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Favorite cable brand.
Audio Note 
Modified vintage CJ preamp vs. new one
There does not seem to be a lot of feedback , or reviews in regard to the ET6 available. I am also curious how the ET6 compares to the ET3 and even other vintage CJ preamps. 
Pure tube phono preamp
Decware ZP3 
Pure tube phono preamp
Cary VT-500 https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/cary-audio-vt-500-phono-preamplifier/ 
Hugo TT2 or LTAMZ3/Border Patrol DAC combo
You could always buy a used Chord TT2 to try. If it was not to your liking, you could sell it for less of a financial impact compared to buying new.There is a used TT2 currently for sale here on Audiogon. I am not affiliated with this add.If you d... 
Hugo TT2 or LTAMZ3/Border Patrol DAC combo
Border Patrol  offers a 14 day trial period , if you want to hear what it sounds like.If you liked the Hugo 2 ,you would probably be very happy with the Hugo TT2. 
An audio rack that really does make a difference.
"SolidSteel "brand audio racks would be another option. 
Warm romantic & detailed
The Harbeth M40.2 speakers on their own , would still be considered a warm romantic speaker in the general scheme of speakers. They are a lot more room friendlier than the M40.1 version.  
Innuos - New Player App
thyname,Thanks for the correction on the date. I forgot about the European date difference.  
Innuos - New Player App
I found this on the Innuos web site. The details to the latest release even though it is dated for 02/12/2020. I thought the 1.4.6 release was very recent? INNUOS RELEASE 1.4.6Released 02/12/2020This release upgrades the base innuOS libraries in p... 
Warm romantic & detailed
Jeff ,You are fortunate if you live near Fidelis Audio.It is a great Audio store with a really good staff of people. Would recommend spending more time there to listen to their Harbeth Line up. I have Harbeth M40.2 speakers and listen to mostly Ro... 
Chord TT2. - what’s a great streamer companion?
Innuos streamers go well with Chord. 
How do I feed the Chord Dave? TT2 plus m scaler, a better choice?
I am using a Chord M Scaler /Qutest combo currently and I am very happy with combination.    Also have a Innuos Zenith to a Mutec MC3 + USB reclocker. 
What’s connected to your Chord dac incoming ports?
Chord M Scaler to Chord DAC. 
Main Audiogon site barely works?
It seems it is still a work in progress here.