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Using universal remote control with Line Magnetic amp
Some remotes have a learning function, point at each other and it will pick up what is needed  
Don't worry.  
My final table , hopefully !
Love WTA II  w EMT TSD-15.  
Speakers for 15K - Discounts
Make sure to listen to a large cross section of alternatives, lots to choose from new/used at that price point and below.  
Life without a remote
As the OP of this thread (name change is a long story) I did indeed go to a shindo set-up many years ago and don't really miss having one. At the moment, hobbled by a foot operation, it would be nice but it is not that bad.  
My Classe CP700 preamp needs service
It can be worth having upgrades installed, not sure if their are classe specialists or not but I would seek others who have had similar work performed. Might check with Benny at Amina.  
Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams original release
I've got almost everything she ever recorded. Awesome.  
Mcintosh Amp paired with Classe Processor
There are a lot of awesome options for you. More listening and research will pay off.  
Cdp under $ 1k which is great top to bottom
Mf a5 
Warmest sounding Green Mountain speaker?
Roy, It is easy to see that you stand behind your products and go to great lengths to help customers. Unfortunately Kenjit seems to have extracted from you the cost of the refund and more in the form of time and frustration.  
Roy Allison
Kenjit, that is most obnoxious and insensitive post I have ever read on any forum.   
$16K new/used speaker question?
Not sure of difference between gibbon x and silverback reference but if you like devore might be worth checking on.  
Best KT88s (specifically for VAC Auricle Musiblocs)
I used a lot of different kt88 in my VAC integrated and found gold lion reissues to be best.  
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
Skelton, I am sure there are many mac, rolex, and b&w owners who like their gear and are slight egomaniacs at best, I was just waxing philosophically on the primary motivation for most. How many times have you upgraded b&w speakers to the ... 
dont do it