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I have no issue with the OP and Richard didn't either.  Richard has zero problem with anyone who wants to change his designs by installing other drivers or guys who want to rip the speakers down and take off teh socks and poles and paint them blac... 
Audioquest Storm Series power cables
...oh, yes they are spectacular.  I have never had power cords like this in the room and I've had a ton of the exotic ones.  I'm blown away by the physics that Garth uses to make his gear.  I personally feel he's the best going right now nad Bill ... 
Audioquest Storm Series power cables
Now I'm bummed. I had to reconfigure my system when I went to mono blocks and moved a few other things.  I have to now get rid of 5 pair of Hurricane as I need different lengths, lol. oh well.  Here I go again. lol.  
The warmth is from the amp in that case. The 2C is highly detailed, but never harsh unless said amp is harsh. Many love he Mac because it makes most systems sound nice. I like that amp with many speakers if heard it with. It’s a flavor thing,  
Stand Mount Speakers
Often overlooked for a stand mounter is the Vandersteen VLR's.  They offer a ceramic tweeter or you can upgrade to the in house made carbon fiber tweeter which is the same design as they use in their 70K Model 7's.  They are made to be close to th... 
I honestly don't think you are underpowered. What size room are you in and do you have an app to see how many decibels you are hearing?   Please keep in mind that your speakers only go down to 46 hz or so.  That's not low at all.  From what I rem... 
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
@ledhed2222 where do you live?    
If you have played with placement and still aren’t happy, maybe it’s time to move the speakers. Go audition others with your amp. 100w that can double into 4ohms is plenty powerful for most speakers in a reasonable room. The Mac gear isn’t my favo... 
What speakers for Naim Unity Atom
They are made to be place close to a wall. They are the best sounding floor standers I’ve heard at that price. Tomic drives a pair of Vandersteens  with a Naim all in one   
Speaker pairing suggestions to go w/ NAD M33
So Many great choice. You really have to audition at these price points. I’ve heard that amp with a few different speakers like Vandersteen Quatro’s (which is what I own) as well as Proac’s and a Wilson. I’m a Vandersteen guy obviously, but I love... 
I have some friends who use the new Vandersteen Sub 3 over their previous REL in that situation since they design them to keep the sound of the main amps so you can tell where they cross over , plus that takes the load under 120hz away from the ma... 
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
My favorite small speaker made for shelf or up against wall placement are the rarely talked about Vandersteen VLR carbon fiber tweeter.  Asked on the 70k+ Model 7 XTRM.    they make a much less expensive version with the ceramic tweeter I believe... 
Thiel Owners
Hi J and all you Thiel guys. Hope the holidays were good to you all and that everyone is in good health. Happy listening.    
Audioquest Firebird Zero
I bought the WT Silver true bi wire ((Zero and main cable). I loved the Thunderbird, but I felt the WT Silver were more neutral in my system and room. They seem more open with a better defined stage, including depth. Just so smooth with zero fatig... 
2.1 to 5.2 (Vandersteen 2C)
Sounds awesome. Happy for you.