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Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 
Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
If I may suggest at risk of being called a heretic: $40K speakers and $10K speaker cables :D 
Class D is affordable and sounds as good or better the SS/Valve why buy anything else ?
Haven't gone through the thread, but the rest of your system can't demonstrate the differences, or if your ears can't tell the difference(s) - and you think Class D sounds as good as tubes or good solid state, you should buy it. Enjoy. 
Anybody has experience with SILNOTE ic, digital cables, speaker cables and power cables?
I use their Morpheus II Reference II digital cable. It is nice for the $. Rich but clear midrange and nice extension on the top and bottom.  
You are missing the whole point when you say "ATC may think mdf is good enough but magico does not. They cant both be right. Who is right?"They ARE both right. Different designs and different goals. It's like saying "which is better, a Lexus or an... 
Spatial vs Pure Audio Project
I'm interested in the new X3s 
Easy to drive, outstandingly natural sound from 40-50 Hz up.....AN-E, O/96, others?
I would wait to hear the new Spatial 3 way OBs at Axpona. 
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
Audio Mirror Troubador new 
Stage III Concepts Cables - Any Advice/Feedback/Thoughts is deeply appreciated.
I’m watching this thread with some interest. I agree that contrary to common audio system wisdom, a top-flight cable can make ALL the difference, even in a mid-range system. I have invested in MIT interconnect and speaker cables which are the same... 
Full Range under $5k-ish
+1 Wilson W/P 6 
Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated or Dartzeel LHC-208 Integrated with PMC Fact 12 Speakers
Looking for suggestions on best small footprint speaker under $4K
Agree on the Totem Hawks and maybe a small sub. 
Do $2k speakers + DSP = $50k speakers?
I was a bit confused with your tag line question. If you were to say DSP applied in an active crossover, I would say a $2K speaker could sound like a $8K speaker. Since you clarify that your DSP was meant to actually refer to room correction, I wo... 
Speakers that sound like Usher Be-20s/10s
Hey Steve. Happy New Year.One suggestion I might make is the Shelby-Kroll monitor and sub set up. I noticed over on usaudiomart that the designer has some cabinets and drivers that he is building out for folks as they specify. The midrange and twe... 
New $24,000 inter-connect
Come on guys. Everybody knows this is just marketing.These are probably only worth $23,500.