  black dial Zenith circa 1938!  
Excessive gain with a Belles preamp
This Schiit SYS will fix that problem! https://www.schiit.com/products/sys  
Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
This is a pretty preamp!!    
Fraud Ads Have Been Posted Lately
@music_is_life "Gosh let’s see here, you have to join to post equipment for sale or post a fraudulent ad, hence they are members." You don’t have to post equipment for sale to become a member. Many long time members have never sold or bought an... 
Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy
That sad news sure brought many of tear to my eyes. The Hi-Fi industry will never be the same without a game changer like Onkyo! What’s next Yorx or Lloyds?  
Preamp Help
@russ69  I don’t think the OP meant Treble and Bass controls on the remote! If he is you are correct , there just ain't no such thing!  
Preamp Help
This is a tad over your budget but it has all the features that you are lookin’ for! https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=VISA32    
ATC SCM 7 V.3 and
+1@ lonemountain Outstanding explanation!  
SME 30/2 Drive Belt
Here ya go! https://www.analogueseduction.net/sme-upgrades-parts-accessories/sme-turntable-replacement-drive-belt.html    
Speaker Pairing for Sugden A21SE
My nephew just bought the Falcon IMF 100 and they are outstanding. They are sold factory direct and the kit installation is a piece of cake. They are a true bargain! https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/imf-100-completeathome-loudspeaker-system.html  
Speakers for Second System
You should add Spendor to your list. I have owned many Spendors and the A2 or A4 would be a nice choice!! https://spendoraudio.com/a-line-loudspeakers/  
Those that upgraded from Tekton
"And please don’t come here just to talk crap about Tekton………." Read the post! Why the negative comments about speakers that the OP likes? Very strange!  
Question about byamplification
You can use this Schiit SYS to match the output levels on your amps! https://www.schiit.com/products/sys  
Bookshelf dilemma
I’ve owned the Spendor A1 and I think it will fit the bill with your budget and room size! https://spendoraudio.com/a-line-loudspeakers/  
What's a good amount of time to have my preamp unplugged before I swap out tubes?
These are very handy when the tubes are too hot when replacing!! https://www.amazon.com/Resistant-Degrees-Grilling-Non-Slip-Silicone/dp/B09L1B2FBP/ref=sr_1_26?adgrpid=1338106991272583&hvadid=83631877594660&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvloc...