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Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage
Krell Resolution 3…eff’n incredible for well under $2K  
Audio Research Dacs 7, 8, 9
I had the DAC 7 and I thought it was very musical and super smooth with a nice analog-ish tonality across the spectrum. If you don’t give a crap about having all the latest features, the DAC7 is a home run. It took me awhile to find another Dac th... 
Mark Levinson & Others
@ghdprentice  Fwiw- I had a ARC D400MKII (solid state) I replaced it with a Levinson 335. the ARC was very nice, definitely more laid back with a richer tonality. But the Levinson kills it with low end control, detail and a bigger denser soundsta... 
Mark Levinson & Others
I initially wanted a big ass Krell FPB 300 or 600 (one day!) but couldn’t find one that was in exceptional condition inside and out. I eventually scored a Levinson 335 that was completely serviced and cosmetically perfect. It’s a little tank but w... 
Anyone using 2 preamps in their rig?
@ghdprentice Makes sense! My quandary is as I look up the performance ladder the prices get scary. @stringreen The Allnic has great reviews and I’d be interested to see what tubes would bring to my rig.   
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
REL Carbon Special. Replaced a REL S/510 for no particular reason other than opportunity. Soon as I set it up, I had a WTF did I just buy moment. It’s a beast and I thought for sure it would be too much for my room. Turns out that it’s absolutely ... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
I was a regular at Sound by Singer NYC and I use to subscribe to Audiomart classifieds back in the late 80’s.  
DAC suggestions
Another vote for Denafrips here. Sound quality, feature set, build quality, they are a tremendous bang for the buck. I have the Terminator I with the updated DSP board and I’ve yet to listen to another $3K DAC that does a discernibly better job. T... 
Mass-loading subwoofer
I was fighting with the set up of my sub and at the advice of some knowledgeable members here, I went completely against the REL guidelines. I moved the sub out of the corner (along the wall, approx 6ft. off the corner) and set it on a 1.5” thick ... 
What is the added value of a streamer over a networked dedicated Computer
Computers fail, there’re noisy and take up space. Streamers provide absolute simplicity.  
Power cords or power conditioner
Fwiw, you might want to consider adding a subwoofer into your rig. That alone will change the depth and scale of the presentation.  
I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters
Fwiw- I’ll mess around with just about anything as long as I don’t have to take big loss on it. I played with ethernet switches and thought it was complete BS. Sent everything back, cost me nothing. These cable lifters ran me 60 bucks, these are g... 
I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters
Ordered 40 of these from a wood shop on Esty, very nice and inexpensive! they can be turned around with the arch on the bottom of a little better height. The whole cable lifter thing doesn’t seem to make a difference to me but why not. 🤷🏼‍♂️  
REL Carbon Special in the house!
@tablejockey @ricred1  If I could afford a No.25 I’d find a way to squeeze it into my apartment 😂 I’m by no means a basshead. Out of balance bass is just as fatiguing as treble sibilance. What fascinates me is what a precisely tuned sub does to t... 
REL Carbon Special in the house!
Dialing it in, I’m still blown away at the pressure this thing generates. Bass impact is incredible. Playing around with my fave test tracks, Tool “chocolate chip trip” and Reference Recordings “Fanfare for the common man” is next level! 🔊 🤯