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Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
Rego and articdeth,Thanks for the info, will keep you posted! 
Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
Hi George,Yes I did see that, but that is priced as “each”, they just did not display that. 
Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
Yes those are the ones! 
Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
Oh yes, I did research much as there is on them, but mainly basing my purchase on my dealers word that I have dealt with a lot and trust and who knows me and what I like. Plus if for some reason I don’t like them, I can trade them in tow... 
Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
No, I bought them sight unseen/heard. They are $27k, the entire system is $60.Just nothing at all in the US about them.   
Technics SB-R1 Reference Speakers
Wow nobody!?!? Ok well I bought em and we’ll see LOL. Stay Tuna’d! 
I am very interested in your thoughts between the two. I am in fact contemplating a pair of 9.2’s and waiting today for availability. Also looking at B&W 804D3, Sonus Faber Olympica III’s and several others.  
B&W 804d3 amplifier pairing....(Rotel RB1590?)
You might want to look at the new Rotel Michi line of integrated amps. I just bought the X-5 and could not be happier. 
Rega IO integrated amp
It really is a great little integrated and I S you not, I almost decided to keep it as my main amp for my Figaro XL’s! Amazing sound quality, Open, airy, PraT!!!I may buy another one to toss in the closet! 
Michi X-5 Integrated amplifier (Where to buy?)
Yea, I have emailed a few already but no answer yet. There are only 3 local to me. Will have to send more inquiries out. I was hoping someone would know where one is available now. 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
RIP Roy! 🙏🏻 I remember waiting almost 2 years for my C-3’s when he was just getting going. We had lots of long talks, and he kept telling me to hang on they will be done soon!Was very happy I waited. I think I got the first or second pair. Then ow... 
Tidal/OPPO streaming issue
I thought I was the only one. I was bummed and was in contact with Oppo, and tried everything under the sun to figure out the problem but gave up! Iborrowed a high dollar streamer that I thought I was going to buy, but it just did not sound as goo... 
Full Range under $5k-ish
I recently bought the new KEF R-11 and am breaking them in now. I am loving them and they now seem to be opening up a bit at about 100 hours. Using a Parasound Hint-6 and it seems to be a fantastic synergistic match so far! 
Quad Z4 anyone?
Audiotroy,Thanks for the reviews. Can’t really tell on paper if they would be a good matchfor the MastersounD.Gonna keep looking, or go back to the Stellar M700’s and change direction yet again! Am thinking Tekton DI or Klipsch Rf7III’s or maybe L... 
Quad Z4 anyone?
Twoleftears,Thanks, I saw that one LOL! I quess the only real way to find out is be the Ginny pig! 😜