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Koetsu Rosewood Sig or other Koetsu on medium mass arms
Hey Einstein, it sure ain’t rocket science!https://www.gcaudio.com/tips-tricks/tonearm-cartridge-compatability/ 
Koetsu Rosewood Sig or other Koetsu on medium mass arms
Here ya go!The effective mass is the mass of the tonearm, including the headshell, seen by the stylus. A mass of 10 grams or lower is considered a low mass arm. A mass of 11-25 grams is considered moderate mass, and an arm rated at above 25 grams ... 
Koetsu Rosewood Sig or other Koetsu on medium mass arms
You can do the math!http://www.mh-audio.nl/Calculators/RF.html 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
1.Any Vintage Luxman rosewood finished receiver!2.Any East Coast Sound speaker, AR, Advent, ADS, etc.!3. Any Micro-Seiki turntable with any Grado cartridge! 
NAD and Spade Terminals
That is strange. This is from the owners manual!6 SPEAKERS • Connect the right speaker to the terminals marked “R +” and “R-” ensuring that the “R+” is connected to the “+” terminal on your loudspeaker and the “R-” is connected to the loudspeaker’... 
NAD and Spade Terminals
That Nad should have no problem with spades. Loosen the binding post and fit the spade in and then tighten. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=nad+316bee&docid=607991323429438148&mid=C973070B48FEB69... 
Sota or Technics
My friend owns the Technics 1210GR and he highly recommends it!  @rauliruegas Why would you recommend the 1200G when the OP has a budget under 2 grand? 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
Don’t worry about his listing fee. Since the transaction was not complete he will get to relist it at no charge. Been there done that! 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
He can't give you a bad review since the sale was never done! 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
If he doesn’t have an account how will he accept PayPal? Let it go! 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
The seller most likely does not want to pay the paypal fee. I would not send him a check no matter what his feedback is! 
Subwoofer Recommendations
I have owned this JL AUDIO D110 and I think it will fit the bill. It does not have a high pass filter if that is important to you. The JBLs will run full range. I’ve owned many subs and I thought this one was outstanding!https://www.jlaudio.com/co... 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
This scale is as accurate as any of my other scales that I have used in including my Shure and Ortofon non digital ones!https://www.amazon.com/Musou-Turntable-Backlight-Tracking-Cartridge/dp/B071P9VZ5Q/ref=asc_df_B071P9V... 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
Quicksilver mono amps would be a nice fit with the ARC. I've been using QS gear for years and never a hiccup! Point to point wired and made in USA!http://quicksilveraudio.com/amplifiers/ 
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
+1 @ millercarbon HOW DO I KNOW WHEN MY TUBES NEED REPLACING?Power tubes like EL34’s and KT88’s are good for about 2500 hours or more. But may go longer in an amplifier with a conservative design. Small signal tubes with numbers like 12AX7, 12AU7...