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Looking for recommendations for a 'warm' sounding DAC
I would recommend checking out The Chord Qutest also, along with the Chord M Scaler.Audio Note DACs would be another suggestion to try. 
Small room amp and speakers recommendation
I agree with Yogiboy.I think the Harbeth P3esr speakers and the Rogue Sphinx would serve you well with the music you prefer. You could even go with a used Rogue Cronus Magnum , if you would prefer a tube integrated. 
MQA and classical music
I enjoy the MQA recordings myself.  
Buying ProAc’s Online or thru non-local dealer
I would suggest calling the Proac dealer you mentioned for product information and pricing. I would also recommend taking the two hour drive to this dealer. Always better if you can hear in person. Make a weekend out of the trip if needed.  
Which Harbeth would work in my room?
We have recommended the M40.2 version for your room because it is much more room friendlier than the M40.1 I would not recommend the M40.1 unless one has plenty of room to move them out in the room away from walls. 
How can we hear the difference in cables in a bad room?
It's Only Rock' n Roll , but I like it. 
The best speakers are whichever brand and model you prefer. 
Which Harbeth would work in my room?
The M40.2 is much more room friendlier that the M40.1. I would not recommend the M40.1 unless one has plenty of room to move them out in the room. The M40.2  will work in more rooms that most people realize. I was told the same thing by Vu ,from D... 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
spoutmouzert ,Try it out for yourself to determine if it makes a difference.  
Lampizator Amber 3 DAC versus Primaluna EVO 100 DAC
dfairc777a,Audio Circle has a forum section on Lampizator . You could check that out for feedback on the Amber 3.  I believe the North American distributor for Lampizator offers a 14 day trial period also.There is a Primaluna owners Facebook page.... 
Innuos Zenith Backorder
The current model is The Zenith Mk3. You are right that Innuos currently does not show the Zenith Mk.3 on their website. If you type in Zenith Mk.3 in the search area on the Innuos website, it will show available for sale though.  It might just be... 
Thought My Harbeth M40.1's Were Forever Speakers - Guess Not
Hello snackeyp,  Congratulations on your new pair of Harbeth M40.2 speakers.   I own a pair also and I really enjoy mine. They do take about 200 hours for break in.  
How many of you believe in MQA?
I am enjoying the MQA playback through Tidal myself .  
highly sensitive loudspeakers for single ended poe
Audio Note AN-E Speakers. 94db to 98db sensitivity depending on version. 
Lampizator Amber 3 DAC versus Primaluna EVO 100 DAC
I would be interested in hearing both also.  The Primaluna looks very interesting.