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Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
Dedicated 20 amp dedicated circuit with a Porter Port. Speaker stands made by Resonant Woods. Large Oriental rug. The rug made the biggest difference followed by the speaker stands and then the outlet. I'm going to see if a new component stand mad... 
Whats playing on your system today?
"Disraeli Gears" - in my top ten of all time. 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
"what do you get when a genius works all his life on ONLY 2 speaker get PERFECTION. "What a nice tribute to Bobby. 
New McIntosh MA252
I've heard the MA252 a few times and really enjoyed it each time. I know this doesn't matter but talk about eye candy. To have a piece of audio jewelry sound that good is a win win IMHO. I've always wanted a second integrated amp and this would be... 
Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!
@fiza do you have an Accuphase dealer within driving distance to your home? I certainly wouldn't buy an amp without hearing it first, especially in this price range. If you get a chance to hear one then the shop already has it. If that's the case ... 
Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!
Great choices you've listed. Don't make a choice until you listen to the Accuphase. About 99% of people on this forum have never heard one. I can help guide you on how to get good pricing.  
Higher Efficiency Speakers
@varyat, I love your recommendation. Devore. 
Have you had enough of Classic Rock?
I stopped listening to music on the radio about 15 years ago and only listen to talk. I also play a wide variety of music genres that aren't rock and that's helped me begin to enjoy classic rock again. I've recently been buying up remasters on CD ... 
Stein Music H2 Acoustic Harmonizer - Any experience with this??
@hifiman5 , thanks for the information. That might be my next tweak. We'll see after I get my new CDP in a couple of weeks. @davidpritchard also lended some good information. I've tried a few minor tweaks like Hebies Fat Dots and cryoed outlets an... 
Accuphase DP-430
@baxman, if you're still out there I'm pretty sure my DP-430 shipped today from Japan. I should have it between the first and second week of January. I'll let you know how it goes if you're still interested.  
Should I trust movers with my equipment?
No. Just no. 
Stein Music H2 Acoustic Harmonizer - Any experience with this??
@hifiman5 How is the Omega E mat used? There's no description on the PerfectPath website. 
Stein Music H2 Acoustic Harmonizer - Any experience with this??
I had the pleasure of an audition of a Stein Music Harmonizer at my friends shop a couple of years ago. Walter Swanbon from Fedelis AV brought one to town and he was with a guy from Stein who knew how to set it up. I think Fidelis might be the dis... 
Rogue Atlas Magnum sounds bright -- any recommendations?
Call Rogue. They answer the phone and are extremely helpful. 
Hegel H360 vs Accuphase E470
Accuphase is seriously pleasant sounding gear and so is the Hegel. You have to audition the Accuphase and find out. The build quality of the Accuphase is leaps and bounds nicer than Hegel. If you like the Accuphase pull the trigger. I went from th...