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List of european tube amplifier manufacturers
I can second the Octave suggestion. My local dealer sells Octave and I've heard them on numerous occasions and they're superb sounding. 
To Sell or Keep?
Sell the BAT. Keeping a spare of something that's repairable makes no sense. If you're going to use it once in awhile keep it, but don't keep it in anticipation of the new pre breaking down.  
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
@donjr  So sorry to hear you bought a defectively designed [email protected] and what would that be? I hope you don't use John Atkinson as your Consumer Reports guide for audio.  
Highest BUILD quality tube amps?
Do you ever do this before you listen?
I know exactly what it's called. For it to be suggested as something to do before listening to music is nuts if you don't know how careful you have to be to do it. You're better off holding your nose closed and swallowing (frenzel). I don't care w... 
Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers & integrated amp pairing recommendations
I like @jackd suggestion. I'm using a Accuphase E600. It works for me well in my small listening room with a REL B3 sub. The E600 was expensive but I got a deal on a demo which is why I own it and I love it but at full retain it's too much money (... 
Do you ever do this before you listen?
I’m not going to read more than the OP but doing this is crazy and really bad for you. If a salesman asked me to do that I’d laugh at him and tell him to go talk to his doctor. You could rupture your eardrum. 
50th Woodstock Anniversay Concert ; Michael Lang
Watkins Glen is closer to Rochester and Syracuse than it is Buffalo. It's at the south end of Seneca Lake and it's a stunning area if you've never been. Do yourself a favor and make it a vacation. The entire Finger Lakes region of NY is a treasure... 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
@rvpiano, did you listen to CD's and vinyl recordings in their entirety? If so I wonder i you do the same while streaming. One of the things I like about CD's and vinyl is that when I put one on, I always listen to the entire record.  
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
Dedicated 20 amp dedicated circuit with a Porter Port. Speaker stands made by Resonant Woods. Large Oriental rug. The rug made the biggest difference followed by the speaker stands and then the outlet. I'm going to see if a new component stand mad... 
Whats playing on your system today?
"Disraeli Gears" - in my top ten of all time. 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
"what do you get when a genius works all his life on ONLY 2 speaker get PERFECTION. "What a nice tribute to Bobby. 
New McIntosh MA252
I've heard the MA252 a few times and really enjoyed it each time. I know this doesn't matter but talk about eye candy. To have a piece of audio jewelry sound that good is a win win IMHO. I've always wanted a second integrated amp and this would be... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
WC, I like that your wife contributes. Mine does as well. Every time I have my rig going she's with me for the long haul. We love all the same music as well although there's a couple of Blondie tunes that drive me nuts. 
Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!
@fiza do you have an Accuphase dealer within driving distance to your home? I certainly wouldn't buy an amp without hearing it first, especially in this price range. If you get a chance to hear one then the shop already has it. If that's the case ...